Metriod Prime Delusion, my version of a final chapter to the Prime Trilogy(and no, I won't overdo it) starts with the Chozo Gunship's logs, just like Prime 3 started out. Of course I'd love to start this story with an epic opening, or something fantastic like the Prime Trilogy, but sadly, literature cannot cover such a feat. So... I present this story!

Most recent entry: Assist Galactic Federation in assault against Space Pirates and Dark Samus.

Destination: Phaaze, via wormhole.

Objective: Land on surface of Phaaze, find Dark Samus. Destroy her.

Life-Monitors green, Samus Aran available for duty.

Setback!: Samus Aran's suit is exposed to toxic Phazon. Venting suit……

Clear. Samus Aran no longer in range. Detecting unknown lifeform attempting to enter Chozo gunship. Locking down…

Samus Aran's Gunship no longer recognized her as its pilot and therefore shut her out of the ship. With her suit now majorly enhanced with Phazon(and even then the atmosphere of the planet was still toxic), she had no choice but to go hunting for Dark Samus herself…


…BANG!!! Aurora Unit 313 collapsed. The insect-like body crumbled and withered until it was nothing but a cloud of Phazon. That cloud returned to the shape of Dark Samus, screaming her last shouts of pain as the substance she knew as her own body began to dissolve. She felt it all, the planet and Space Pirate technology, and even Samus's body, all being freed of Phazon. To everyone else, it was as if someone had sent a shockwave that completed dissolved all Phazon from the world, but to her, it was the worst possible sensation imaginable.

Samus relaxed as the Phazon inside her disappeared forever. The instant she was cleansed, the Gunship located her and charted a route towards the opening in space, the wormhole created by the leviathan.

Dark Samus dissolved, her essence disappearing, and all Samus could do was look at the bluish world around her as it began to fall apart. She blasted her way out of the small arena-like shaft and found herself on the planet surface. Even as she sprinted away from the Phazon room, her visor commanded for her gunship to come pick her up.

The hatch closed, and Samus leapt into the pilot's seat even as the ground beneath her ship crumbled. She lifted off the surface and took the routed already charted for her leading to the wormhole. Behind her a bright light appeared as Phaaze exploded. The shockwave that followed was unimaginable, and it was also the worst possible catastrophe any of the pirate ships, both big and small, could have dealt with.

The leviathan was impacted by the shockwave and fell apart immediately. Samus's ship simply spun out of control as the right exhaust pipe on the ship burst into blue flame. She banked left, momentarily blinded by the light and dazed by the impact of the shockwave. When she stopped turning, the first thing she laid her weak eyes on was a Space Pirate Battleship. Her first instinct was to reach for the trigger and fire everything she had, but the red light ringing in the ship's cockpit stopped her.

She looked at the screen on the lower right of the cockpit. The ship was damaged and was about to shut down, and unless she found a place to land, there was no way of knowing if she would survive that.

So, she simply dove down to avoid being spotted. She could see that the Phazon-enhanced weapons and technology on the ship had completely shut down, and so blasting the hanger door open was easy. She flew in and landed her ship. As soon as she stepped out onto the metal flooring she bolted to the controls and closed a magnetic field over the hanger exit. Now there would be air AND a tractor beam to hold her ship in place…


Every pirate in the battleship was running around to one destination or another. The battle ship had just lost all of its Phazon-based power and there were just too many problems for one commander to handle at once!

One of the pirates whose main focus was security was sending messages to detain the hostile life forms that were being held on board. He was sent camera footage of all the current situations, including a security breach in hangar five. The pirate's eyes widened and he called the captain to view the monitor. The captain tensed, not only in surprise, but also in fear that the dreaded "Hunter" was here. Nonetheless, troops were dispatched instantly.

Samus looked around the hangar carefully, she figured she'd already been spotted by a security camera somewhere in here. She was right. Along with spotting the two cameras positioned on both far corners of the hangar, the only door slid open and a squadron of seven Space Pirates tore through the doorway.

All seven pirates opened fire instantly, and Samus jumped out of the way and rolled to the side before effortlessly jumping back onto her feet, all the while blasting the pirates with her arm cannon. Her recent upgrades meant that she had an advanced cannon that fired what Samus knew as the Nova Beam, all the more deadly for the pirates.

In that one more, four of the pirates were dead. The remaining three made the worst mistake they possibly could have made; they stayed and kept firing. Samus returned the fire with one shot and a missile. The first shot blasted straight into the first pirate's chest, and the missile blew the second and third pirates up altogether. Samus then fired to missiles for the two cameras in the hangar.

Aran took over the controls regarding the hangar and made sure the magnetic field was weak enough so that the ship would be able to fly out effortlessly when she desired. But for now, it needed to repair itself, and Samus sealed the door behind her, locking her away from her ship and locking any pirates from getting to it.

Now she was in the battleship's complex interior. Who knew what was here! The first thing she noticed was that everything seemed so… red. But that was probably because the alarms were going off. She walked silently across the hallway, meeting only two defense turrets and blowing both to pieces before they managed to take a single shot.

The Space Pirates were having the worst day of their lives. The genetic experiments weren't finished and their subjects had broken loose. Already the pirates had closed off three of the eight labs and could hear the pirates locked in being eaten, dissolved, or whatever else the monsters did, on the other side of the wall.

Samus heard motion behind her. Two pirates stood at the far end of the hallway, and they had spotted her. She responded by firing a missile (and missed) and hiding inside the nearest room that branched off from the hallway. She stood there motionless as she heard the pirates walk cautiously across the hall.

As soon as they were within fighting distance, Samus whirled from her hiding spot and shot the first one in the head at point blank range. Before the second pirate even registered what had happened. Samus whacked him in the face with her arm cannon. He fell to the floor, dazed. Samus picked the limp and dazed pirate up with one hand continued her walk, dragging it along with her.

Too soon, she found the experimentation labs. The guard pirates opened fire. Samus threw the pirate he'd held captive up in front of her as a meat shield and eventually grew tired of waiting. She tossed the now dead pirate towards one of the shooters and opened fire against the others. She took one slight blow to her left shoulder before they all died. The only sound was one of the computers blowing sparks.

That same computer ran haywire and began reacting differently, the lights flickering in the room and the test subjects being awakened. The only thing separating them from Samus was a metal wall.

Of course, that metal wall had to malfunction and opened right then and there, revealing to large Parasite Queens, unchained and hungry.

Oh shit.

One of them instantly lunged for Samus, missing her by centimeters. Its greenish spit showered the nearby wall, burning it to a minor degree. Samus decided it would be smart to leave right about now.

She bolted out the door and reached for the control panel, setting the door to go on permanent lockdown. But even she knew it would help much. Maybe it would buy her a second, but nothing more.

The pair of giant parasites splits paths, going merely on a desire to feed. The first decided to follow Samus and tackled the wall, shattering it instantly. On the other side, Samus watched the hallway suddenly lose its right wall, replaced by a giant bug with an unnatural desire to kill. She ducked from the showering metal shards before taking a measure of last resort and changing to the morph ball. She sped straight past three space pirates, who were eaten and swallowed whole almost instantly. If they were lucky, they didn't even have time to see what had attacked them.

Odds were they didn't, but Samus didn't care at the moment. As soon as she was clear of the ruined metal wall, she returned back to her human form, quickly scanning a passing terminal, hoping to find some sort of layout of the ship itself.


The Space Pirates now had two Parasite Queens to worry about, and the "Hunter" was on their ship! As if the simple fact that they no longer had Phazon with them and their ship had lost most of its controls wasn't a big enough problem to deal with, let alone the damage from the Galactic Federation's assault. Could this day get any worse?

The Parasite Queen was still tearing through the ship's hull just to catch Samus, who was able to move much faster but had no idea where to go. But then, she usually had that problem.

She stopped and kicked down a simple door and jumped in, and found herself in a lifesaving room. A terminal and a ventilation shaft were all the room had. She downloaded everything she could from the terminal until she saw the Parasite Queen laid eyes on her once again. She changed to the Morph ball just as the mostly swung one of its claws and crushed the terminal and she rolled into the ventilation shaft.

How many times had she done this now? Right now, it didn't matter. At least she knew she was good at it. As she bombed her way up into a higher shaft and began to room across the ship, she presented her data to the Gunship, which analyzed the Pirate Battleship's interior design almost instantly. The layout of the ventilation system was presented, and so was the current state of the battleship.

Aran looked at her options. The Parasite Queen was probably trying to find another victim and was most likely heading in her direction. If she sped up just a little bit more, she could make it all the way to hangar bay 18. To do that, she'd have to speed up a little. The ventilation shaft she was speeding through would cross over to the other side of the hallway, but if she didn't get there in time the Parasite Queen would get to that pipe first and no doubt tear it up as the bug kept searching for a meal.

Thank heaven for the Boost Ball. She bounced up into the upper part of the shaft and boosted across the hallway just mere seconds before the parasite queen tore the revealed vent to shreds. Samus congratulated herself and continued to roll through the vent.

She came out in a small recharge station used by the pirates for weapon reloading and such, but she could use it too. After receiving her full battery of missiles, she walked out of the room and found hangar 18 just a few meters away.

The first Parasite Queen had done enough damage to ensure that the Battleship would never be able to fly again, but why did it have to unknowingly shatter a barrier holding a colony of thirty or so Metroids loose? So to answer the Pirate's rhetorical question, yes, this day could get worse.

Samus waltzed into the hangar to find ten Space Pirates and one Pirate Commando already there. The Seeker Missile in her cannon shot five more missiles, each locked on to another pirate. Four of them hit and killed their target while the fifth was batted away by the Commando.

Seven pirates left, and Samus figure killing them would be easy, but she didn't count on what happened next.

The hangars on this wing of the ship were neighboring each other, all the odd-numbered hangars on one side and the even-numbered on the other, which meant hangar 18 had neighbors 16 and 20. In hangar 16, a friend had decided to tear through the wall that divided the two.

The wall suddenly shattered, raining metal down on everyone in the room. Two pirates fell victim to that. The other five retreated as they laid eyes on what had torn through the wall.

The second Parasite Queen eyed the six life forms in the room. Five of them fled. Instinctively, the mother parasite leaned over and snagged one, swallowing it whole.

Samus had had enough. She turned over to the hangar control panel and flipped one lever, entering a command in her visor as she did so. As the lever was flipped, the magnetic field for this hangar disappeared. Instantly, all the air in the chamber was sucked out, pirates, parasite queen and Samus all with it. All but the Hunter would suffocate. Samus floated there until the command on her visor paid off, and her gunship, now repaired enough to fly steadily, came to pick her up. She leaped into the pilot's seat and opened up the layout of the pirate battleship one last time.

Aran targeted the battleship's core reactor from where she was. Within seconds, she had gotten the perfect angle so that the missiles she would fire would tear through the hull just enough to damage the generator, which would give each pirate on board one nasty explosion.


Boom! One small explosion from a missile led to another larger explosion. The center of the ship exploded. The engines were ripped apart by fire. Flames engulfed everything inside the ship, including the first Parasite Queen, still inside, and then finally the last explosion tore everything inside to shreds. Ruined the pirates' day, too.

Samus turned away from the debris and realized that an entire fleet of Pirate Battleships were still out there, not to mention the small individual fighters that were scattered everywhere. She sighed in exhaustion, but instead chose to fly away from them. Maybe flying to the debris of Phaaze would provide her enough cover to chart an escape…


One of the Pirate Commandos spotted Samus's gunship and ordered for the fleet to follow. As damaged as they may be, there's no way Samus could have the firepower to avoid them all. She was skilled in combat, when he was on land. But they doubted she was as skilled out in space.

Samus flew into the dusty space that used to be Phaaze. There was a lot of rock still floating around and bluish dust, the particles coming together and then bouncing off each other, only attract again. Then they'd repel. It seemed to be never-ending. But with huge chunks of rock floating aimlessly, maybe she'd manage to lose the entire fleet of pirates behind her. Eagar to get out of here and away from Phaaze's remains, she grabbed the thrusters and pushed.

Had Samus and the pirates following her thoroughly thought about where they were flying, they probably wouldn't have flown into the dusty space they were in now. Every few seconds the space around them would flicker, and if it were a hologram with a fading signal. But really, Phazon particles were saying their last goodbye to their last victims.

A leviathan had once crashed into a planet in the Dasha region known as Aether. The effects were a mirrored planet in a separate yet somewhat tangible dimension named Dark Aether. Earlier, another leviathan had crashed onto Tallon IV and mutated a Metroid into a giant spider-like menace known as Metroid Prime. The most recent Leviathan had been able to open a wormhole, thus tearing through space itself!

All these destructive and hazardous creations and effects had come from Phaaze. Obviously these effects it had were nearly limitless, unpredictable, and obviously barely explainable by science! Just what would happen if they sailed straight into the heart of it all?

If you want, take another look at the name of this story. Maybe it'll help guess what Phaaze's dead atmosphere will do to Samus and the Pirates this time. The next chapter should be up soon, yadda yadda yadda. Oh, and I do not own Samus, Metroid, or another other of their trademarks or characters. Thanks for reading, though! Hope you guys like! Review if you wish! I'm open to all you have to say. Seriously.