The Hogwarts Express had just pulled up to Kings Cross Station. It was time for the Easter Holiday, and someone of the student's would be with his or her family for the Holidays.

Bill, Fred and George Weasley were at Kings Cross to pick up their little sister, Ginny Weasley, a sixth year at Hogwarts.

"Here's the train." Bill muttered. "Now, let's quickly find Ginny and get out of here."

It wasn't safe to be anywhere anymore. The Death Eaters were very persistent with their "job" and were keen to take anyone they wanted, even Hogwarts Students. Many Hogwarts aged student's had already died at the hand of the Death Eaters, or their master; Lord Voldemort.

"Ok, sounds good." Fred and George said in unison. They often spoke in unison, for they were twin brothers.

The doors of the Hogwarts Express opened up, and the students slowly flooded out. Bill, Fred and George were quite shocked. All the students had many scars, bruises and scraps, everywhere. Up and down their faces, down their arms and legs, and some of their robes were torn.

"Wow," Fred whispered. But, these kids weren't even half as bad as the next set of students that walked out was. These students looked to be bleeding quite badly. There faces weren't just bruised, but there were open wounds. They had scars too. In this group, Fred, George and Bill saw what they were here for, Ginny Weasley.

Her face was very pale and gaunt. She had bags under her eyes, and her eyes were very emotionless. They didn't hold the smile and laughter they usually did. She had many scars, bruises, scraps, and cuts on her face. One cut on her cheek was bleeding slowly.

Her body was like her face, very gaunt. She was skin and bones. Her robes, that had fit her perfectly last time they saw her, were practically falling off of her body. Her beautifully slim body was now sickly thin.

Even her beautiful fiery red hair, looked to be off. It once had a bouncy energy to it. It now lay motionless, lifeless, and almost colorless, down her back.

The people surrounding her were just as bad, some worse. One boy, which Fred and George recognized to be Neville Longbottom, had a black eye. He was also showing very many cuts and bruises. His robes had many cuts, and the hem of his outer robe was burnt slightly at the bottom.

Another boy, who Fred and George knew to be Seamus Finnagin, was worse than Neville and Ginny. He looked awful. His skin wasn't pale it was a sickly yellow. He may have been laughing at a young blonde's joke, but the laugh was nowhere near his eyes.

When Ginny spotted her brothers, she hugged the boy called Neville and bid her other friends goodbye. She slowly walked to her brothers, afraid of what they would say about her physical appearance. They wouldn't judge how bad she looked on the outside, if they could see her insides.

"Hey." Ginny whispered to her brothers. Her voice was scratchy and you could hear the pain through it. She tried to hide it, but there was no fooling them. You could also see the pain in her eyes.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley! What happened?" Bill exclaimed.

"Bill, not here." Fred reprimanded him. "Let's go first." They weren't to say out loud where the Weasley family was currently in hiding. They were one of Lord Voldemort's most wanted families.

"Ginny, hold onto my arm. I can disapparate us from here. Fred, George, you guys get her stuff." Bill held out his arm for Ginny to grab. She slowly lifted her arm. Ginny wouldn't admit to anyone, but even lifting her arm a few inches hurt.

"Are you ready?" Bill asked her quietly, and she nodded her head. Bill turned and they disapparated to the safe house the Weasley's were currently residing at.

"Soon enough you'll be able to do that yourself." Bill told her quietly.

"No I won't." Ginny spoke quietly, and just as before, her voice was scratchy. It almost sounded as if it hurt her to speak. Of course it did hurt her, very badly actually.

"What do you mean you won't be? Don't they teach that to sixth year students?"

"Yes they do. But not to me." Ginny took her arm off of her brothers slowly. She then, slowly, made her way up to what she knew to be her Great Aunt Muriel's home. Fred and George then appeared next to Bill.

"Here's your stuff-" Fred started, but stopped when he saw Ginny walking off.

"What's wrong with her?" Fred asked, slightly annoyed, and George slapped him. George gave his twin a voice that said, you-know-what. George then walked up to the house. Upon entering he saw his mother engulfing Ginny in a huge hug, and she was sobbing. This didn't seem to faze Ginny in the slightest; she just stood there. She wasn't even hugging her mother back.

"Ginevra, what happened to you?" Molly had let go of her daughter, and now held her at arms length.

Ginny didn't even look her mother in the eye when she mumbled,

"I'm fine."

"Ginevra! You are not fine! Look at yourself!" Molly had raised her voice, and Ginny was flinching.

"Really Mum, I'm just fine." Ginny brushed her mother's arms off, and slowly left the room.

"What in the world?" Molly turned to her son's who shrugged, except George. He left the room, and followed Ginny.

"Gin, wait up." Ginny didn't slow down, but she was already walking very slowly. George easily caught up with her.

"Ginny, can you tell me what happened at Hogwarts?" He grabbed onto her arm, and pulled her into the bedroom he and Fred were using.

"I'm sorry George. I just can't." She didn't look at him. She couldn't relive what was going on Hogwarts it was practically unbearable. No one here would understand it. To them, Hogwarts was a safe place. To them, Hogwarts has a peaceful haven. Maybe once it was, but definitely not this year. She couldn't break that image; they wouldn't be able to grasp it. Sure she went through so much pain daily, but it wasn't that bad. Maybe it was really bad, but not super bad. The Cruciatus Curse hurt of course, that's why it was an unforgivable curse. But, after having it inflicted upon you daily, you slowly get used to it. Of course, it still hurts unbearably, but, after a while, you don't scream when it's but on you. That counted for something, right?

"What do you mean you can't? Of course you can." George talked firmly, but gently. He tried to talk softly, but couldn't help his voice rise at what Ginny was saying. Of course Ginny could tell what was going on. He was her older brother. He was here to help her.

"I just can't George. You wouldn't understand."

"Help me understand."

"George, I can't." Ginny looked around the room.

"Can you just show me where I will be staying." George knew when not to mess with Ginny, and this just happened to be one of those times.

"Okay, follow me." George led Ginny out of the room, and down the hall.

"Here you are."

"Thank you George." She slowly walked over to the bed, and sat on it. George looked at her quizzically, for she just sat there. She looked to be deep in thought, and George felt extremely bad for her. It was a wonder what had been going at Hogwarts. George just had to know, he didn't know how he'd find out, but he had to find out. This was his little sister, and he needed to know what was going on to make her feel this way.

As George watched Ginny, she slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out a golden coin, that George knew to be a galleon. 'What is she doing with a galleon?' George thought to himself.

"George, it's okay. I'll be fine, you don't have to stay." Ginny whispered, shaking George from his thoughts.

"Oh right. I'll be downstairs if you need someone to talk to Ginny." With that George left the room, leaving Ginny to her thoughts.

"I won't let you down Harry." Ginny whispered to herself.

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