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Pein stared at Naruto as he stared right back. Hate sparked in between them like Sasuke's chadori. Naruto raised his hand, ready to blast the Akatsuki leader with his chakra. As Pein made hand signs to perform his last jetsu that would knock the blond unconscious, suddenly…

"WAIT. HOLD THE BATTLE. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I RAN OUT OF POPCORN! AND SOME BACON." Pein and Naruto looked around trying to find the source of the voice that shouted out. There stood a girl with blond hair, about 14 years out waving her hands franticly. At her right side was a brunet the same age, shaking her head, then hitting the blonde girl's forehead with her palm.

"Shut up you BAKA! Their fighting suspensefully! AND YOU JUST RIUNED IT! Now what's the author going to think of you!?" The brunet shouted.

"I'm sorry Kiki, I just want some more popcorn! And maybe some bacon…" The blonde said looking dreamily out in the distance, probably thinking about 'bacon'.

"Oi Sarah, go get your popcorn. And don't stare at the popcorn vender either. You already ransacked 5 food stands." Kiki replied.

"Not MY fault I don't get fat! Ya' fatty…" Sarah replied muttering the last comment.

"What. Did you call me?!" Kiki shouted, towering over the blonde girl.

"N-nothing! Just that I'm.. uh, not fat!?" Sarah stuttered back.

"That's what I thought. Now shoo, ya' baka. And get me some more soda while your at it."


As Sarah ran away; Naruto and Pein glanced at the brunet, one as confused as the other. She blinked and giggled slightly.

"Oh Pein- kuuuun! How's my little honey bun? I'm sure you still have that small blood bib I got you at Christmas!" She shouted, waving her hand. Naruto couldn't help it. He burst out laughing falling to the ground. The girl quickly ran over, then seeing the look on Pein's red face, followed suit.

"KIKI, I GOT THE SODA. And I found someone! I dressed her in a pretty outfit too!" Sarah called running over to the trio. Following was a girl wrapped in a pink frilly dress, bows in her hair. The girl's eyes were a nice sparkling light blue. And on her hands were… mouths.

"HOLY CRAP, DEIDARA?!" Pein shouted.

"Don't talk to me, hm."

"HOLY, OH MY KAMI, YOU LOOK… LOOK…" Pein tried to find a word to describe him.

"You say fucking pretty, hm, and Ill rip your precious eyes out." Deidara growled.

"I think you look wonderful Dei- Dei- kun!" Sarah shouted playfully. Deidara's eyes softened as he looked at the girl.

"What ever, hm." He replied, shaking off the strange feelings he was pretty sure an Akatsuki does not get.

Kiki smirked as she saw the blonde Konaha dobe slip off as a pissed Sakura came. She decided not to tell. At least, not now.

Kiki walked over to Sarah and whispered something in her ear that neither Deidara nor Pein could hear.

"Ok, I am fucking BACK biotches!" Shouted a voice. Deidara and Pein turned to see Kakuzu and Hidan walking towards them. Hidan eyes brightened as he saw the brunet, but he quickly composed his features. Kakuzu on the other hand saw the quick excitement in his eyes.

"Ok Sarah, I give you permission to do so." Kiki said giggling softly. Kakuzu was suddenly knocked off of his feet and hit the ground.

"Gee! Thanks Kakuzu for the cushioned fall!" Sarah quipped and got up aiming for Hidan now.

"Oh no, oh no, no, no, no! Don't you dare fucking aim for me!" To late Hidan.

"…Itachi, I say we back away slowly. Please." Said a musky voice. Everyone turned to see the fish man and his pet weasel turn around the corner. Sarah's eyes glinted. After slowly taking out two pieces of paper, she stuck them on both Kakuzu and his dazed and very pissed partner, she ran towards Kisame.

"FISH- MAN!! I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU! And you weasel… not so much. Teehee!" She shouted after sticking another piece of paper on Kisame, and kicking Itachi in the shin. "TAKE THAT PRETTY BOY!"

All four men took off the piece of paper to see a phrase written on each one. Deidara's said- STARFISH LOVE YOU, Kakuzu's- PIEZILLA, Hidan's- WACHA! Kisame's- STARFISH REALLY LOVES YOU! And Itachi's- Did you know every time there's an awkward silence a gay baby is born? I think your one of those babies.

Itachi growled while Kisame laughed hysterically at his note. Suddenly it blew up.

"Damn it Kisame! It was supposed to stay attached to Itachi!" Came a whining call from Sarah.

"Yo, why did everyone exclude us?" Yelled an annoyed voice. All turned once again to see Sasori and Konan running over, out of breath. Sarah quickly tackled them both, sticking her deathly pieces of paper on them. Konan took hers off, not bothering to read it, and made it into a paper flower, placing it in Deidara's hair.

"You look very pretty Deidara. I say keep that look." She said, making him blush as bright as his pink colored dress. Sasori just started to burst out laughing.

Kiki grinned, knuckle punching both Sarah and Konan. She then waltzed over to Hidan, and grinned evilly. She beckoned him to lean down so she could whisper in his ear. Everyone was silent for they wanted to hear what she was going to say.

"Hidan guess whaaaaat." Kiki whispered rather loudly. Hidan rolled his eyes bent down so she could reach his ear, and waited for the so called 'secret'.

"WHISPER!" Kiki shouted at the top of her lungs, sending the Jashionist stumbling back holding his ear. She grinned again. "Oh Kisame!! I have a secret to tell you!!"

Kisame backed up slowly.

"Whaaa, Chinese food hereeee!" Shouted a Chinese man said, walking in on the team. Kiki and Sarah's eyes alit as they ran over.

"Yeah, that would be our food." Kiki said staring at to food. Sarah nodded eagerly.

"Whaaa, where the money, whaaa?" The man said eyeing them cautiously. Kiki shook her head and whispered something in her ear. Sarah just shrugged, as if lost.

"Uh… sir, we don't have money, but we have something better!" Kiki said smiling a big smile.

"NOW." At the sudden burst of noise emitting from the brunet, Sarah kicked the Chinese man in the shin as Kiki grabbed for the food. As she snatched away the mouth watering treat, the Chinese delivery man fell to the ground. The two girls hurried away laughing.

"Whaaa, why you little-!" The man started to say.

"I DARE you to finish that thought." Said to male voices. The Chinese man looked over to see Hidan and Deidara towering over him in a threatful way.

"Uh…wha?" Was all the man could say.

Deidara nodded, and Hidan dragged him off for uh… Jashinist reasons.

I won't write it, for your sanity. But you probably already lost it.

As Kiki munched on her fortune cookie, she heard screams in the distance.

"Hidan."She thought. As she looked around at the members were standing around them, Kiki was pleased to find that everyone was socializing without killing each other. That's a new for them. And her.

Kiki looked down at her fortune, and then tossed it behind her, letting it drift in the wind. Sarah glanced up and smiled at Kiki, letting her own future fly.

"Why'd you do that, hm? Don't you want to read them?" Deidara asked sitting near Sarah. Kiki shook her head no. "Why not, hm?"

"We don't want to read our future. We know that we'll be awesome anyways. Plus, they mean nothing. The phrases never come true." Sarah said while attacking ribs.

"Ew, c'mon Sarah, must you eat ribs THAT messily?!" Kiki complained looking at her now saucy shirt. Sarah nodded her rapidly showing her love for ribs.

Rolling her eyes, Kiki got up to let the, uh, 'love birds' have a little conversation. It was all she could do. Running up to Sasori, she jumped on his back, shouting random noises cutting into his conversation with Kisame.

"Yo peoples! I'm boredness, so I came over to youz! FEEL HAPPY I GRACED YOU WITH THIS DESCISION!" She shouted playfully. Both men laughed, and allowed her to enter their conversation of different types of poisonous fish. Kiki snickered. She always wondered what these two could talk about.

Slowly backing away so no one noticed, she skipped to Konan's conversation with Pein. Standing unnoticed behind her, she quickly realized that they were about to make out, she ran over to Kakuzu who was standing, counting his money. Like always.

"Hey Kakuzu! How many do you have?" She shouted waving to him. As she got closer, he let a small smile grace his lips. Someone had finally found an interst in money. Like him. As Kiki talked with the money man a couple of minutes, Hidan cme waltzing in to join them. Maybe 'wow' Kiki with his charm.

He ended up tripping and getting a face full of dirt.

Kiki laughed, and helped him up. As they suddenly got immersed in conversation, Kakuzu chuckled and went back to counting his money.

"Kiki. Yo, love girl. Let's go, just got a call from mom. Says we should wait outside the theater to leave." Sarah called breaking into the two Jashinist's conversation. Slightly ticked off by the sudden out burst, Hidan grumbled when Sarah said they had to leave.

"We must leave also…" Pein said trailing off. Kiki glanced at all of the members, and slowly smiled. Sarah smiled also.

They started to go around, shaking hands goodbye, kicking a gay man in the shin, hugging those willing. Soon each girl came to an end of their goodbyeing, and waved to everyone behind them. Slowly they opened a door, and disappeared within seconds.

"They have to come back." Deidara whispered as his eyes glazed over. The rest of the members nodded.

"We are SO catching the next movie." Kiki declared as they hopped into Sarah's mom's car.

"A. Greed."

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