A/N: This idea came to me while I was watching The Dead Man's Chest on TV the other day. I've seen it many times before, but it was the first time in about a year that I'd seen it. I'd completely forgotten about the whipping scene, aboard The Flying Dutchman—needless to say, it got my imagination going. After all, that was most likely the first time Will had ever been whipped… he didn't seem like the type to cause trouble as a young boy, so he probably rarely even got spanked by his mother or other such punishments. Who knows? Maybe he'd develop a taste for such things. Maybe Will would feel like he deserved more punishment, for his various mistakes throughout his life. Events like the ones he went through in the movies could horribly warp a person's senses of pleasure and pain.

Yeah, I'm just making excuses for the fact that I wanted to write a BDSM story centering around two gorgeous pirates we all know, but c'mon… can you blame me? Please read, review, rate, etc. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but if you flame at me, I'll just laugh at you.

Oh, and one last thing—this doesn't really fit into the timeline well, but it's set at some point after Will got whipped. He's on The Black Pearl with Jack, and Elizabeth is decidedly not there (thank the Gods). Other than that, it's sort of a complete PWP. No likey, no read-y!! :P Oh, and don't ask where Will got a cat-o'-nine-tails—I don't know either. Maybe it's the power of pr0n.. hehe.

On with the story!!

Chapter 1: Discovery

Jack Sparrow awoke with a start in the middle of the night, unsure of just what had driven him from his dreams of warm bodies and cold rum. He lay there in his hammock for a few moments, staring up at the grimy ceiling of his "captain's quarters", licking his dry lips. Then he heard it again—the sharp sound of leather hitting skin, followed closely by a muffled sob. Jack sat up quickly, clutching at ropes as he levered himself to his feet, narrowly missing hitting his head on a low-hanging beam as the sounds came again. And again. The sobbing wasn't as muffled now, and the pirate was amazed that no one else was disturbed from their sleep.

The floorboards creaked under his well-worn boots as he went to his desk. He took up his belt, fastening it messily around his waist as he crept towards the door. The soft cries seemed to be just on the other side, but surely that wasn't right—whatever it was, whoever it was, couldn't possibly be in the "dining room" half of his quarters… how had they gotten in without him hearing?

Drawing his sword with one hand, Jack reached out the other to gently push the separating door open. For once, the rusty hinges stayed silent and didn't alert Jack's presence to the person in the other room. The pirate's breath caught in his chest as his gaze settled on the intruder.

It was Will.

Bootstrap's son was kneeling down on the floor, facing away from Jack. From the waist up, he was absolutely bare… and Jack's eyes widened in shock at the sight of dozens of bloody welts on the younger man's visibly shaking back. He didn't have time to wonder just what had caused all those painful-looking gashes before Will provided the answer. With an audible intake of breath, Will straightened up and suddenly lashed out on his back with the object in his trembling hands—a cat-o'-nine-tails.

The straps slapped down on pale skin, raising more welts and forcing a yelp from Will's lips. A choked sob followed the yelp, and Jack was almost positive the boy was crying. He wanted to reach out, speak up.. he wanted to knock the whip from those slender hands and force Will to stop. But, at the same time, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the warped display in front of him.

Four hits later, Will finally collapsed forward, shivering and sobbing too heavily to continue. Jack took that as a chance to make his presence known, and he stepped into the room. "… If you'd wanted to be beaten that badly, I'm sure any of the men would have obliged you if you'd only asked."

Will raised his head weakly, looking at the pirate in the doorway with distrusting and weary eyes and a spreading blush on his tear-stained cheeks. He swallowed, with some difficulty since his throat was raw from holding back screams, and finally spoke up in a hoarse and none-too steady voice. "H-how.. how long h-have you b-been standing there?"

"Long enough to get the gist of what you've been doing to yourself for the past candlemark or so." The captain replied evenly, taking a seat in a nearby chair. He took his hat off and set it on his lap, gazing down at the trembling mess in front of him that was one of the strongest people he knew. "What I would like to know is just what you've done that makes you feel like you must punish yourself in this way." Jack gestured at the cat-o'-nine-tails Will still held in one limp hand. Its nine straps were spotted with the young man's blood, just as the callused but still delicate hands that had held it were.

The blush on Will's face darkened by several degrees, and he looked away as quickly as his stiffening back and neck would let him. "I-it's none of your concern." His voice was a bit closer to normal this time, but still as unsteady as a drunk's. He pulled himself to his feet with help from the nearby wall, still not looking at Jack. "I'm s-s-sorry I disturbed your slumber… It won't h-happen again."

Will started towards the door, swaying precariously from side to side. When the boat moved a bit too much for his wobbly legs, the boy stumbled slightly and started to fall. Jack was on his feet and steadying Will before the former blacksmith's mind had even registered that he was falling.

"Will, Will, Will…" The pirate scolded gently, smirking slightly as the other's willowy body leaned against his own. It was almost like a woman's… well, other than the marked lack in the mammary department. "Do you really think I'll let it end at that? You were, of all things, whipping yourself in my cabin, lad… I think you at least owe me an explanation. If not why, then at least why here.."

He half-dragged Will into the other room, settling him down in the untouched bed despite the boy's weak protests. It was a personal preference of Jack's to sleep in a hammock while at sea… much less likely that the rocking of the ship would wake him. It took a few moments for the boy to find a comfortable position—unsurprising, since his back was covered in fresh wounds. Finally, with a soft groan of frustration, Will laid down on his stomach. He propped his head up on his hands, trying not to look over at the pirate. He was still ridiculously embarrassed…

It was clear Jack wasn't going to leave him alone until he shared the reasons for his deviancy—no matter how one looked at it, that was exactly what it was—and Will's self-control was eroding away to nothing. He had to tell. "… Do you remember when you tricked me into boarding the Flying Dutchman? Tried to repay your debt by selling me to Davy Jones?"

Jack grimaced, crossing his arms over his chest and taking a seat at the foot of the bed. "Don't tell me you still hold that against me, mate. I can't help doing what I do."

"I know. You're a pirate. Cheating, lying, and stealing are what keeps you alive." Will waved a hand dismissively, tracing the carved details of the headboard with his chocolate brown eyes. "I understand that now. But… I never told you what happened while I was on that godforsaken boat. I couldn't.. I was too hurt, too embarrassed to tell anyone."

A feeling of dread welled up in Jack's stomach as the younger man fell silent. He knew perfectly well what could happen to a beautiful young thing like Will when surrounded by barbaric pirates, starved of the attentions of the fairer sex at sea. Hadn't he proved that earlier by effeminizing Will in his mind as he carried the boy? They couldn't help it.. desperation can drive people to do horrible things. And then there were those who enjoyed rape… "Will, you weren't… they didn't.." He couldn't quite force the words out.

"Raped? Oh, no.. Nothing like that." The blacksmith let out a sharp bark of laughter, running one trembling hand through his golden brown hair. "Although, if they had known.. I'm sure they wouldn't have hesitated to do that, too. No.. I made several mistakes while on that boat that warranted whippings—my father managed to save me a few of the times, but he couldn't watch over me constantly."

The tension went out of the pirate's shoulders when his fears weren't proved correct, but still… "You aren't answering my question, boy. What were you doing, in my cabin, whipping yourself bloody?"

Will muttered something and buried his face in the pillows to hide his flushed cheeks, but Jack had already seen it. Smirking, he stood and went to the head of the bed, leaning down to whisper in one pink ear. "You liked it, didn't you? You liked the sting of the whip, the cracking of the air at its passing. You liked the smell of blood on the air when it ripped your skin right open. Am I right?" The younger man had tensed more and more with every word that had left Jack's lips. With the barest of nods, he confirmed everything. The pirate pulled back, chuckling softly.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, young William. It just proves that you're as twisted as the rest of us, in your own way." Again, Jack took a seat, but this time the spot he claimed was right next to the prostrate boy. "But.. you're very lucky Davy Jones' men didn't realize this little perversion of yours. They would have torn you to pieces."

"I know that." Will muttered sullenly, annoyed and embarrassed by the way the pirate was treating him. Condescendingly, mockingly. Jack was always like that, but.. it seemed even more so now than normal. He squirmed away from the pirate, scowling slightly and still blushing. "And… if you wanna know why I was in there, it's because your cabin's the most private place on this bloody boat. I'd hoped to keep this… 'little perversion of mine', as you called it, to myself. The last thing I need is more people looking at me and treating me as you do…"

The captain cocked his head to the side, curiosity starting to stir from its small, dark corner of his mind. Now.. just what was the boy referring to? Surely he hadn't noticed the veiled looks Jack had been sending him over the past several months.. the appreciative smirks when Will did something suggestive or said something stupidly cute without ever realizing it. His obliviously innocent nature made him the perfect target for some barbaric pirate to take advantage of, and Jack had secretly helped him avoid most of those situations. Had Will noticed his guardian demon? "What do you mean, m'boy?" Jack asked softly. The younger man turned to look at him, suspicious of the soft tone.

"That. The way you treat me like I'm some stupid kid that always needs your guidance. Like I'm constantly making a fool of myself in a way that everyone but me notices. You're so condescending and superior, you never noticed that I only wanted you to—" he cut off, realizing he'd said just a bit too much. The former blacksmith turned away, squirming to the other side of the bed despite the pain his movements caused to shoot up his ravaged back. "Forget it. I don't know what I was thinking, telling you all of this.."

Jack quickly moved forward and grabbed the boy's arm, keeping him from scooting so far he fell off the bed. "Heyla, be careful." He said coaxingly, forcing that beautiful face towards him. Will's face went scarlet at being so close to the man—the crazy captain was practically kneeling over him. As that oddly compelling, rough croon continued only inches away from his own face, the lighter brunet's pants begun to get uncomfortably tight in the crotch.

"I wasn't purposely treating you like you were stupid, Will.. I just can't help wanting to defend you. I see how gentle you are with Elizabeth, despite how uncomfortable her infatuation makes you. I've also seen the way you fight for what you feel is just and right, and I alternate between wanting to preserve your innocence and needing to obliterate it." for once, the pirate's face was semi-serious. And so damned close that his breath was ghosting over Will's lips. The younger man breathed in shallowly, trying not to look Jack in the eyes.

The captain continued his little speech, most definitely noticing the boy's reactions. And quite enjoying them. "Don't you see, Will? I've always wanted to sully you. And save you. Only now am I starting to realize that this little internal battle of mine may have been pointless all along." He leaned even closer, their lips almost touching. The former blacksmith was beginning to hyperventilate now. "Can I violate you, William?" It was no more than a whisper, a hot breath that was heavy with desire. A shudder ran through Will's body, followed closely by a half-choked moan.

Jack smirked. "I'll take that as a yes."