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The Coach's Daughter
Chapter 18: Epilogue A New Life

Year of 1996

Gerry and I are finally married.

We have been dating in our senior year in high school and there were some ups and downs in our relationship throughout the summer and especially in college because of meeting new people. We were an on and off couple, but in the end, we stayed together and finally got married. Even though we had our fights, we stayed strong and maybe if we didn't stayed strong and were weak, we wouldn't be married and have 3 beautiful children.

We have 2 sons and 1 daughter. We named our eldest Aaron and he's 17 and almost going to be 18 next month. He's on the football for T.C. Williams and is the linebacker just like his father was. Our 2 son, Joshua (though we call him Josh), is 12 and I can't believe my little baby is going to be a teenager in May. Our last and 3 child is a girl and she's known as Daddy's little girl. Susan is a hyperactive little girl for a 6 year old. She and Gerry have a special relationship and it's really something. I love the moments that I'm able to see with Gerry and Susan. I love my husband and my children and wouldn't trade them for anything.

It felt like it was just yesterday when I my crush was Gerry. He was a big part of my life because we were friends when we were little and till now. I remember when he was on the football team for the Titans and he and Julius were best friends, like brothers even, and they are now. In fact, Aaron is dating Julius and Denise's daughter, Maria for I don't know how long. They've been together for a long time that the guys and the kids teased them they're going to get married. I also remember when I dated Alan. He had been a really good boyfriend to me, but he wasn't the one. Alan's married to Rebecca and the last time Gerry saw them somewhere, he told me that she and Alan are expecting their 1st child. I was so happy for the both of them and Alan is thrilled. We have only been in contact with Julius and Alan from the team. We know a little bit about the others like Rev, Lastik, Sunshine, Blue, and Ray. Gerry and I know he got married to Emma and we were invited to their wedding which we went to, but didn't stay for the reception. Months later, they got a divorce and Emma had a son that's the same age as my daughter. I felt bad for her, but Gerry said she deserved it which wasn't true at all. The rest of the football team we don't know much about and they have gone their ways and onto bigger and better things.

Like I mentioned before, Aaron is on the football team. His last game is tonight and we're going. We wouldn't miss any of his games. They won all of their games they had and got into the Hall of Fame. My Dad doesn't coach the team anymore; when we graduated he kept on coaching for 4 more years, and so did Coach Boone I think, then they both retired.

My little sister, Cheryl, always wished she could be the coach for the Titans, but she was still in school, then college, had boyfriends, now is married, and a stay at home mother with 2 children of her own named Jamie who is 2 years old and Dustin who is 4 years old – she never really got to live her dream, but loves her life the way it is. Just like I do.

I have never been this fortunate and thankful for my life. I always took things for granted, especially when I was younger. Now, I appreciate it more and is happy for the things I have.

I never realized until now that being the coach's daughter does have its advantages and disadvantges.

The End