I decided to come back to writing. As it says on my profile I AM currently attempting to write an original to put into print. That's slowly coming along. As of right now that book is in chapter 2. I'll keep you guys updated as to how it's going. Please...I do oh so hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1

"You always were perfect Miyoko!" A small blonde haired child shouted at her older sister.

"Maybe because I'm not crazy!" The thirteen year old responded.

"She's begging for it. Do it Haruka."

"Haruka?" The brunette looked at the younger girl with confusion when she didn't respond.

"Go get daddy's gun. You know where it is."

Haruka let out an ear piercing scream in an attempt to drown out the voices. Her hands cupped over her ears in the process. "Leave me alone." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Miyoko took a step back, her body was shaking. "Haruka, you're scaring me." She whimpered when her back hit the doorframe.

"You're scared?" The girl's eyes shot open as she stared blankly at the little boy standing beside her sister. "Miyoko move!" She lunged at the teen, pushing her away from the boy. "Kana leave her alone. Please Kana."

Miyoko gasped as she landed on her arm on the kitchen floor. "Haruka, there's nobody there!"

"She's lying to you. I'm right here Haruka." He turned to look at the teen laying on the floor, he only grinned.

"Leave her alone." Tears began rolling down Haruka's cheeks. Her eyes watched the boy begin walking toward Miyoko. "Kana stop it!" She ran toward him. In her eyes she saw him on top of her sister, beating her.

Miyoko laid motionless, her body rigid with fear as Haruka ran out of the room and toward the steps. She was unsure of what had just happened. The teen always knew her sister was a little strange. Maybe her mother would finally believe her that Haruka had lost her mind. Her brown hair fell over her eyes as she forced herself to her feet.

"Kana!" Haruka yelled as she pushed the magazine into their father's gun. He had taught both of the girls how to use it in case of emergencies. She lifted the weapon to eye level and aimed it right at Kana, who was standing in front of Miyoko. "Leave us alone!"

"Haruka what are you doing? Put down the gun." The brunette tried backing away, her eyes locked on a younger teal pair.

"Shoot me Haruka. You don't have the guts. Just like your father always told you, you're a coward!" He stayed in front of Miyoko, a smug grin on his face.

The blonde shut her eyes before pulling the trigger, twice.

"You can't possibly consider charging her as an adult! She's seven years old for Christ's sake." Akemi shouted at the detective in Haruka's hospital room.

"Why would she have shot her sister?" He looked at the child who clung tightly to a ragged teddy bear as she rocked on the bed. Her eyes were locked on an empty chair near the window.

"I know it felt so invigorating to pull that trigger." She sniffled, only staring at him. "Not going to talk to me now Haruka?"

"Leave me alone Kana!" She picked up the pillow from her bed and threw it at the empty chair.

"Haruka, honey, there's nobody there." Akemi felt tears in her eyes as she sat beside her daughter. "I should have listened to Miyoko." Haruka showed no emotion as Akemi hugged her tightly. "Who do you see?"

"Kana! He's right there! Why is everybody calling me a liar?"

"He's just your imaginary friend Haruka. I thought he was gone years ago." Akemi spoke softly as she ran her fingers through Haruka's long blonde hair.

She pulled away from her mother and turned to look at the boy that was now sitting on the pillow on the chair. "Tell them you're there Kana."

The older woman sighed as she stood up. "Did Kana make you shoot Miyoko?"

"He was hurting her. I was trying to protect her. He ran away when I shot the gun at him." Her eyes never broke contact with his. "He wouldn't leave her alone." Her voice was soft, lacking any emotion.

"They're going to call you crazy Haruka." He laughed at her. "You are crazy. You shot your only sister and you enjoyed it."

"You made me shoot her!" She yelled.

"Mrs. Tenou, I need to speak with you in the hallway. The doctors will be coming in to examine her shortly." The detective led the older woman into the hallway. "Based on the preliminary examination when she arrived, all signs point to schizophrenia. Her delusions, her lack of emotion." He sighed.

"What's going to happen to my daughter?" Akemi folded her arms over her chest. "Her father has already disowned her. The minute he got the phone call he wanted to cut any connection to Haruka."

"She'll go through a psychiatric evaluation. That will be done before her trial date in juvenile court. Most likely she'll end up in a psychiatric hospital for her sentence. There's no way of knowing how long that will be. I truly am sorry for your loss Mrs. Tenou."

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