Kurt watched Finn walk through the school's hallways, his eyes were red and puffy and he had a glazed over expression on his face. Kurt recognised that look; he had worn it once too, when his mother had died. Kurt leant against a row of lockers and continued to watch Finn.

The next event seemed like it happened in slow motion, Finn continued to walk, looking at his shoes and Quinn started to walk towards him, when she realised who she was walking towards she made a bee line for the bathroom. Kurt watched Finn's face crumple and him enter an empty classroom, Kurt followed, basically sprinting to the classroom.

When he got to the classroom the site of Finn almost made Kurt want to cry, he was slumped against a wall, his knees pull up to his chest sobbing great big heaving sobs.

Kurt moved further into the classroom and closed the door behind him. Finn looked up startled, Kurt sat next to him, and Finn lent his head on Kurt's shoulder and continued to sob. Kurt remained silent, stroking Finn's hair,

"Why did she do it Kurt?" Finn asked in between sobs in a shaky voice.

"I don't know Finn, I really don't," Kurt cooed

Finn continued sobbing, after what could have been hours Kurt stood up and pulled Finn up too,

"Come on, we're going to go and get you cleaned up," Kurt walked out of the classroom,

Finn trailing behind, they entered the boys bathroom, Kurt got some paper towels, wet them and gingerly dabbed them around Finn's eyes.

Kurt reached into his bag and pulled out some sort of cream that made the redness around his eyes die down. Finn laughed for the first time since Quinn said the baby wasn't his three days ago. "What?" Kurt demanded

"Nothing," Finn said hoarsely, "It's just… Trust you to have just the right creams and stuff handy in your bag for a moment like this,"

"I have a lot of handy things in my bag," Kurt smiled, after he thought Finn was adequately cleaned up he sent Finn off to his class, when Kurt finally went to his class Mercedes gave him a questioning glance mixed with a suspicious one, Kurt just shook his head and mouthed, "I'll explain later,"

A/N This is my first attempt at a fanfic, I hope you like it, there's still more to come.