This is a stupid little one shot that has come out of too many cans of coke and too many skittles enjoy!

James, Victoria and Laurent sat around planning Bella's demise,

"I think I should follow them and eventually kill her in a very dramatic and time consuming way," James said rubbing his hands together.

"A piece of cheese could of come up with a more cunning plan that that," Victoria muttered,

"What?!" James spat.

"Yeah, dude that's not going to work" Laurent said in his Jamaican/French accent.

"Listen! I am the leader of this coven!! Victoria you follow that obviously fake trail and Laurent you go to the closet of forgotten characters until the next book!" James screamed like a little girl.

"Whatever dude" He replied and skipped off to the Cullen's and Victoria nodded and started to run off in that annoying slow motion way and James, he sat there rubbing his hands together cackling evilly.

After James is dead

"Damn! I told him it was a stupid plan! Aw well I'll just go and stalk Bella and Edward at their prom!"