Title: The Coach's Daughter
Author: Miss. Creativity
Disclaimer: I do not own the movie, Remember the Titans.
Summary: Helen Yoast is the coach's daughter. What happens when she falls in love with a certain Titans football player?
Author's Note: This is my first Remember the Titans story. Just wait for the second chapter if you like it because this takes place during the whole movie so I should watch it again because I want to make everything right. Please read and review to let me know what you think if I should continue!
EDIT: I edited the prologue just in case if some of you readers that are familiar with this story since the beginning, this obviously changed. I just realized that my other prologue didn't make sense. Going to fix the first chapter up too because I saw some mistakes in that one. Hopefully this one will be better!

The Coach's Daughter
Chapter One: Prologue

There was a nice and cool breeze which was always usual for the season of fall. I was with my husband and my other children. We were in the stands watching our son playing the family's favorite sport - football. It wasn't surprising that my son would learn to grow to love and play football just like his Daddy. Cheering him on makes me can't believe that he's grown up so much as did the rest of my children. Just like any parent wishes, I wish I could have the power to reverse time and relive the moments when they were being my little babies again, but I can't do that, unfortunately.

So many things had happen to me before I got married. Once, I thought my husband barely knew I existed when we were young. He was linebacker for T.C. Williams just like our son. Back then in Alexandria, Virginia, the blacks and whites never got along. Somehow in the small community, the football team did change some people's perspective about their thoughts of the world and racism. During that summer when they had football camp, the guys got along. The coaches, my sister, and I could see the changes in them and a friendship starting to grow. It was hard, but eventually everyone in the school and town got along with...well, everyone. The skin color didn't matter anymore and dealt with it learning, in the end, everyone is human.

I remembered everything of what happened in that year of 1971. Practices, winning football games...everything. Including Gerry my husband. I had a crush on him in my senior year of high school, and when the time was right, we started to date. Our relationship lasted throughout college until he proposed to me when we were juniors in college. Our relationship was just like any others - having ups and downs like everyone else. But, despite all of that, I still love him. We got married a few months later, I gave birth to his first child and it was a boy. We named him Aaron. Since he became a famous, or rather, a well known football player, our life became public. Only the marriage and our first child. After Aaron, we had a second son five years later named, Joshua. Our last and third child was Susan and we had her six years later I gave birth to Josh. We never intended on have more than two children, but it was perfectly fine our things turned out. I loved how it did because I felt like it made my life complete.

Even though life can be a very complexed thing to live, we always find our way out to escape from the hard times. That's why we need to have friends and family who give you the best support. Like what I have is my beloved family and friends. My friends who helped me to get through with anything I couldn't. My friends that I met which are the Titans.

We should always remember them no matter what.