The Looking Glass

Chapter One- Laughing Fits

By: HermioneHarry4Ever

" Is that all," asked the food cart lady. Harry Potter nodded his head, and went back in his compartment. He empty his arms with the sweets and sat down. He looked at his friend, Ron Weasley, who was eyeing the sweets.

" Go ahead, dig in," Harry told Ron. Ron got a big grin on his face, and went for the chocolate frogs. Harry himself had a cauldron cake. There was one difference that made Harry feel weird. Hermione wasn't there.

" Ron," asked Harry with his mouth full, " Where's Hermione?"

Ron took a deep breathe and begin. " Harry, something horrible happened to Hermione this summer while she was at that bloody Krums house. Dad was sent to Hogwarts to help Hermione to grieve with what happened." Harry was shock, he knew she shouldn't have gone to Krum's house this summer.

" What happened?"

" That's the thing, Dad wouldn't tell me. He says Hermione should be the one to tell us." Ron said, grimly.

" Oh, well, we will ask her when we get there."

The two friends nodded, and went back to the candy. Harry ate some Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans that he thought was okay to eat. They talked some more, and before they knew it, it was time to get in the no- horse carriages.


Hermione put her face in the palms of her hand. Neville was there in the Gryffindor common room with her. He put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

" Hermione, it's going to be okay. Don't tell them yet if you don't want to."

" Yeah, but, they will ask when they see me," Hermione cried through her hands.

Neville shook his head. " Hermione, just tell them you can't tell them what happened now and stop crying." Neville demanded. She removed her head from her hands.

" Okay fine, and I was not crying!" Hermione said, giving into Neville.

" Sure."

" Neville, I have to ask you a question."

" What?"

" Well, when I won't tell Harry and Ron what happened this summer, you have to promise not to tell them anything when they come to you. I should be the one to tell them." Hermione said.

" I won't tell them, I promise," Neville promised.

" Okay, we should better get down. I want to be there when Harry and Ron get here," Hermione suggested. Neville nodded, and together they headed down to the front hall.


Harry and Ron got out of the carriages, and walked up the steps to the castles doors. The first years hadn't arrived yet, so it was only second years and above trying to climb the steps.

" I wonder who the new quidditch captain is." Ron wondered. Harry nodded his head in agreement, but kept silent.

" Harry, are you okay? You haven't spoken since we got out of the train." Ron questioned.

" Yeah. I am. I am just thinking."

" About what?"

" Voldemort."

" First off Harry, don't say the name. Second off Harry, you should not think about him, it might ruin your life." Ron told Harry.

" Yeah, I guess you are right," Harry agreed.

" I am always right."

" Yeah right," Harry laughed as he reached for the door handle.

As soon as they got inside, Harry and Ron saw a girl with bushy brown hair, and had developed a little in the chest. She standing besides a small boy who also had brown hair. The girl and the boy was Hermione and Neville. Harry and Ron quickly headed towards where Hermione and Neville was standing.

" Hi you two," Hermione's voice ringed.

" Hi." Harry said. Ron however wasn't into greeting Hermione, but instead into interrogating her.

" Hermione I want to know what happened this summer at that bloody Krum's house." He interrogated.

" Ron, I want to tell you what happened, but, I can't tell you right know. I- I- I'm not strong or brave enough to tell you. And," Hermione said, as soon as Ron's eyes darted to Neville, " Neville has already promise to not tell you. I promise you will know everything that happened to me before this year ends. "

" What? Neville knows before your two best friends?" Ron exclaimed.

" Ron, calm down," Hermione replied. " He was helping me get through the hard times that I had this summer!"

Ron had not calm down, instead he was the opposite. " And Harry and I couldn't help you?"

Hermione closed her eyes. She was going to speak, when Neville spoke up.

" Ron, she couldn't pick who she wanted as a counselor, she wasn't in the state to make decisions of her own, and Ron I want you to know, nothing happened between her and I!"

" Why do I care about that?"

" Because I know you like her!"

" I do not like Hermione!"

" Yes you do!" Neville argued.

Harry, ignoring the little argument that was going on, took Hermione's hand and pulled her to the great hall.

" Ron can quarrel with anyone, can't he?" Asked Harry. Hermione nodded and smiled.

" Hermione, you changed a lot since the last time I saw you." Harry said, trying to make conversation, as they headed towards the great hall. This attempt was successful.

" I know haven't I? When I first saw 'them' growing, I went to look for the duck tape, and when I found it, I taped 'them' down, Mom," she stopped for a moment, remembering the memory before beginning. " Mom, well when she found out what I was doing, she gave me the talk, and then we went shopping." Hermione had turn beat red.

She looked at Harry, and noticed he was turning beat red himself too. "Should we stop this conversation before either of us turns into a tomato," Hermione joked.

" Yeah, we should. I wonder if Neville and Ron have stop quarreling by now." They both looked at each other, and burst out laughing.

" I don't think they have." Hermione retorted, before heading into the great hall. They were silent as they headed towards the Gryffindor table. Each sat down in the seats that wasn't taken.

It was five minutes later when Ron and Neville came trudging in before the first years soon to be sorted. Both Ron and Neville had a grim expression on their faces. Hermione giggled as silently as she could. Ron gave her a bad look, and sat down.

" First Years," Said Professor Mcgonagall, " When your name is called, go up to the stool and put on the hat. You will go to the table it yells out."

Hermione cast a long look at the first years, she could tell that they were nervous. She smiled, remembering how nervous she was when she was in her first year.

Hermione slightly nudged Harry in the sides. He looked at her, and she whispered, " Remember when we were little, and putting on the sorting hat? Remember how nervous we were?"

Harry smiled, and turned back to the sorting ceremony.

Soon enough, the sorting ceremony was over, giving Gryffindor a total of nine first years.

Professor Dumbledore stood up at the teacher table and everybody turned to him. " Thank you, and I would like to say a few things. Since Voldemort is back," this caused many of the students to shiver when he said ' Voldemort' " I would like you to know that we are all together as the good side, and don't be afraid.

" On a happier note, since Professor Moody has left the DADA position, I would like to introduce you to Professor Lupin, who is only going to be here for one year." There was only few people clapping, others were too afraid that the new Professor would turn into a werewolf and eat them. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were shock.

" Also, Professor Lupin has agreed to take on an assistant on those days that he is sick. May I introduce Fluer Declour." This time, Fluer got a lot of applause mainly from the boys.

Harry suddenly felt like he needed to impress her. He decided to show off how well he can do cartwheels, but even before he got out of his seat, he received a whack to the head. Harry came out of the trance, and Hermione was shaking her head, muttering something about boys, then smacked Ron's head before he could even do anything. Ron scowled at her, and turned back to the teachers table.

Professor Dumbledore looked amused, and waiting till all of the boys were back to normal before he begin again. " I have one last thing to say. Dig in!"

Food appeared on the table. All of the first years were starring at Harry, while shoving their faces with food. However, Harry chose to ignore this.

" So, Ron did you and Neville finished your fight?" Asked Harry, amused. Ron shot a bad look at him, and went back eating his chicken. Harry couldn't help, but grin. He knew his friend like Hermione, but for some reason never got it out. Harry also knew that Hermione knew that Ron liked her, but chose to ignore it.

What made him miserable was that deep down inside of him, perhaps in his heart, that he kind of had a thing for Hermione, too. He tried to overlook his feelings, but found out that he couldn't.

The best way that he and his two best friends could stay together as friends was to have no relationships with each other, but it couldn't happen.

( A/N: I know, it does sound sick, but I mean it in hg/rw or hg/hp, but not in rw/hp just for your information! Back to the story!)

" Harry?" Questioned Hermione. Harry slowly snapped out of his thoughts, and looked around. People were leaving the great hall in a great fury.

" What?"

" I think we should be heading back to the common room."

" Oh." Harry replied, and stood up. Hermione and Ron looked at each other, confused, and ran after Harry, who was walking as fast as he could.

" Harry, is something wrong?" Ron inquired.

" Why?"

This time, it was Hermione who spoke. " Because you were okay, then you had a dreaming look on your face, then that dreaming look became a look of sadness!"

Harry slowed down walking. " Was what I thinking obvious too?" Harry asked, worried that Ron and Hermione found out his secret that he liked Hermione.

" No, there could have been a millions of things you could been thinking of. Like your parents, Quidditch, beating up Malfoy, Cho, lessons..." Ron explained.

" Wait! Do you guys still think I like Cho?" Harry questioned. The two both nodded their heads. Harry snickered. " I do not like Cho anymore!"

The rest of the way to the common room, they were silent. When they got to the portrait of the fat lady, asked for the password. Harry and Ron looked around, clueless of the password. However, Hermione knew it.

" Green Guts," Hermione answered. ( A/N: I know, silly, isn't it, but it was the first thing that came to my mind!)

The portrait of the fat lady opened, and it allowed the trio to head in.

" Hermione, how did you know the password?"

" Well, first I should know it, since I stayed here for the greater part of my holidays, and second, I'm a perfect." Hermione said, proudly holding her head up high.

Ron and Harry fell to the floor laughing. Hermione crossed her arms, and glared at the both of them.

" You two never grow up do you?" Hermione mumbled. Unfortunately, Ron and Harry heard it. Both of them started tickling Hermione until she fell to the ground with both of the boys.

During their laughing fits, people in the common room were starring at the three of them on the floor.

" They will never grow up and face the facts, huh?" Whispered Lavender, but loudly so that the trio could here it. Hermione's face popped over the couch, wide eyed, and she was clutching the couch, so she wouldn't be pulled down again... not yet anyway.

" What facts?" Hermione asked.

Lavender and Paviti looked at Hermione. " Never mind Hermione, you won't understand. You even said once that you don't really understand ' Girl Talk.' So go about your own way now."

Hermione starred at them, before being pulled down by Harry and Ron once again.


The common room had cleared out, but leaving only three people. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had settled down, and now sitting in the armchairs talking. Hermione was listening to the boys talking about Quidditch, until they asked her something.

" Hermione, do you remember when you pulled yourself up, and Lavender said something about Girl Talk?" Ron asked. Hermione narrowed her eyes.

" Yea, what about it?"

" How come they said you don't understand it? Aren't you a girl too?"

" Yes, I'm a girl, but I didn't really listen to the girls who were in my class talk about boys. Instead, I was doing homework or reading." Hermione explained.

" Typical, how typical of you Hermione," Ron answered, with a big grin on his face, then he continued. " So what areas does ' Girl Talk' cover?" He looked at Harry, who looked surprised that Ron actually asked that question.

However, Hermione answered anyway. " Well, if you must know, it covers the areas of boys, life with boys, the bird and the bees," Hermione started, but was cut off.

" What's the birds and bees?" Interrupted Ron. Hermione turned beet red.

" Well, it's just "stuff" that you will learn later, Nothing important," She said.

Ron and Harry just looked confused. " Well, I'm going to bed," Hermione said, getting up.

" Wait! Don't you want to talk about boys?" Ron asked in a high pitch voice. Hermione just giggled, and Ron continued. " So, what do you think about the great Harry Potter?" Ron said in a high pitch voice.

" Oh I think he's so charming!" Harry screeched using his high voice. He also fluttered his eye lashes. Hermione put her hand over her mouth and did some more laughing.

" I know! Isn't he through? I almost fainted when he looked at me during dinner! Hey! This is ' Girl Talk' your not suppose to be laughing!" Ron said in his high pitch voice, hitting Hermione on the arm.

Hermione laughed even more. She couldn't help herself but to. Ron glared at her.

" If you don't stop laughing you will be removed from the talk!" Ron said in his high pitch voice. " Right Harry?"

" Um, Yes!" Harry squeaked, causing more laughter from Hermione.

" Go!" Ron yelled, pointing to the girls staircases. Hermione stopped laughing almost instantly, and her expression was settled on a straight face. She sat down on the chair that she had just got off of.

" Okay, I'll settle down," Hermione said seriously, and got a sly smile on her face. " Want me to wake up Lavender and Parviti?"

Harry and Ron's face expression turned to suspicion. " Why?" Harry asked, still using his high pitch voice.

Hermione's fingers looped together, so that her hands were connected.

" Well, since you guys want to be girls so much, I thought maybe that you guys would like to look like girls, and have your face made, and nails painted, too!"

Harry and Ron looked at each other, and ran to the boys staircase. They were fighting up the staircase to get away from Hermione. Within a few seconds they were out of sight.

She felt something jumped up on her, and looked down. It was Cookshanks.

" I was only joking," Hermione sighed. She picked up Cookshanks, and cradle him in her arms, and went up her set of stairs to the fifth years dorm room.


Coming Up Next: The trio get detentions, Professor Trelawney makes a real prediction, and Harry daydreams more.

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