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Caroline Bingley entered the room of the meeting fifteen minutes late. Her hair was a mess, and she had spilled coffee on her new silk blouse. As she came in, everyone was already seated around the big black oval table, their paperwork layed out infront of them. She saw familiar faces, her brother Charlie, the guest speaker, Jane Bennet, thank God without her sister, and her boss, William Darcy, whom she was irrevocably in love with. Her eyes immediately landed on him, soaking him in like a sponge. She smiled at him, a dreamy grin.

"Hello Mr. Darcy." she flirted. Darcy looked up.

"I'm glad that you could finally wake up and join us." he retorted. The others laughed, including people she didn't know. Caroline blushed furiously and sat down. Their was a long silence, and everyone was staring at her, who was too busy watching Darcy too notice. Charlie cleared his throat.

"Any day now Caroline." he said. She blushed when she realized that everyone was waiting for her to present.

"Of course, I apologize." she muttered, out of the corner of her eye she saw Darcy roll his eyes.

"Please get a good night's sleep tonight, Miss Bingley." he advised, annoyed. "This is getting rather routinely old."

"Sorry sir." she mumbled, and began going through her briefcase, looking for her paperwork. When she couldn't find it. She dumped the contents of her briefcase on the desk, sending paper flying everywhere. Hitting people with her things.

"So sorry." she mumbled, her face tomato red. Darcy leaned over to her ear, sending shivers up her spine.

"These are very important people, Caroline, please do not ever embarrass me like this again." he whispered. She shivered, his hot breath on her cheek opened up wild nocturnal fantasies.

"I am sorry, but I believe I forgot the paperwork. I lost it." she apologized to everyone.

"How typical." she heard Will mutter.

"I will take over." she heard Jane say in her soft voice. "I think that the best way to get people to purchase the 'Runway' is to......" Caroline wasn't paying attention to her idiotic speech. She was too dreadfully embarrassed, and hurt by the way Darcy was acting towards her. He was her boss at the fashion magazine she worked for called 'Runway'. He was also beautiful. He was perfect. She wanted him. She was too busy lost in her own thoughts that she had not noticed that the meeting was finally over and that everyone was shuffling out.

"Carols." she was awoken from her daydream buy her brother who was shaking her arm.

"Huh, what?" she spoke.

"You are so utterly lost." he replied disgustedly."Time to go."

"Oh, I..." she protested.

"I think Willy wants to talk to you, he's in his office." at those words her heart fluttered. She jumped out of her seatand practically ran to the elevator. Once in the elevator, she immediately began applying perfume, blush, and mascara. She was applying ruby lipstick to her bottom lip when the elevator doors opened, which she failed to notice. She also failed to notice that Darcy was standing in the doorway.

"Don't bother." he called, making her jump, smearing the lipstick on her cheek.

"What are you talking about?" she asked bewilderly. Darcy smirked.

"I doubt that you don't know." he said, and handed her a handkerchief, his initials embroidered on it in black lace.

"Thank you." she sighed, and began wiping off the lipstick smear. He got in the elevator with her and pressed the down button. It was so good to be there with him, alone, so close. It felt so erotic. Caroline's face was inches away from his own, her breathing fast and heavy. Darcy shifted uncomfortably, and walked away from her.

"It's a little crowded back there." he explained awkwardly.

"Yes, but why not?" she laughed seductively. Darcy frowned, then cleared his throat.

"What I wanted to talk to you about was that I did not appreciate your behavior at our meeting today. It was very important. It could have cost our company a lot. I would appreciate it if you put your act together." His words stung, she swallowed hard.

"Sir I.." she protested, but he cut her off, raising his hand.

"If it wasn't for my relationship with your brother, I might have dismissed you long ago." he said. She almost cried out. He didn't care for her.

"I'm sorry sir, it won't happen again." she mumbled. He smiled, a polite smile, and nothing more.

"I know it won't." he replied. Just as the elevator doors opened.

"Have a good lunch break ." she called.

"I will." he walked a few feet, then turned around.

"And one more thing." he pondered the words carefully.

"What might that be sir." she asked.

"Please keep your eyes on your presentation, it will do you more good than to stare at me." he smirked. She blushed ferociously again.

"You noticed?" she whispered mostly to herself, hoping that he wouldn't notice. But as usual, he missed nothing.

"Yep." he responded, turning o his heels and walking away. Overcoming her shock, she received an idea.

"Mr. Darcy." she called. Darcy looked annoyed when he turned around.

"What is it, Miss Bingley?" he retorted like he didn't care, nonchalantly glancing at his watch.

"Would you like to have lunch with me?" she begged hopefully.

"Nope." he replied. Her heart broke. "I have a date." he added, her world collapsed. "Some other time, perhaps?" That gave her hope.

"YES!" she shouted, causing people to look at them. Darcy raised an eyebrow.

"Also..." he took something out of his pocket, and tossed it to her, she caught it. It was her tampon that fell out of her briefcase."Please keep track of your toilletres." he chuckled in a mean way, then finished with a smirk.

"Okay." was all she could say.

"Alright then, good day Miss Bingley." he walked away again.

"Good day." she whispered. Whoever his date was, she already hated them.

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