at the plaza…..

"Nanny we're back!" Eloise called out

"Welcome back you two…your dress for the debutante ball arrived Eloise." Nanny said as she handed Eloise a pink box

"Thanks nanny ." Eloise opened the box and it was a beautiful pink dress it was an off shoulder dress with frills, the bottom was flaring and it has glitters.

"Oh, Eloise, its simply will look good on you!" exclaimed Leon

"Thank you Leon… what's this?" Eloise picked up a note from the box

"Oh, must be a note from your mother." said nanny

the letter read:

Dear Eloise,

I miss you so much sweetie. I will be coming back as soon as possible.

I bought you a dress from Paris, I suppose you have it already ..I hope you like it.

I love you.

"I miss mother." Eloise said as she rested her head on Leon's shoulder.

"Don't worry Eloise, she'll be back soon…. " said Leon

"Thanks Leon you're a very good friend."

Nanny just looked at the two of them and already sensed that they were in love with each other.

"Well I better go to sleep, and so the two of you. The ball will already be tomorrow evening." said nanny

"Alright, goodnight nanny, goodnight Eloise." Leon said as he approached the door

"Goodnight Leon. Goodnight nanny." said Eloise.

(let's skip some scenes)

Eloise got ready for the ball, she wore her magnificent dress. She put on some make-up and fixed her hair.

She and nanny went out of their suite.

Leon stood in front of Eloise and gazed at her

Eloise got a little disconcerted and said "Leon, can you please stop staring at me like that?"

"oh , uh…sorry." Leon apologized

"Thank you."

the three of them walked towards the elevator and rode down to the lobby.

The doors of the room to where the party was held opened, all the guests including nanny, Eloise and Leon went in.

"May I have this dance?" Leon asked in his most gentleman way

"Why of course you may." said Eloise

the two of them danced gracefully and beautifully..

"Eloise?" Leon asked

"Yes Leon?" replied Eloise

"I…wanted to be honest with you. Don't be surprised of anything I say ok?"

"Um ok Leon but…what do you want to be honest about?"

"I…love you Eloise." Eloise suddenly stopped dancing, so did Leon


"I love you…I did all this time."

"Oh, Leon…I love you too."

"You do?"

"Yes…I love you so much….you're my bestfriend Leon."

"When I was at my boarding school all I think about is you."

"Oh Leon, you're so sweet."

"Thank you Eloise… so are you."

"Do you suppose we should dance again? We're the only ones standing in the middle of the floor." Eloise chuckled

"Of course…." said Leon

and they both lived happily ever after

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