Eloise felt unhappy while she was sitting in her room.

She looked outside her window and looked at the people passing by.

She missed her dear friend the prince whom she called Leon.

"Eloise, time for dinner!" called nanny

Eloise ran outside her room and sat next to nanny.

Eloise ate her food then sat for a while on the couch.

She looked miserable, and nanny noticed that.

"Eloise, is anything wrong?" asked nanny

"Oh nanny, of course not." answered Eloise

"Eloise, I know when there's something wrong. Can you tell me what it is?"

"Well…. it's because…."
"Because of what Eloise?"

"Leon, I miss him…."

"Oh sweetie, he'll visit you again, he promised you that remember?"

"I know, but it's such a long time before he comes back here."

"There, there, you'll see each other again!" nanny said with a smile

"Thanks nanny!" said Eloise, as she hugged nanny.