Up in the Hokage Tower, Uchiha Itachi the Third growled as he picked up his brush and signed an actual piece of paper which couldn't be hacked like his tablet could. As he shoved the paper aside, his secretary walked into the office.

"Your eleven o'clock is here." the man said.

"Send him in." the Jyudaime Hokage replied.

The paperwork that littered the Hokage's desk vanished quick as a wink the instant the secretary was gone. When Itachi's former student who was a member of the massive Uzumaki clan had arrived, the Tenth Hokage was gazing out the window, looking over a massive metropolis which stretched from the crowded Hokage Monument on which a second row had been started to a point that was several miles out past the original village gates which still stood.

"Hiya sensei!" Uzumaki Sasuke called out cheerfully as he entered the office...

In the nearby Academy, that year's batch prepared to take their graduation exam. While virtually all of the village's old ninja clans were represented at the school that trained the Fire Country's future police and military, half of the class that filled the room to near bursting was either Uzumaki or Uchiha.

In the memorial park down the street from the Academy, a pair of exceedingly elderly men who were near blind and half deaf sat on a bench glaring at the pigeons they were supposed to be feeding since they were elderly, and that's what old people did when they sat on park benches.

"Did you bring the birdseed?" one of the old men whose dark eyes were almost completely clouded by age finally asked.

"No, I thought that you were bringing it." an old man with sky blue eyes whose bald head was protected from the sun by a distinctive triangular red and white hat replied.