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Caden was an amazing kisser. "Amanda." He whispered my name after he had kissed me.

"I've wanted you to do that for a while." I confessed.

"Dammit, Amanda!" He stood up suddenly. "Shit, I shouldn't have done that. I'm in way to deep, this can't be happening. Amanda, I am so sorry. I don't know why I kissed you, it was uncalled for, and I don't feel that way about you okay? I know, I'm a huge jerk…I'm sorry." He said and turned on his heels and walked away as fast as he could go.

What the hell had just happened? "Caden!" I called after him but his stride never broke and soon I could barely see him at all. I burst into a fresh set of tears. I don't know how long I sat on that curb but soon the sun was disappearing behind clouds and rain was pouring down. I turned my face up to the sky and let the rain wash away my tears.

I sat there for a few more moments, letting the rain soak through my clothes. Finally I got up and went to the subway station. One thing about New York is that you saw many crazy people so people usually left you alone.

I paid for a subway ticket and was soon on a subway train. It took about five minutes to get where I was going.

Once the subway stopped I got off right away and walked a few blocks. Finally I was there, the cemetery where my parents were buried. I climbed over the fence, it was already nightfall and the gates were locked shut. I wandered for a few minutes and then finally made it over to my parent's gravesite.

Jasper and Alice Whitlock, loving parents their headstone said along with their birth and death dates.

I sat down on the wet grass in front of their headstone. "I don't know what to do anymore. I'm lost." I whispered to them, hoping they were with me and listening.

"Mom, please help me." I said. "Papa?"

But there was nothing and I knew I wasn't going to find my answers here. I touched their headstone for a moment whispering 'I love you' and wandered back to the front gate. I climbed over and once my feet were on solid ground again I checked my watch, it flashed 8:31. I sighed and checked my phone, 7 missed calls and 4 voicemails.

"Amanda, you are in deep trouble once you get home!" That voicemail was from Bella.

"Amanda, where are you? We're worried, please come home. If you aren't back by ten we are calling the cops and we are going to come looking for you." That was from Edward.

The other two were similar to Bella's.

I dialed Edward's cell phone number knowing he will be easier on me then Bella.

"Amanda where are you?" he greeted me.

"I'm okay; I went to visit mom and dad. I'll be home soon." I answered.

"Amanda, we need to talk when you get home. Bella and I were worried sick about you."

"Oh? What about Miri and Michael?"

"We told them you were at a Lizzie's as to not worry them," Edward said sharply, "get home now, no other stops on the way."

"Yes, sir." I said and snapped my phone shut. God, you couldn't get a break anywhere.

I walked two steps and suddenly an arm was around my neck. I immediately grabbed at the arm and started prying at it but it was doing no good. "Don't even think about screaming," a rough voice whispered in my ear.

I broke out in a cold sweat and my heart started beating frantically. I kicked behind me but someone else suddenly appeared and grabbed my feet. The guy that was holding me neck grabbed me under my armpits and they were carrying me away. "No!" I screamed. "Please, please don't do this!"

"Grab her cell phone," I heard the same rough voice say to a third person. I felt them go in my pocket and retrieve my cell phone.

"No!" I whimpered, this was it, I was going to die. I wriggled around, trying to get out of their grip but they were not having it. The third person punched me in the stomach, hard. I gasped in pain.

"Stop it and we won't hurt you anymore then we need to." A voice hissed at me.

I was carried a few more feet and soon I was in a trunk. "No!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. This was New York, someone was always outside. I banged against the door of the trunk but I knew it was no good. I felt the car engine start and soon we were pulling out of the parking lot. "No," I whimpered to myself. Then the tears started falling for the third time that day.

I don't know how much time had passed but I was in the trunk for a while. Finally I felt the car stop and the engine turn off. Soon I heard shuffling feet and voices that sounded like they were arguing. Then they popped open the trunk and before I could blink they had a cloth bag over my head. Soon my hands and ankles were tied together and I was being carried into a building.

"Ah, our visitor has arrived. May I ask you, gentlemen, why was she tied up in such a vulgar way?" I heard a male voice ask.

"We could tell she was a fighter, sir, we needed to her here safely without them watching us. Plus, we needed to show them that we were not on her side," the man with the rough voice said, saying them with contempt.

"Oh, dear, you do know she isn't going to trust us now after this? Oh my…" the man trailed off.

"I'm sorry, sir, we thought this was the best way to do it."

"And the poor girl's family? Ah, this may have worked in the past but Amanda is delicate, she must be handled with care. Caden, come and see that our guest is comfortable."

I froze once he said Caden, but I knew it wasn't my Caden. My Caden would never do anything like that. Suddenly I was placed gently into a plush chair and my ankles and hands were untied.

"Please, don't fight us. We were trying to help, honest." The man with the rough voice said before taking off my bag.

I blinked a few times to get my bearings. I was in a comfortable library, with dozens of shelves filled with books and a fire blazing in the fireplace. I darted my eyes from person to person, there was five of them. Three were my captors and one of them was an old man, the one that must been in charge. Then my eyes darted to a handsome boy hovering behind the old man. I recognized him immediately and shock vibrated through my body.

That handsome boy was my Caden.

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