Model Beast
By Thomas Mc

Chapter 14 : The Honeymoon

After Emily had changed out of her bridal gown she headed to the back of the basement where she joined the rest of the family. Pierre had returned, carrying a large box. He saw Emily enter the back section and followed her. When he barged in he saw Emily in Devin's arms, Catherine in Vincent's arms, Linda in Jacobs arms, and Elizabeth in Charles' arms. There was also a pretty redhead that he didn't recognize in Peter's arms. He stared at the scene for a moment as the wheels began to turn in his head. Finally he spoke. "That wedding scene was the real thing, wasn't it?" His gaze swept the area. "And the Creature of Central Park is also real." He approached Emily and Devin. "You used my fashion show in order to hide the fact that you were staging your own real live wedding to the Creature of Central Park in plain sight of the public."

Emily looked at Devin then back at Pierre. "Yes." Again she glanced at Devin. "Devin is the real thing and I did use your fashion show as a smoke screen to stage my own wedding. It was the only way I could have the wedding that I really wanted without exposing the truth about Devin and his family." She glanced down at the floor then looked half contritely back up at Pierre. "Are you very angry with me?"

Pierre again swept the room with his gaze. "No, of course not . . . You've made the introduction of my new line a rousing success, far beyond my wildest dreams and I don't think any of the other designers will ever be able to top it." He shook his head. "For that matter, I'm not sure how I am ever going to top today's show." Pierre set the box on a table and opened it, pulling out six bottles of champagne and setting one of the bottles out of sight under the makeup table. He raised his voice. "I've brought champagne in to celebrate a very successful show. The buyers are going crazy over the new line." Then he lowered his voice to a whisper. "And to celebrate your wedding."

Very soon a small celebration had sprung into being in the basement, making it impossible for the wedding party to make their escape into the tunnels. After a while, Emily began noticing some pairings among the models. Jessica had taken a liking to and tended to hang with Michael. Randy and William were dancing to the music from the boom-box that Caitlin always brought to her jobs. Heidi and Joseph were off in a corner deep in some type of discussion.

Emily noticed Caitlin off in a corner by herself and went over to her. "Aren't you going to join the party?"

Caitlin looked at Emily for a moment then spoke. "Emily, those guys aren't models . . . they're the real thing! Those claws and fangs are real!" There was uncertainty, disbelief and a hint of fear in her eyes.

Emily nodded. "I know." She answered quietly.

Now surprise became paramount in Caitlin's eyes. Then she glanced at the coupled beasts. "But those other women . . ."

"They know."

Caitlin shivered and looked back at Emily then her gaze returned to the others. "But they're not afraid?"

"Of their husbands?"

Caitlin's eyes got wide as saucers then she looked at Emily with disbelief. "They're . . . You're . . ."

"As of today I am also." Emily's smile widened as Caitlin's jaw dropped. She placed her hand on Caitlin's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "You have no reason to fear them and you're welcome to join the party." Then she headed over to Devin.

Emily decided that as long as they were stuck here she was going to celebrate. She pulled Devin over to an open space next to Randy and William. She and Devin began to dance as she once again enjoyed the feel of being in Devin's arms.

A few minutes later Caitlin came out of her corner and hesitantly approached Robert, Catherine and Vincent. Vincent noticed her approach, nodded to her and casually included her in their conversation. Caitlin soon began to lose her fear and started enjoying herself. She found it impossible to listen to his voice for any length of time without being drawn in.

As they were dancing, Randy had been gazing into William's face. She had quickly gone from suspecting William's true nature to becoming convinced that he was the real thing. Jessica and Caitlin both now knew that they were all real. Heidi, Claudia and Cynthia are still clueless.

About forty-five minutes after the party had started, Claudia announced that she had to leave to meet her husband.

About an hour after the little party started Pierre announced that it was time to shut things down. He began shooing everybody out except the lion-men and obvious members of their party.

After a quick discussion, Jessica and Heidi invited Michael and Joseph to go with them to a costume party that they were planning to go to out on Long Island.

Charles looked at Joseph a moment. "Joseph is a bit young." He glanced at Elizabeth. "What do you think?"

Michael assures them. "Don't worry about Joseph; I'll keep an eye on him, keep him out of trouble."

Elizabeth shrugged, though Charles could catch a hint of concern over their link. They all knew the danger but they also knew that, today of all days, he would probably be safe, especially with the current Beauty and The Beast craze. And he still had his link to his sons incase there was a problem. "OK. You both stay out of trouble."

Cynthia and Caitlin both decided to go to the party with them.

Randy glanced up into William's face, they had their arms around each other's waist, then she returned her attention to the rest of the group and spoke up. "I think that I'm going to hang around here with William." She smiled up at him. "I find him very interesting and would like to get to know him better."

Within a few minutes the basement was clear of everyone except the family, the few helpers, Pierre and Randy. Pierre pulled out the remaining champagne bottle and handed it to Devin. "A gift to the bride and groom." He smiled and left the basement.

William glanced around at the others then down into Randy's face. "Randy and I are going to go for a walk in the park." He looked up at Elizabeth and Charles. "I'll be home later." Then he and Randy headed up the stairs.

The remainder finally head below for the official reception. Devin left the bottle Pierre had given them with the rest of their luggage. The guests at the reception had already heard about the impromptu party in the castle basement and had been patiently waiting for the wedding party's arrival.

~ o ~

Later that evening, after the reception began to wind down, the 'Honeymoon Caravan' loaded up behind the brownstone and left for the Chandler lake house in Connecticut. In the lead van were Elizabeth and Linda. The second van contained Devin and Emily, Cherry was driving. The last van was driven by Clarissa. The basic logistics of a lake house visit had been worked out years ago for Catherine and Vincent's honeymoon. One van would be left at the lake house. Elizabeth, Linda and Cherry would be returning to New York in the second van. Clarissa would be staying in a nearby town with the daughter of Nancy, an old friend of Catherine's

~ o ~

Once they were alone in the lake house, Devin built a fire in the fireplace and put some romantic music on the stereo. The two of them settled on the thick rug before the fire and Devin opened the bottle of champagne that Pierre had given to them. Soon they were toasting their future and enjoying the very fine champagne.

Emily was just a bit nervous. She wondered what it would be like to making love with the bond in the picture.

Devin touched her cheek then leaned in for a kiss. Soon Emily's worries melted away. Devin knew exactly what she needed and wanted. Emily found that she knew exactly what Devin needed and wanted as well. The closer they got and the stronger their emotions became, the deeper the bond became. It wasn't long before their clothes were scattered haphazardly on the floor around them.

That's when Emily first experienced the incredible sensuous feel of Devin's fur covered body pressed against and wrapped around her own body. She held him close and reveled in this new sensation. Feeling her reaction, Devin took full advantage of it to drive her further over the edge. At the same time Emily was feeling Devin's reactions and using it to push him over the edge.

Soon they were both feeling the other's physical sensations as well as their emotions. It was like standing in a hall of mirrors with their feelings and sensations endlessly reflected, echoed back and forth between them. Just before all rational thought fled leaving only emotion and sensation, Emily became aware of both of their hearts beating in unison. Then they were engulfed in a swell of emotional ecstasy that completely overwhelmed them as they both truly became one, emotionally and physically.

Several times that evening they rode that rolling crest of emotional thunder, punctuated by joyous laughter and gentle moments of quiet embraces while staring into each other's eyes, until they were completely exhausted.

A long time later they both lay spent before the fire. Emily and Devin were both still dazed by the enormity of what they had just experienced. Though not inexperienced, nothing she had ever felt came within a hint of what she had just encountered. Even just laying in his arms was a more all encompassing experience than anything she had ever done.

Neither was interested in getting up so Devin simply grabbed the edge of the rug and pulled it over them. Enclosed in each other's arms, they slowly drifted off to sleep.

~ x x x x x ~

Emily awoke to the warmth of the dying fire against the side of her face and the delicious feel of Devin's strong fur covered arms wrapped around her. She opened her eyes to see his face smiling back at her. After a moment she commented. "You once told me that when sex and love coincide it can be explosively beautiful. I thought you were exaggerating. Now I see that it was a massive understatement." She smiled. "I had no idea it could be anything like that. Did you?"

He gently trailed his hand down her back sending shivers up and down her spine. "Not first hand, but based on the faint echoes that I have occasionally gotten from father, I suspected that it would be pretty impressive."

Her eyes got wide. "You felt it when . . ."

"Only occasionally." He grinned. "It's not that hard to block the link between us and our parents, but sometimes the block leaks." He kissed her nose. "It's all part of being what I am."

"Then your father just . . ." She suddenly blushed bright red.

"I doubt it. We're miles away, he and I both had our barriers up, and he was in the middle of all the emotional noise of the tunnels. Besides, based on what I was feeling from them just before we left, I suspect that most of his attention was on mother last night." He smiled as his eyes took on a wicked gleam.

The motion of his hands was getting progressively more erotic and Emily was having trouble thinking about anything else. It wasn't long before the only consideration was his reactions to her actions and vice versa.

~ x x x x x ~

It was an unseasonably warm day, in the lower sixties. Emily looked around at the riot of color in the fall leaves as they walked through the wooded areas of the lake property. They came to a four foot tall stone wall that was toped by a four foot split rail fence. Though tall enough to keep out most intruders, it didn't detract from the overall view of the countryside. It had been three days since they had arrived here and it was the first time, since their arrival, that they had left the house.

As they headed back toward the lake house they stopped beside a particularly large tree halfway between the wall and the house. Devin looked up and, catching a sense of nostalgia from him, Emily also looked up. About fifty feet up in the tree she saw a fairly large wooden tree fort.

The tree fort had two levels. The lower one was about four foot by six foot with a fourteen inch diameter tree branch through the middle of it and a wooden picket fence around its edge. About ten feet over and three feet higher was a second larger six foot by eight foot platform, also surrounded by a picket fence, which was supported by three large branches and joined to the other platform by a rope bridge.

"Dad, Mom, Uncle Charles and Aunt Elizabeth spent an entire summer building that back in 2005. We all grew up hearing tales of that summer." He stared up at it for a moment as she felt the swirl of his emotions that accompanied his memories. "I have many fond memories of days spent here."

Devin looked over at Emily and she saw the playfully sexy gleam in his eyes that matched the mischievous and slightly erotic emotions she felt emanating from him. His arm swept around her waist and before she could even think of protesting he had carried her up into the tree and set her down on the larger upper platform. It had happened so fast she had to take a few seconds to recover from the surprise. She knew he was very strong, fast and agile, but would never have thought him capable of such a feat.

When she finally got over the shock, she glanced around then slowly turned around within his encircling arms as her wonder filled gaze swept the vista that surrounded her. The view was magnificent. To the west was a large grassy meadow. To the north and east was seemingly endless forest. To the south through the thinner trees, she could just make out the lake and the lake house.

Then she was facing him again and he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. As the kiss deepened she felt her own erotic desires rising fast to match those she felt in him. Devin whipped off his hooded cloak and placed it on he floor of the platform. She pulled off hers and laid it over his then she kneeled down pulling him down with her. As their passions rose they began shedding clothes. Soon they were involved in the most natural of activities between lovers, in the middle of nature at her best.

Devin and Emily lay in the old tree fort enclosed in each other's arms and half covered in a blanket of colorful fallen leaves, watching the beautiful sunset. The air was becoming distinctly chilly and reluctantly they both began to shake the leaves out of their clothes and get dressed. Just as the last rosy light of dusk disappeared they entered the lake house.

~ x x x x x ~

Emily once again awoke to the warmth of the dying fire. As she stood up and moved toward the fireplace Devin woke up. He glanced over at her then stared at her beautifully lithe nude form as she grabbed a log from the woodpile beside the hearth and tossed it onto the fire. She turned to face his huge grin throwing in a little extra wiggle into her movement.

Then there was surprise and wonder in both her face and her emotions as she gazed out the frosted window at the gently falling snow. Devin stood up and placed his arm around her waist and they approached the French doors. For a while they stared out at the winter wonderland that the property had become overnight.

~ o ~

Devin and Emily hung their sopping wet, snow caked, clothes on a hastily improvised rack before the fireplace. Not since childhood had she had so much fun in the snow. Then they retired to the master bath. As they passed through the bedroom she glanced at the bed, that had remained untouched since they arrived eight days ago, and smiled. They kept falling asleep before the parlor fireplace. They continued into the bathroom and indulged in the luxury of a steamy hot shower. Soon things got very playful in the shower and they spent a long time in there together indulging in a bit of good 'clean' fun.

After the shower they again cuddled before the fire with hot tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and a bottle of wine. Romantic music played in the background as they quietly enjoyed each other's company, savoring the emotions that washed back and forth over their bond.

~ x x x x x ~

Emily woke up in Devin's arms and thought about the last fourteen days. Today they would head back to New York and three days later it was back to their wildly disparate lives. As beautiful and magical as the last two weeks had been she could already feel the first stirrings of wanderlust growing within her.

She gazed down at the face of her still sleeping husband and sighed. She may spend her life traveling the world but she would always be looking forward to the next time she returned home to New York and Devin. She gently touched his face then woke her lover with a kiss. "Wake up sleeping beauty. It's time for the fairy tale to end."

He looked up at her and a soft smile spread across his face. "Oh, no my love. For us the fairy tale is just beginning."


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