The next week passed in a blur, Kurt got slushied various times, but the dull ache in his chest never went away.

He was just an empty shell, barely speaking to anyone and each night he cried himself to sleep.

Whenever he saw Finn the dull pain became a gut wrenching pain that made him feel like throwing up, or crying more.

He had no energy for Glee, he didn't bother doing his morning and nightly ritual for his face anymore and he barely concentrated in school. Even Mr. Shue and his Dad noticed something was up, but every time someone asked what was wrong he only waved them off, the only person who knew what was happening and was there for him was Mercedes.

Each afternoon she'd come over to his house and each night he'd call her up in tears.

Finn still couldn't figure out why Kurt ignored him and every time that he looked at Finn he looked pained.

But he was worried about Kurt, ever since he turned up hungover that day at school he didn't do anything anymore, he always looked exhausted and barely spoke to anyone.

When the bell rang Finn trudged out of English, then it dawned on him, he should ask Mercedes what was wrong. He moved through the halls, looking for the diva. When he found her he smiled and ran up to her,

"Mercedes! Can we talk?" Finn enquired

"Make it quick white boy cause I don't have much time or patience for you anymore," Mercedes said flatly, glaring at him,

"Why is Kurt… well… ignoring me?"

"You must be blind white boy, figure it out for yourself," Mercedes stormed off, Finn's brow furrowed, he didn't get what Mercedes meant.

For the rest of the day he tried to figure out what Mercedes meant by it and why she was so furious with him, and then finally it dawned on him, Kurt liked Finn! In that way!

At first Finn dismissed the thought, but the more he thought about it he realised it was true. It all made sense, Kurt started going downhill since he kissed Rachel, but how would he fix this mess.

Then it dawned on Finn what he had to do.

Kurt sat down on one of the chairs closest to the door in the choir room, all of the Glee club shot him worried looks, as usual he just ignored them and didn't look at Finn at all.

Mercedes sat next to Kurt and gave him a small smile, Kurt smiled back then turned his attention back to the front of the room.

When Mr Shue finally entered the room he gave Kurt a worried look, Kurt was getting really sick of all the worried looks he was getting.

As usual Kurt barely paid attention during practice, only giving a half assed effort when learning all the choreography for the song. When Glee ended Kurt went to get his bag, only to find his road blocked by Finn,

"Finn get out of my way," Kurt sighed, not looking at him

"Can we… talk?" Finn asked

"I told you this last week and I'll tell you it again, not now I'm not ready, not now," Kurt went to reach for his bag but Finn grabbed his arm, a tingling sensation shot through Kurt where Finn touched him.

By this point they were some of the last people in the choir room; Mercedes walked up to Kurt and whispered in his ear

"Don't get hurt," and shot a glare at Finn, then left the choir room. Now they really were the only people left in the room,

"Finn I don't want to talk!" Kurt protested.

"Well too bad! Cause you're going to!" Finn growled, "Kurt why are you ignoring me?" Finn asked, sounding hurt, Kurt turned away,

"Do you know how hard it is for me Finn? When I used t have to watch and Quinn"-Finn flinched at the mention of her name- "And now I have to watch you and Rachel kissing in the hallways, do you know how that feels?!" By the end of it Kurt was yelling, he spun around to look at Finn, Kurt had tears welled up in his eyes.

"Kurt I-I knew you l-like me bu-but-" Finn started, but Kurt cut him off,

"Like you?! I wish it was a simple as the Finn, I really wish it was, but I've gone well past that stage by now. Finn… I-I love you." Kurt confessed.

There were a few moments of silence until Kurt grabbed his bag and ran out of the classroom. Finn sat on one of the chairs; he ran his hands through his hair, unsure what to make of the situation. He never would have thought the small soprano had loved him.

And Finn was so confused with everything that had happened since Sectionals, with Quinn and the baby and the fact that every time he saw that adorable soprano he got butterflies in his stomach that he dismissed as just being happy to see the one person who was there for him.

Finn sighed and trudged out of the school to his car.

Kurt lay on his bed, face in the pillow, crying again.

But this time he didn't think he'd ever stop, he couldn't believe he'd confessed his love to Finn.

And Finn had just sat there doing nothing; Kurt had run out of the classroom, jumped in Mercedes car and he had asked her politely not to come over.

Mercedes didn't pry, she could sense that Kurt was upset, she vowed to herself that she was gonna kill Finn when she went to school the next day.

Kurt's whole bed was shaking with the force of his sobs; he just wanted the ground to swallow him up. Why had he told Finn he loved him?! He thought to himself, I'm so stupid!

Kurt cried harder and then walked down stairs, grabbed a tub of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and walked back up to his bedroom.

Kurt knew the ice cream would make him feel better, do horrible things for his skin, but it would make him feel better- it was what he survived off for two weeks when his mother had died.

Finn drove around, not wanting to go home, but not wanting to stay in his car thinking about what happened.

Finn wasn't even sure where he was going, somehow he ended up in Kurt's street and before he knew it he was parked in front of Kurt's house.

He wasn't sure why he was there but obviously if he'd driven here then his subconscious wanted him to do something, to maybe patch things up with Kurt.

Kurt heard the ring of the doorbell, which he thought was weird because his Dad wasn't due home for another hour, and even if it was his dad he wouldn't have rung the door bell and he told Mercedes that he didn't want her coming over today.

Instead Kurt ignored it and cried again, a few moments later the doorbell rang again, Kurt sighed.

Whoever was at the door was very persistent, he got up, wiped away his tears and walked down stairs to the front door.

The site at his front door was one that shocked him, Finn was standing in the door way, with a very determined look on his face.

"What do you want Finn?" Kurt croaked, his voice had gone hoarse from all the crying,

"Listen, I'm sorry for the way I reacted in the choir room I was just unsure of what to do and after you left I felt so bad, and I'm so confused right now because I hadn't meant to kiss Rachel that time and ever since Sectionals, and I'm pretty sure before that, every time I saw you I got butterflies in my stomach and I didn't know what to do but now I think I do,"

Finn babbled, then he leant down and kissed Kurt softly on the lips. It was tender and sweet, when they broke apart Kurt was blushing insanely and Finn had a slight smile on his face.

Finn kissed him again, he wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, and Kurt wrapped his arms around Finn's neck.

Finn opened his mouth slightly and Kurt shyly put his tongue in.

Finn moaned against Kurt's lips and pulled him closer, Finn moved his hand to the small of Kurt's back; Kurt ran his hands through Finn's hair.

When they broke apart Kurt rest his head on Finn's chest, inhaling his sweet scent, vowing to himself he would always remember it. Forever