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Darcy opened the door for Caroline, and she waited patiently as he hailed a taxi.

It during the ride there.

Caroline scooted close to him and tried to snugle. He scooted away. They kept doing that until Darcy as pressed so tightly to the taxi's door that he could barely breath.

" didn't leave me with much room." he stammered.

She looked disappointed, but she backed off.

"Stop right here." Darcy told the cabbie when he saw the nearest Starbuck's.

The cabbie stopped and asked for a ten. Darcy was out of tens so he gave him a twenty."Oooh." Caroline cooed. "You don't have to impress me, Will, I know you're rich."

She winked but Darcy was nauseus."You're not helping yourself." he murmured.

Being the perfect gentleman that he was, Darcy opened the door for her to Starbuck's, and for a minute considered just ditching her and hopping into the closest cab. But he didn't because he knew that it would disappoint his mother.

"Two Caramel Mochas." Caroline ordered curtly,"And make it snappy!" she snapped at the teenage girl in pigtails. Darcy offered her an apologetic smile, and tipped her with another twenty.

"I took the liberty of ordering for us." Caroline winked.

Darcy tried to smile at her, but it came out as a grimace.

He hated caramel.

In fact, he was allergic to it.

They sat in a booth in the darkest corner of the cafe, Darcy trying to hide his face with his hand to avoid being seen with

"So Darcy." she purred."Isn't it wonderful?"

He inwardly groaned."What's wonderful?"

She laughed disturbingly through her nose."Us...together."

"Yeah. Great." he replied half-heartedly and sarcastically.

"Let's talk about u-s." she spelled out the words.

Darcy played dumb. "Weekly."

She giggled."No silly! You're so funny! US!"

"There is no 'us', Caroline." he got back down to business.

"Well, not officially," she pouted, trying to make it look cute."You wanted it yourself!"

"He he." he glanced at his watch."No I didn't."

"Caroline?" the teenager with the pig-tails red her name on the coffee cups, and Darcy sprang up to get them, eager to put as much ground between him and this creepy Halloween decoration.

"Don't be long!" Caroline winked.

Darcy had a mini barf.

Alcatraz had to be better than this.

He was carrying the two cups of coffee when Lizzie walked in, with Wickham's arm around her waist.

Darcy refrained from dumping the coffee on George's head.

"Oh, hello, Darce." Wickham said curtly in his annoying accent.

"Will." Lizzie 'greeted' venomously.

Darcy bit his tongue and tried to pinch the bridge of his nose, while balancing two coffee cups in one hand.

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