Pain 2

George walked down the stairs of his Aunt Muriel's and entered the kitchen. He heard his mother and Bill talking.

"What could have happened to make her act this way? I'm not sending her back to Hogwarts." George entered the conversation.

"Gin isn't gonna like hearing that."

"Well, it's not up to her, is it?" Molly shot back. "Obviously she's not thinking right, is she?"
"Mum, you have to give her a chance. Something really traumatizing must have happened. We have to be understanding, or she'll never open up." Molly gave her son a look and said,

"George, I think I can handle this." George knew that nothing his mum said would make Ginny open up, but decided to leave it for now.

The week of the Easter Break had gone by very fast. It was already the day that Hogwarts Express would be taking the kids back to Hogwarts. When Ginny woke up, she promptly started to pack for Hogwarts. She hadn't really unpacked, just a robe or two were out of place, once her bag was ready, and she made her way down stairs.

"Mum, Dad, I'm ready to go." Ginny spoke softly. Ginny had barely talked to anyone the whole of the vacation.

"You're not going back." Her mother whispered quietly to Ginny.

"Yes I am." Ginny tried to keep calm, for she knew that her mother would not react well an argument, but she couldn't keep her voice down.

"You heard your mother." Her father walked into the room.

"I am going back!" Ginny raised her voice this time.

"No you're not." Her mother spoke firmly; Ginny could tell she had known this for a while.

"I'll do whatever I want, and I'm going back to Hogwarts. The only question is who is taking me back to King's Cross."

Bill then entered the house from outside, to hear her mother shoot back,

"You're not of age, so I choose what you do!"

"Ginny, you're not going back to Hogwarts!" Bill shoot in to the fight.
Ginny looked over at her oldest brother shocked. She had thought that he would be taking her side.

"Bill…" She whispered.

"Ginny, you aren't going back." Ginny walked over to the table, picked up a plate and threw onto the ground,

"I can't believe you guys!" She picked up another, and threw it. She then stormed out of the room. As she ran up the stairs, she passed Fred and George. They were coming downstairs for breakfast, but upon passing Ginny, they changed course, following her into her room. They were right behind her, when she slammed her door shut. Fred and George slowly opened the door, and entered the room.

"You're on my side right?" She asked quietly. It almost didn't sound like her, her voice sounded clouded and angry.

Fred and George looked at each other; they agreed with Ginny that it was unfair she didn't get a choice in her life. They agreed that she should have a say, whether be to stay or go. Only Ginny knew what it was like at Hogwarts, how could they judge when they didn't even know what Ginny went through. But, they saw how Ginny looked and worried about her, they loved her so incredibly much. Fred and George had talked, and agreed that they would have gone about it differently.

"Yes we are." Ginny's eyes filled up, giving them a light that they hadn't seen, ever. For, it wasn't the same light she had given her eyes in the past, this light was better than the dark eyes she normally showed, but the light was no where near normality.

"Thank you." She said quietly, as her eyes lost their shine, "But you have no say, right?"

Fred and George nodded, "Mum won't listen to us. We'd take you ourselves, but we fear all of our lives." Fred said with a chuckle. Ginny tried to smile, but it turned into a sad grimace.

"We're sorry Gin. We're especially sorry for what we're about to ask of you, but we have to know. What happened at Hogwarts?" Ginny looked at them, she picked her wand up from under her pillow and pointed it at the door.

"Alohomora, Muffliato." She whispered.

"I guess I should tell you, considering you just told me you agree with me." Ginny closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "They tortured us. The Carrows, and the Slytherin students."

-September 1, 1997-

"Bye Ginny, have a good year." Molly hugged her daughter goodbye.

"Bye Mum. I will." She turned to her father, "Bye Dad, I love you." She hugged her father, and the train bell sounded.

"Better go, bye." Ginny solemnly walked onto the train. She found the compartment she had placed her stuff in, and saw her two good friends, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.

"See Neville, I told you that that was Ginny's stuff." Luna turned her attention from Neville to Ginny.

"How was your summer Ginny?" She asked in her dreamy voice.

"Fine." Ginny couldn't help have an edge to her voice. She would be going to back to Hogwarts, the place where Dumbledore had died, the place where the love of her life had first kissed her, and where he had broken up with her. And, the love of her life wouldn't even be attending Hogwarts school this year.

"Ginny, it'll be alright." Luna reassured her quietly. Luna was the best at reading people, and didn't have a problem telling them things. She was the one who would bluntly state something that most would beat around the bush with.

"I know. And I have a great idea. Would you two be interested with helping me?"

"Sure, what is it?" Neville asked.

"I'm going to start up Dumbledore's Army again. Would you two like to help lead it with me? We could be the three leaders, like Harry, Ron and Hermione did it together."

"Sounds great!" Neville exclaimed, he had particularly loved the D.A., so had Luna.

"Yes Ginny, I would love to help you." Luna agreed.

"I say we get it back together as soon as possible. This year isn't going to be good at all. My brothers told me that Death Eaters will be teachers this year."

"Wow, I didn't think it would be that serious." Neville commented.

"It's okay though, we'll be able to fight back. That's why the D.A. will be so important." Ginny told them.

"Okay, let's figure out who needs to be informed." Neville told them.

"From Ravenclaw there will most likely be Terry Boot, Michael Corner, Padma Patil, and Anthony Goldstein."

"And from Gryffindor Lavender Brown, Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Seamus Finnagin, Parvati Patil, and Dean Thomas." Neville counted them off on his hand.

"I don't think Colin and Dennis will be here. Remember no Muggle-borns are allowed at Hogwarts this year?" Ginny reminded them.

"And from Hufflepuff there will be Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, and Ernie Macmillan. I don't think that Zacharias Smith will be coming back." Said Luna.

"Yeah, you're probably right about Zacharias." Ginny agreed. "And all those people still have D.A. coins, right?"

"They should." Neville noted. "I still have mine." Neville reached into his pocket and pulled out the fake galleon.

"I have these coins." Ginny pulled out three fake galleons. "These are the ones Hermione, Ron and Harry used to contact all of ours. Hermione gave them to me, she said they were in case of an emergency." Ginny gave two of them to Neville and Luna. "Here lets activate them for right now." Ginny adjusted her coin and Luna and Neville felt their coins heat up.

"Do you think anyone still has their coins?" Neville asked.

"I hope so." Ginny said.

Within half an hour, most of the D.A. had showed up to Ginny, Neville, and Luna's compartment. It was slightly claustrophobic, but none of them minded. It made it almost more fear proof. They felt stronger together. It made them feel like they weren't so vulnerable. Ginny knew what the Cruciatus Curse felt like. She had felt it multiple times at Bill and Fleur's wedding, and it was nothing close to pleasant. If she could keep all her friends safe from it, she knew she would.

After the last D.A. members came in, Ginny decided to lead the meeting.

"Okay, you all probably know why we're in here. We are going to reform the D.A. We are going to train to fight, so that when Harry needs us, we will be ready. I know that there will be a final battle, maybe not soon, but there will be, and I want to be ready. I think if we stick together we can get ready together." Ginny paused here, and watched as all of the D.A. members nodded their heads. "Hogwarts won't be the same. You guys remember my brothers, Fred and George?" They all nodded their heads. "Well, they told me that Death Eaters will be teachers at the school this year." Several people gasped.

"Really?" Lavender asked quietly.

"Yes, so we need to stick together." Neville added.

"Agreed!" Several students called out.

"We just want to tell you that it will be a bit different than two years ago. We won't be up against Umbridge, or the Ministry. This time it's Death Eaters, practically Voldemort. Also, many of you already know this, but Snape will be the Headmaster. I don't think he'll be anything close to merciful." Several students nodded their heads.

"We will just keep in contact through the coins. Keep them with you always, and we'll stay together."

For the rest of the train ride, they discussed what they would be doing this year for the D.A. Many of the students had great ideas. Seamus suggested that they write in permanent paint on the walls. They would write things like; Harry Potter Lives! Or Dumbledore's Army Forever! Maybe even things like Voldemort Will Never Win! Ginny was confidant that they would have a very productive year. She also knew that she would keep fighting, no matter what. Harry had told her to stay safe, but she didn't know if she'd be able to. Ginny had big plans.

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