"Call us if you need anything, Allie! We're just across the lake!" yeah okay mom, the lake that went on for a good two miles.

"Which you shouldn't, you have everything you'll need here," my ass-hole of a stepfather gestured toward the beautiful white three-bedroom lake house he was giving me all to myself for the entire summer.

Don't get me wrong, I love this house, and having it all to myself for three months without any parental supervision was a dream come true… for probably any other sixteen year old. It had already been planned that my family would be staying at my mother's lake house like every summer before. The one they're staying at now, and not me. But Brian had this fabulous idea to give me his old vacation home so he could stay with my mom and little brother. Probably to sex her up without my interruption while Danny played his little summer golf tournament. Lame. Idiotic. Impetuous. Arrogant. That about sums up my family. Mom raised us as a single mom for a long time, until Brian came around with his bucko bucks.

Now Mom is a very attractive woman; a very attractive woman with an IQ of a cornflake. She'd forget her own name if someone honestly didn't tell her what it was every now and then. Needless to say, he married her for her looks and she for his money. I'm very surprised that they'll be married for three years in July. It's amazing they've been able to withstand each other for so long, let alone love each other.

My fourteen year old brother, Danny, is just ridiculously annoyingly the perfect son. Since we didn't have a father figure growing up, Danny immediately looked up to Brian and his cocky confident attitude. And in return, he put Danny up on a pedestal for all to see. He was good at everything; football, hockey, golf, baseball, he got great grades, every father's dream son.

But our new step dad looked down on me with disdain. Sure I'd inherited my mother's stunning good looks, long ultra blond hair, sea green eyes, but I never flaunted them around, showing them off like my mother did. So to him, I was a mere waste of beauty. Screw him. He's such an arrogant little prick, manipulative too.

At first my mom was opposed to the idea of me having to spend a solitary summer, all alone. But Brian and his fat wallet convinced her with sparkly diamond earrings and a genuine silver Tiffany's bracelet. She didn't even bother to mention that silver irritates her skin, all she knew was that it was shiny and expensive and hers. So quickly, that "I don't think so" turned into a "See you in September, Allie!"

My name's Ellen, Mom. Ellen Marie Carter-Walker. You should know, you named me.

"Yeah, Mom, its cool, I got it," I fiddled with the hem of my yellow spaghetti strapped sundress. It was too short for my taste, mid-thigh and made my B boobs look like C's, but Mom thought if would capture the eye of a handsome young man she'd been praying for me to find.

Never gonna happen, I'm too shy. Good-looking or not, I was always self-conscious about myself no matter what.

Brian rolled his eyes and kicked off the dock with one of his tennis-toned legs, smirking at me as the small sailboat carrying my family drifted into the waves of the immense lake.

"Bye, Allie! Have fun! Love ya lots!" Mom waved around her huge Gucci sunglasses before placing them back up on the bridge of her nose.

I didn't respond. I just watched as they slowly became a mere dot on the horizon. I sighed.

"It's Ellen."