A/N: I was looking through some of the files from my old computer last night and I found this. I decided to try and fix it up a little bit and make it more D/G.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to JKR.

Until She Was Gone

He never knew how much
He needed her,
Until she was gone.
It was impossible
To Imagine that it would be
This hard to breathe
Without her.

He'd sent her away
Too many times to count.
His family, her family
Always one reason or another.

But when she said
She was leaving him,
He thought she would
Come right back

He'd failed her before,
Let her down.
But she would always
Come back to him.
Red curls falling in her face,
An apologetic smile on her lips.

Though she was never the one
Who needed to be sorry.
It was always him.
He never did
One thing right
When it came to her.

But he didn't realized this until
It was too late.
Until she was already gone.

A/N: This one is a bit different from my other two poem-fics -- less descriptive, maybe. Which is probably why I'm not as happy with it as the other two, I love me some good descriptions. =D But reviews make my day, so let me know what you think.