Guardian Elf and Ghost Unite

Standing off to the side in the shadows, Mokai and the Bloody Baron watched the events unfold. As soon as Malante was gone, the two went to the little girl's side. Being extremely gently, Mokai picked Angel up. He glanced towards the Bloody Baron and sighed. She was very weak, and her breathing was so shallow that it appeared she wasn't breathing at all.

"Time to take the young Mistress home," Mokai quietly whispered. He snapped his fingers and all three snapped out of the room. Within seconds, they were back at Hogwarts. However, he hadn't transported them directly to Snape's quarters. Instead, Mokai had brought them to the Slytherin common room. The young Slytherins started screaming and scrambling away due to shock, all except for one.

"What happened to her, Mokai?"

"Young Mistress fought bad Elder, young Master Malfoy," Mokai replied somberly. He then glanced towards the Bloody Baron. "Young Mistress needs Master Severus," he said to the ghost.

Within seconds afterwards, the Bloody Baron zoomed away through the wall towards Snape's quarters. It didn't take long before the portrait to the common room swung open and several various professors ran in. The remaining Slytherins in the common room felt rather uncomfortable to say the least to have the Head of Gryffindor in their rooms, but they wisely said nothing.

"Mokai brought Young Mistress back, Master Severus," Mokai proudly announced. It was on deaf ears though. Snape had already lifted his daughter up off the floor and carried her onto an empty couch. He quickly examined her for any signs of blood loss, but found none. "Young Mistress is only exhausted, Master Severus. Bad Elder did not have a chance to hurt Young Mistress. Pretty lady in white made sure of that," Mokai explained.

"Angel," Snape whispered softly as he gently tried to wake her. It didn't take long before her eyes slowly lolled open. He could see what Mokai meant. She truly was exhausted.

"Daddy," Angel weakly said. "Can we go home?"

Snape couldn't help but smile. He slowly nodded towards her before pulling her closer to him. He whispered softly in her ear and then picked her up. It was over. It was finally all over.

A/N: Thank you for sticking with me until the end. I think I've finally finished this story. I might write a shorter story that goes with the Two Bloods series, but it'll probably be awhile before I get to that. It's probably going to be about Sinistra and Snape's wedding since Voldemort and Malante both hit the dust. So the evil villain in that story (and I think Sinistra would agree wholeheartedly) would be Eileen (even though she's just a typical Slytherin mother). :) Again, thank you so much.