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October 26th, 2010

Brennan POV:

"Sweetie, come on!" Angela whined.

I crossed my arms and sat down on Booth's bed. "No Angela, I can't"

"Why?" She demanded.

"Uhm...Because...I uhh" I fumbled my words trying to come up with an excuse.

She put her hands on her hips and spoke in such a stern voice I felt like a little kid being reprimanded by their mother. "Stop trying to make up excuses, we are going today and that is final. Besides, you have been putting this off for a couple of weeks now. We will be lucky if we find you a decent costume."

"Fine," I huffed. "At least, let me tell Booth and Pops where we are going."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Alright, I'm going to the bathroom but don't even think of trying to make a run for it because I'll eventually catch you."

I rolled my eyes at her dramatic antics and walked into the living room to find Booth, Pops, and Jared all with their eyes glued to the TV watching some action movie. Booth noticed me and patted the spot next to him on the couch. I shuffled my feet over to the couch and slumped down into the comfy cushion. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

"So, I take it your going today?" He asked as he ran his fingers gently threw my auburn curls.

"Yup." I grumbled.

He chuckled. "You're cute when you pout."

"I am not cute, cute is what you use to describe a little girl and I am by no means a little girl."

"Oh believe me I know." He whispered and kissed my cheek.

Booth grinned at me but that grin quickly turned into a scowl when a pillow hit us both. "Shut up you two, I am trying to watch a movie."

"Don't talk to Bones like that and if you ever throw anything at her again you're going to regret it you little punk." Booth threatened as he launched the pillow back at Jared's head much harder then Jared had.

Jared tried to duck but the pillow still smacked him in the face. "Don't talk to Bones like that and if you ever throw anything at her again you're going to regret it you little punk." He mimicked while shooting daggers with his eyes at Booth.

"Enough. Both of you stop." Pops said and turned to Booth. "Don't threaten your brother. And you," He pointed to Jared. "Don't throw things at a lady. If you wanted them to be quiet you should have asked nicely, besides we all have seen this move hundreds of times. Now apologize."

"Sorry." Jared muttered.

"It's okay Jared." I said not at all offended.

Booth sent one more glare his way and tightened his arms around me. "When are you two leaving anyways?"

"Now." Angela said as she walked out of the hall bathroom.

"Angela, I didn't even ask Pops yet."

Pops looked over at me. "Where are you two going honey?"

I smiled at his term of endearment; it reminded me of my father. "We were planning to go costume shopping if that's okay with you?"

"Of course it is, I know you have all your homework done. What about you shrimp, is yours done?" He asked, directing his attention to his oldest grandson.

"No," He muttered. "But I'm not asking to go anywhere am I?"

Pops rolled his eyes. "Go do it anyways, you too Jared." He ordered as he pointed them towards their rooms.

"I feel like I am a little kid." Booth mumbled before giving me a peck on the lips. "I'll see you when you get back, Babe." He said as he got up and walked away towards his room.

"Do you need any money?" Pops asked.

"No thank you," I said standing up. "I still have money left over from the last time you gave me some. It should be enough."

"Are you sure?" He questioned. "I don't think I have ever had a teenager turn down the offer for money."

"No I am good Pops." I smiled at him and leaned down to kiss his cheek before grabbing my coat.

"Alright, well call me if you're not going to be home for dinner. Oh, and Angela you are more than welcome to join us."

"Thanks, Pops." Angela smiled and gave Pops a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye girls, have fun and stay safe. Remember we're just one phone call away if you need us."

"I know, thank you Pops. I'll hopefully be home soon, bye." I managed to rush out as Angela pushed me out the door calling a simple "Bye" over her shoulder to Pops.

- B&B -


"Finally." I sighed as I put my pencil down and closed my science textbook. I hate science; I probably would be failing it if it weren't for Bones and all her tutoring.

I glance over to my phone and see the green light blinking. I pick it up and notice a text from Angela.

'We r on our way bac hot stuff'

'Geez, it took u guys 2 hrs 2 find sumthin?' I type back. Before I even have a chance to set my phone down it beeps with another text. I swear this girl texts like lightening.

'Trust me stud, ur gonna luv it. B looks amazing (:'

I grin at the thought of getting to see Bones in her Halloween costume. 'She always does. Wat is she neways?'

'Aww, u r so sweet. it's a surprise. I am workin on couples costumes 4 u 2, So dnt get 1 '

'dnt I get a say n wht im gonna b?' Secretly I am relieved that Angela is taking care of it for me because I honestly just can't decide what to be. Not that it really matters but I just haven't had a chance to really think about it. Besides couples costumes is perfect for Bones and I because it will let all the guys know she's with me. Bones is naturally gorgeous; I can't imagine how breathtaking she'll look if she got all dolled up like I know Angela will make her on Halloween. I'm sure guys will be drooling over her all night; including me.

'Nope, not rly. There wasn't much left tho so its not vry original. We'll tlk bout ths 2morrow'

'ok, thats fine.'

I close my phone and walk out of my room only to find Pops in the kitchen making his famous grilled cheeses. I walk over to the cabinets and set the table adding two extra place settings; one for Angela and one for Mrs. Tuttle or Sherry as we were told to call her. Sherry has been eating with us quite a lot, in fact, every day this week she has. I think she is a real sweet old lady and she definitely makes Pops happy so I'm glad to have her around so much.

When I was done setting the table I walked over to the couch and slouched comfortably into the cushions. Before I could even reach the remote I saw Pops walk into the living room with a spatula still in one of his hands.

"Yes Pops?" I asked when he didn't say anything.

"You finished all your homework?" He questioned.

"Yup, I am all done so now I am going to relax and watch some TV before dinner." I replied.

"Alright," He said taking my word for it. "Are the girls gonna be back soon?"

"Yeah, Angela just texted me a couple minutes ago saying they were done so it shouldn't be too long."

"Okay." He turned to walk back into the kitchen but not before noticing the already set table. "Thanks Shrimp."

I smiled. "No problem."

He went back to cooking dinner and I grabbed the remote and started channeling surfing. Not even ten channels in my cell phone rang.

I picked it up without checking the caller ID figuring it was Angela. "Hello?"

"Hey good looking, is your girlfriend around?"

I grinned, instantly recognizing the voice. "No, she is at the store with Angela getting a costume."

"Finally, I thought I would never get you to myself. Now is the perfect time for you to confess that you're clearly in love with me."

"Oh no, you caught me. I'm just pretending to care for Bones." I chuckled.

"I knew it," Rachel sighed. "I am just irresistible. Which is why Ryan finally asked me out!" She shrieked.

I held the phone away from my ear making sure she was done so she didn't make me go deaf. "That's great Rach but try not to shriek so loud next time."

"Sorry Booth." She apologized.

"It's fine. I really am happy he asked you out though; I know you liked him a lot."

"Thanks." She replied happily. "Oh I am sorry about the whole unrequited love thing, talk about awkward."

I laughed again. "I don't know how I'll continue living knowing your with someone else." I said sarcastically.

She giggled. "I'm sure you'll manage but then again I am pretty amazing so who knows."

"You really are a trip Rach."

"Ha, thanks Booth." She chuckled one more time before she abruptly stopped. "You do realize that you can't tell them about Ryan right?"

"Of course, I know you want to do that." I answered immediately knowing she was referring to Bones and Angela.

"Alright, just double checking cause I think Ange would kill me if she wasn't the first to know but I just had to tell someone." She said. "Anyways, I actually called to talk to Bren about something completely different. It's good news for both of you, well all five of us."

"You mean you didn't call for me? I'm hurt." I said pretending to be offended.

"Oh shut up Booth. You don't know about it yet but I guess I'll just tell you since they're shopping and I need a for sure answer soon."

I stayed silent waiting for her to elaborate.

"You know how my Uncle Rick owns the sporting goods store at the mall?"

"Yea, I remember." I answered.

"Well he was looking for someone to hire and I told him about you, and Jack. He said he'll hire both of you on the spot because he trusts my judgment." She explained. "But that's just the first part of the news; you see Bren, Ange, and I all applied for jobs at that new accessory store right by my uncle's place. And guess what?" She paused but didn't wait for my answer. We ALL got hired! How awesome is that?"

I beamed, genuinely happy. "That's great. Why didn't you guys mention this though?"

"Well we weren't sure it would work out and it wasn't planned at all. Plus, Bren didn't want to get your hopes up. I'll give you the details tomorrow but all you really need to know is that its part time and you'll be working about the same hours Bren will be, so you'll still be seeing quite a lot of her. I know you have to talk to Pops about it but let me know by tomorrow."

"Okay that sounds perfect, thank you for asking your uncle to hire me. I really, truly appreciate it; I am even more in love with you then I was five minutes ago." I joked again.

She chortled. "Well I can't blame you. Your welcome, but I have to go now."

"Alright, I'll let you know what Pops says."

"Bye, Booth."

"Bye." I hung up the phone and let out another laugh. Rachel really is great, she is like a little sister to me which is why I'm going to have to have a talk with Ryan to make sure he treats her right. I mean from what I hear he is a good guy but I want to be sure.

The front door opened and in walked my beautiful girlfriend with a worn out look on her face. I held out my arms and she sank into my lap without a word. "Hey baby, how did it go?" I asked before reaching down to place a peck on her lips.

"Don't ask." Bones groaned and snuggled deeper into my embrace.

"She is just being dramatic." Angela rolled her eyes as she walked into the house and closed the front door behind her.

Bones lifted her head from my neck before looking up to glare at her best friend. "You call going to over six different stores dramatic?"

"That's not really that much Sweetie." She shrugged.

Bones raised her eyebrows in disbelief. "Not that much? I lost count of how many costumes I tried on after twenty!"

"Geez, that is a lot." I threw in.

Before the girls could argue anymore Pops stuck his head in the living room and said "Dinner is done. Booth, will you go get your brother and make sure he washes up?"

"Sure thing Pops."

"C'mon Bones" I said as I helped her up.

The three of us washed our hands before getting Jared and making him do the same; we ignored his grumbling about being treated like a little kid.

When we made it to the table Mrs. Tuttle was already there laughing with Pops and I couldn't help but smile at the sight of them. After saying our hellos, we all sat down around the table, prayed, and tucked into our meals. To go with the grilled cheeses Mrs. Tuttle brought homemade tomato soup that tasted amazing. We all voiced our appreciation for the tasty food that was soon devoured by us; even Bones ate more than usual.

I waited till everyone was done eating but still sitting at the table before announcing that I needed to discuss some good news with everyone. Everyone's attention turned to me but I first looked over at Angela. "Promise me you won't shriek in excitement?"

She playfully narrowed her eyes at me before sighing. "Alright, fine, I promise not to shriek."

"Oh, also don't be mad that you didn't find out first from Rachel, she called to tell Bones first but you two were shopping." I explained.

"Can you just spit it out?" Jared said in annoyance.

I glared at him. "Oh shut up this doesn't even involve you."

"Whatever." He huffed.

"The good news is that Rachel was able to talk her uncle, who owns the sporting goods store in the mall, into hiring me on the spot. She also said that her, and the girls got hired at the accessory store close by." As I spoke I looked from face to face. Angela was bouncing in her seat with obvious happiness while Bones wore a large grin. Jared looked bored and a smile was pulling at the corners of Sherry's lips. Pops had his poker face on and I couldn't tell what he was thinking and that made me nervous.

"Pops, I promise to keep my grades up, and you know Bones will. It's a part time job so I would not be working too much, also me and Bones would be working about the same hours so you would rarely have to give her a ride because I could just take her. Even though we originally planned to help you out we would both keep whatever money we made for ourselves just like you want." I said trying to convince him to allow us to work.

Pops stayed silently for a minute until a small smile broke out across his face. "Alright, Shrimp you two are allowed to work but I swear if your grades drop or I see you getting too stressed out then you have to quit." He glanced over at Bones. "The same goes for you young lady, but I am sure you'll keep up just fine."

I grinned triumphantly. "Thanks Pops, you're the best."

I looked back over to the girls and Angela wasn't able to stay quiet anymore. "Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun working together!"

Bones laughed and grinned along with me before thanking Pops and offering for both of us to do the dishes. Pops agreed and Angela decided to help too. While the three of us cleared the table and wash the dishes Jared went to his room and the adults moved to the living room.

Once everything was all cleaned up Angela informed us that she had to go but not before jumping up and down again in excitement about our new jobs. She hugged everyone before leaving and took Bones's costume with her so I wouldn't be able to see it. She asked for all of my measurements to buy my costume for me and I only agreed because I was going to be paying for it.

Bones and I headed up to my room to relax. When we changed into more comfortable clothes we got into my bed and snuggled.

I kissed her neck and wrapped my arms tighter around her so she couldn't escape. "You missy are in trouble for not telling me about the jobs."

"I wasn't sure it would work out, so I didn't want to tell you unless it did." She defended.

"Still, you're going to get it." I whispered in her ear before moving my hands and tickling her everywhere I could reach.

Bones squealed and wiggled around trying to push me away but failing miserably.

"Boothhh, st…s.." She managed to get out in between her squeals and laughter.

I tickled her more across her stomach and watched in amusement as she continued to struggle. "Or what?" I taunted.

Somehow my little genius reached her arm out and slid her hand down my bare chest in the direction of my boxers. "Bones." I hissed in warning.

Of course she ignored me and when she reached her destination I stopped my tickling, just like she knew I would. She turned in my arms so our faces were inches apart with her hand still in place. It was extremely hard not to make a sound even though she kept her hand completely still, just barely holding my manhood.

Bones pecked my lips, squeezed me gently with her hand before removing it. I groaned in protest but knew it was the right thing to do considering people were still home. I tried my best to calm myself down by thinking of hockey stats and saints but it was hard to do with her in my arms. She smirked in amusement at my obvious arousal, licked and gently sucked the side of my neck before whispering, "Or that" in my ear. Before I could even react she hopped out of bed and bolted for my door. I was faster and was able to grab her by the waist and carefully toss her back on my bed before she could get out of the room. She giggled the whole time but stopped once I climbed on top of her and placed my body on hers. I caged her in by putting one hand on either side of her head. Leaning down I covered her entire face in sweet kisses but avoided her soft, plump lips. As I continued to rain kisses over her she pouted and tried leaning up to kiss my lips. I don't know how but I was able to resist the temptation of kissing her delectable mouth and continued teasing her by attaching my mouth to her neck. I did what she did to me but sucked with more force and swirled my tongue all around her neck before gently blowing on her wet skin. She broke out in goose bumps and her breathing grew heavier. I continued to lower my head until I reached the left strap of the tank top she was wearing. I nudged the strap down her shoulder till one of her soft, creamy breasts was exposed. Her pink bud tightened as I breathed over it and I gently sucked it into my mouth causing her to let out soft whimpers. I nipped, licked, sucked, and toyed with her left breast before switching over to other and giving It equal attention. She withered beneath me and had buried her hands in my hair encouraging my actions. Originally, my plan was to get payback by teasing her but my arousal currently pushing into her thigh proves I'm teasing the both of us. I reluctantly pull myself away from her luscious skin and put the straps of her tank top back in place. She quietly groans in annoyance that I stopped but when I snuggle up to her and lay my head down on her chest she begins running her fingers through my hair.

"That really was cruel Seeley Joseph Booth." Bones chastised.

I leaned up and gave her slow, languid kiss. "But baby you know I'll make up for it tonight as soon as they're sleeping."

She sighed, in obvious distaste. "Well that doesn't help my current problem."

I rubbed myself against her reminding her of my own 'problem'. "And you think I'm not suffering right now?"

"You started it." She huffed.

"I tickled you, you're the one that had to get me started; you little temptress."

I felt her kiss my hair before speaking softly. "I love you so much."

I looked up a little surprised by the emotion in her voice. I crawled a little higher and made it so our foreheads were touching and we both wrapped our arms around each other and tangled our legs. I gave her peck on the nose. "I love you too Bones, more then you could ever imagine."

"I know." She smiled brightly before letting out a tiny yawn.

"Let's take a nap." I suggested.

"Okay." She agreed, and we both slipped into a peaceful sleep still tangled together.

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