Ikuto is a famous writer. A Yaoi writer that is! He secludes himself in his house, and has his manuscripts sent, so someone can draw the scenes. After he goes to a party, his editors finally introduce him to the artist of his Manga. And that artist is none other then the famous Tadase Hotori!? Takuto, slight Rimahiko, Kaiya, and Kutau. (Amu is a loner.) Rated T+ for many, many reasons.

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Chapter 1: Let's go to a party!

"Done!" Ikuto exclaimed, standing up, with a smirk on his face. Ikuto was an author for Manga. That is, yaoi manga. It was his passion. He couldn't draw though. He just wrote. But he wrote passionate work. It was probably because of all the free time he had. Considering that he never left his house, unless his editors forced him to, or if he had to go buy food. Though, he barely ever ate. Ikuto liked to be a loner. He didn't really like knowing many people. He thought that all was a waste. He thought love was a waste too. "Who needs love!?" He had said. "Me, myself and I is all I really need in the world!" Yep, Ikuto was conceited. Very. He worked on his body every day, to have a nice figure. He never had any blemishes. He was very hot. But no one knew that. He was a hermit. A hot hermit.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ikuto looked to his doorbell. It was probably his editors, coming to get the Manuscript.

"Man… I don't want to get up…" Ikuto lied down on his floor. He was too tired and lazy to go get the door.

"TSUKIYOMI OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!!" Ikuto flinched. He forgot how violent one of his editors was.

"Coming damn it!" Ikuto got up, and went to his door. He breathed for a moment, and then whipped the door open.

"IKUTO!!!!!!!!!" His other editor tackled Ikuto. She was in love with him. Or was just hyper all the time. She was a short blonde, with two kids. She was only 25, but looked like a ten year old.

"Hi to you too Miabi," Ikuto patter her back, and looked at his other editor. She was a tall brunette, with blue eyes. She was only 23.

"Done with the manuscript?" She asked, teeth chattering. Her long, brown wavy hair blew in the cold wind, and her whole body shivered. She hated the winter.

"When did winter come?" Ikuto smirked.

"Just let me in, you jack!" She yelled at him, storming into the house. Ikuto chuckled. He loved to tease his editors.

"Miabi, can you get off now?" Ikuto asked. She shook her head. Ikuto sighed.

"I'll give you candy…" She grinned at Ikuto, got up, and ran to where Yumi, his other editor was. Ikuto sighed again and got up. He walked to the kitchen, and starts to make tea.

"So, why are you two here today? I didn't call you, since I got the manuscript done today…" Ikuto trailed on. He finished making the tea, and took it to the other room, where Miabi and Yumi were fan girling over his new manuscript.

"Guys… It's not that good…" Ikuto put the tray down, and snatched the manuscript away from them.
"NO! It was getting so good!" They whined. Ikuto shook his head, and pointed to the tea.

"Drink. And tell me why you're here." Ikuto sat down, and stared at them. They looked at each other, then at Ikuto, drunk some tea, looked back at Ikuto, and finally spoke up.

"We're going to a party tomorrow." Ikuto frowned and shook his head. He hated parties.

"You guys know I hate parties." They grinned.

"But you can finally meet the person who draws your yaoi scenes! Come on!" He shook his head.

"I'm not going." He drunk some of his tea, and looked at the girls.

"What if we told you…?" They paused and smiled. "That Hotori Tadase is going?" Ikuto almost choked on his tea. Hotori Tadase was the most famous writer in the world. He was an excellent artist, and awesome author, and to boot all that, he was extra cute. Everyone loved his work, everyone loved him.

"Liars. And even if he was going, I still wouldn't." Ikuto turned his head, and looked at the clock.

"It's almost time for my work out, so if you'll excuse me…" Ikuto slowly got up, set the manuscript on the table, and walked to his work out room. Maibi and Yumi followed.

"What can we do to make you go?" They asked, following Ikuto through his work out. First he did some weight lifts.

"Nothing. I'm never going to go." They growled. "Ikuto, please go?" Miabi asked.

He finished his weight lifts, and went to doing crunches.

"Hold down my feet please. And No, I won't go." Miabi and Yumi held down Ikuto's feet, and racked their brains for ideas.

"Chocolate?" Yumi asked. Miabi grinned. "Not you." She frowned. Ikuto shook his head.

"Let go please," Ikuto said. They both let go, and Ikuto started to do push-up's.

"How about we get you a girlfriend?" Yumi asked. Ikuto chuckled and shook his head.

"Didn't I already tell you guys? I only need me, myself, and I. And sometimes you guys…" After 50 push-up's, he went over to the tread wheel.

"Ikuto! Please come! You finally get to meet the person who draws your books!" Yumi pleaded. Ikuto started the tread wheel.

"I'll go. But I have conditions." Ikuto finally gave in. He just wanted them to leave.

"Yes!?" They grinned. Ikuto stopped the tread wheel, and beckoned Miabi and Yumi to follow him to the bathroom.
"First, you have to by me chocolate takiyaki. Second, tell me what the party is for, and why I have to go. And last, you have to buy me all my books. I've never read any of them, because I always had the manuscript. Got it?" Ikuto sat on the door frame. Miabi finished writing his conditions down, and nodded her head.

"Okay, now get out." Ikuto shut the door in Yumi's and Miabi's face, and started to take his shower.

"Why do we put up with this?" Yumi laughed nervously. Miabi grinned.

"'Cause we love him!" They both went downstairs, wrote down what the party was for, took Ikuto's manuscript, and left his house.

At another house…

"Ah! That was such a good nap! I can't wait to see what happens today, and tomorrow! I'm so excited!"

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