The Looking Glass

Chapter 18--

By-- hermioneharry4ever--

Harry looked as if his dream had came true. " I love you too, Hermione Granger." Both of their eyes told each other the same thing. Hermione tilted her head up, and Harry looked down and their lips met...

It was a sweet, pure, soft kiss. But it hold all of their hold up passion that they had been holding up inside too long. Neither of them felt like breaking it, but Hermione, being woke up an hour before, and was still weak from the latest events, had to break the kiss to get some air. They still looked in each others eyes. The world had stopped moving around them. Only the music came to their ears. Harry and Hermione stood rooted on the spot, swaying to the sweet sound of rhythm.


Hermione stayed in Harry's arms that night. Both of them were looking at the roaring fire, watching it glow and crackled. The common room had been cleared out, only leaving the newly formed couple. Harry laid on the couch, stroking Hermione's hair. Both of them still had their clothes on that they had wore to the dance. ( No, did they really. I'm not THAT bad!) Hermione fell asleep in Harry's arms.

That morning, all of the Gryffindor fifth years, with some forth years, crept down to the common room. Lavender was holding the photo of Harry and Hermione sleeping together that was dated back to January. Colin had his camera in his hand.

He snapped a picture of the two 'lovebirds', waking them up. But, neither Harry or Hermione opened his/hers eyes. Hermione turned over, so that she was facing Harry.

' I have a sense of Deja-Vu here.' Hermione thought to Harry.

' What? Being woke up again with a camera?' Harry replied.

' Yes, and that.' They listened to what was going around them. The picture had appeared, and Lavender and Parviti was comparing the two pictures.

" I like this one better. They look so sweet." Lavender was saying, picking up the recent picture. Hermione opened her eyes, followed closely by Harry. She slowly sat up, and looked for Lavender. Lavender paid no attention to Hermione. The brown-eyed eyed girl got a roguish look in her eye.

Harry watched as Hermione walked slowly to where her two dorm mates were standing. Lavender looked at Hermione with a suspicious gaze.

" I was wondering if I could see the two pictures." Hermione said simply and sweetly, tilting her head, and smiling.

Lavender and Parviti exchanged looks before giving Hermione the pictures. Hermione smiled, and raised her eyebrows. " You shouldn't have done that," Hermione said pleasantly before running up the girls staircase. She was followed closely by the two other fifth year girls.

The group that was still in the common room laughed. Ron came over to where Harry sat on the couch. " So, how was it?" He asked.

Harry narrowed his eyes. " We didn't do anything wrong!"

There was a screech from the top of the girls staircases. " HERMIONE! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW, OR ELSE I'M GOING TO CURSE YOU!" It was Lavender, and that sent them laughing again.


It was soon the end of the year. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had their O.W.L's two weeks ago. It was usually hard to get Hermione to shut up about the test, but generally, Ron and Harry found ways to shut her up about the test.

Hermione's and Harry's relationship had become well known at the school. Fan clubs went quiet after Harry had to curse a third year that was talking bad about Hermione.

The two pictures hadn't been seen since that morning when Hermione stole them. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get out where they were hiding, Lavender and Parviti went off, and stopped pestering Hermione. Hermione hadn't told a soul where the photographs were hidden.

Harry was in the common room the morning of when they were supposed to go home at ten o'clock. He, along with Ron and Fred and George were playing exploding snap on teams. Just when Harry was putting the card on top of the other cards, he got distracted, and the cards exploded him.

Hermione was running to them, and slid on the carpet just before the group. She was red, and holding up the Daily Prophet and an envelope.

" Trail... Free... Sirius!" Hermione panted.

" Hold on Hermione! What in the bludger are you talking about? You looked liked you ran one hundred miles. Sit down!" Ron said. Hermione didn't sit down. She jumped once.

" No! Read!" Hermione said, handing them the newspaper. Harry glanced at it.

Azkaban Escapee Innocent of 13 Murders.

Fourteen years ago, Sirius Black was imprisoned for killing Peter Pettigrew, and muggles. Ten years later, Sirius Black escaped from Akzaban. But, one month ago, he came to the ministry, with a rat. The rat was the very Peter Pettigrew that was believed to be killed on the spot when Black cornered him.

The ministry was amazed, and agreed to let Black have a fair trail. Black told them everything, under the effects of truth potion. We were amazed on everything that was found out. It was Peter Pettigrew that killed the people. And not Black.

Sirius Back was freed from all charges, and was given one hundreds gallons as an apology. The innocent refused to tell us what he was using the money on. Meanwhile, Peter Pettigrew was thrown into Akzaban in an unbreakable rat cage.

Harry looked up from the paper, smiling. " Sirius is free!" Harry exclaimed, also jumping up from the chair.

" What! Sirius is free!" Ron said.

" Not... the... best... part..." Hermione panted. Harry looked at her.

" You didn't run all of the way up here from the great hall did you without stopping?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded, and gave him the other sheet of paper, while smiling.

Harry shook his head. " Hermione, you shouldn't have done that! It's not good!" Harry sighed, and begin reading the letter out loud.

Dear Harry, Hermione, and Ron,

You probably know this by now, but... I'M FREE! Can you believe that! Everything is going fantastic for me. I have tons to say, but first things first.

The ministry gave me one hundred gallons. I'm using it to rebuild the Potter Manor, yes Harry, your parents did have a large manor, but it was ruined when You- Know- Who came to the house in Godrics Hallow. It was left to you, Harry, but since you're not of age, I'm going to be living in it, along with you, Harry and Hermione since you have no where else to go. But there's one problem. You will have to go live with the Dursleys for the first two weeks. Hermione, you have your own plans for two weeks? Right? Also, did I add that Elizabeth is going to be living there as well?

Another good piece of news... Myself and Elizabeth are getting married! I proposed yesterday, and she said yes! We are going to on the first of August. We, Elizabeth and I, want all of you to be part of the wedding. Just wait... I'm going to laugh at Harry and Ron wearing tux. Just kidding! Ok, I'm going, Elizabeth just got home, I'M FREE!

I'll write soon... and Hermione, open Helsea's letter!


Harry begin jumping up and down. Sirius was free! He looked at Hermione who was jumping up and down, too. Ron saw this also, and went to Hermione.

" Calm down! I've never seen you act this way before! It's nerve-wracking!" Ron exclaimed, putting his hand on her shoulder. Fred and George laughed.

Hermione stopped jumping. She had a thoughtful face on, as if she was trying to remember something. Everyone starred at her, waiting for some motion. A slight smile appeared on her face.

With a few steps, Hermione made it over to Harry. She took his hand in hers, and ran out the portrait hole. Harry watched as Hermione ran down the halls, trying to find a certain room. She turned down hallways, and took turns. Soon Harry wouldn't remember which way was which.

" Hermione? Where are we going?" Harry managed to ask while running.

" I want to see if it's still the same!" Hermione said, and didn't say anything else, leaving Harry completely confused.

After five minutes of rounding corners, and running around the school, Hermione came to a stop at the door before her. It was a plain white door, with a simple door handle. Hermione took a deep breathe, and turned the door handle. A sense of eagerness came over Harry as he followed Hermione in.

There was The Mirror of Erised. Hermione went up to it, and peered into it. She suddenly turned around again, and sprinted towards Harry. She took her hands in his.

" It's still the same," Hermione said smiling. " We were getting married, and everybody that I love was there. But now, my real mother was there, crying joyful tears." Harry grinned, and the couple leaned two kiss each other.

There was a faint sound from the doorway. Hermione broke off the kiss, and saw Ron standing there. " So, Am I going have to monitor you guy's kisses now on?" Ron teased. Hermione and Harry turned red, and muttered a no.


By the eleven o'clock rolled around, the Hogwart's students were at Hogsmeade, waiting to hop onto the train. The three were waiting on the sidewalk for the line of the students.

" Hermione? What are you going to do before you go to Sirius's? Sirius said that

you have to do something before you go over to his house." Ron said.

Hermione smiled, and tucked a strand of her hair behind her left ear. " I'm going to pay a visit to my grandmother. I found another newspaper article about the search being conducted to find me when I was an infant. My grandmother wanted so much to find me, and I think that it would brighten her heart up a lot. Sirius said that it was a good thing to do.

" I already sent a letter to her, and she replied back. She is picking me up at the train station." Hermione explained.

Harry smiled. But before he could say anything they were interrupted by somebody behind them. The trio all go spun around. Malfoy was there, being guarded by his 'goons'. Harry groaned.

" Oh, it's only you." Ron said nastily.

" I'll stuff it if I were you. See, Potter, I told you that it would be worst if you sided with those creeps. You picked the wrong people! Now you would be living with a criminal!" Malfoy exclaimed, smirking.

" Malfoy, I told you long ago, when you tried to pulled that crap that I could tell who the wrong sort was. Obviously I have done good." Harry said, irritated.

Malfoy's smirk turned upside down. " Who's says. Even though Voldemort is gone, there's still dark out there! Oh well. As always, the mudblood is going to die first."

Harry pulled Ron back, but Hermione stepped up to Malfoy, and stood on her toes so she could be at his eye level. " Who's says that I'm a mudblood. Malfoy, if you ever as much do any kind of research for the dark, you'll find out that I have a father for a wizard."

Malfoy glared at her. " No you don't!" He denied. Harry was about to laugh at Malfoy's face.

Hermione frowned, and raised her eyebrows. " I don't really? Well, you should have asked Samuel Clark who his child is, he'll tell you."

Malfoy backed away, and walked away. Crabbe and Goyle followed him. Hermione got back on her feet, and turned around to her friends laughing. She soon joined in.

About three minutes later, the student's were allowed to get inside it. But, just about Hermione was getting on, somebody put their hand on her shoulder. She turned around, and saw Professor Dumbledore.

" Go on, save me a spot." She told Harry and Ron. They nodded, and Dumbledore led Hermione off to the side where there was no people lurking around. There was a faint whistle in the background.

" Ms. Granger, before you go, I just want to tell you be careful." The headmaster said. Hermione quirked her eyebrows, and the professor went on. " Even though you and Mr. Potter have defeated Voldemort, your father might still be out there. I believe that he is building up forces, and making strategies as I speak. So, just be careful. Promise me that."

The whistle sounded again, and the train begin to moving very slowly. " I promise." Hermione said, and the teacher motioned for her to get on the train. Hermione nodded, and ran to catch up with it.

Harry and Ron had the door opened, and Hermione jumped into it. She was helped up by Harry into a seat.

" What did Professor Dumbledore want?" Ron inquired.

Hermione took a deep breathe, and just shrugged. Harry narrowed his eyes. ' If she's keeping another secret away from us, I'm going to get frustrated.'

The bushy-haired girl smiled at him. " I heard that, Harry Potter."

" Were you listening in on my thoughts again Hermione Granger? Are you growing a bad eavesdropping habit?" Harry smirked.

Hermione slumped in her seat, and crossed her arms. She looked out of the window, when a thought came to her mind. Her glance shifted to her trunk. The urge was pulling her, and she finally gave up and got something.

With the letter in hand, she slowly opened it while Harry and Ron were talking about next year.

Dear Hermione, the letter said,

If you are reading this, then you have been told that the parents that you've grown up with, aren't the ones that you are flesh and blood with. I'm sorry that you had to grow up, and finding out that you were born with a different mum than you would have thought.

Writing this letter is hard for me, because I know that if you are reading this, I predicted right. Let me explain right from the beginning.

You're probably a witch, so I won't have to lie to you. Anyways, I had a very best friend, by the name of Lily Evans. We were seen by each other everyday and every night. The friendship started when we were toddlers. Our parents were friends, so we got to see each other often.

Then when Lily was eleven, she received a letter, explaining that she was a witch. Lily was heartbroken that she had to leave behind her friends, and I was too. But, after I got over my selfishness I finally convinced her to leave for the magic school.

Years past, and soon I was twenty-one. Bad things were happening to the people. I watched the news reports of the victims that were dying. I realized that it was magic killing these people. I knew that I had to go and find Lily; for she was a witch, and I knew that she wouldn't do things like that.

I went looking for a way into Their world, but couldn't. After my last search, I came to a bar. Then it what happened next, I don't know. I saw this guy, and it was love at first sight. We talked, and I soon concluded that his name was Samuel Clark, imagine what would my last name would be if we ever got wed, Helsea Clark, doesn't that sound good? Well, not to me anymore, read on!

Well, anyway, two years past, and I found out more than I needed to know. I soon found out that Samuel Clark was a 'bad wizard,' one of those who killed the people who wasn't magic. I ran away from him, and kept myself hidden.

Then, I found out that I was pregnant with you, and stayed away from my mother. When I first saw you, Hermione, I knew right then and there that I wouldn't be able to give you the love that you needed for the rest of your life. For, the feelings of dying started then.

I'm making a object for myself to live in, and you to learn how to use it. But, it's not going too well. I have finally made a decision, I'm giving you up. I love you more than ever, but you'll live a hard life, and I don't want your father to come and rise you. So that's why you now have no biological ties with your parents.

I hope that you can forgive me if you are furious with me. I ask of you nothing, but I hope that you well do as I ask, please give your first-born child a name that starts with an " H". It's that it's been in the family tradition for years. My mother's name is Helen, and she named me Helsea, so I named you Hermione.

I hope that they treat you right, and you live a wonderful, actually, beyond wonderful life,

Love always,

Your real mother, or Helsea Parry.

Hermione looked up from the letter, crying. She bit her lip, and turned to the window again, still holding the letter.

Harry saw tears in Hermione's eyes, and went to sit by Hermione. He hugged her, and Hermione smiled.

" So, Hermione, you've got your adventures done right?" Asked Ron.

Hermione thought to what Professor Dumbledore had said to her at the train station. She shook her head, and said, " Nope, It's only beginning."


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