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Chapter 2: Exploitation

His hands. Oh, God... Jack's hands were so warm. The younger man's breath hitched as those surprisingly gentle hands danced over his back. He squirmed and pressed his face into the pillow when a callused fingertip brushed over a tender spot here, wiped away a droplet of blood there, then withdrew unexpectedly as Jack climbed onto the bed and repositioned himself over the brunet's prone, shivering form.

The pirate was kneeling over Will's hips now, keeping him pinned in place as he explored the expanse of smooth skin, marred by old and new marks of whippings. Was it wrong that seeing such young, perfect skin marked and bloodied turned him on? Maybe. Probably. Jack didn't care either way, given that the one he held pinned was hardly unwilling. On the contrary, he had practically begged for this to happen.

That thought had the captain smirking again, and on impulse he leaned forward and licked over one of the fresh cuts. Will's form tensed and a half-strangled moan pushed past his lips. Those graceful hands, ones that should have been worshiped and protected instead of put to work in a smithy, clenched the pillow as Jack repeated the process.

"Ja- J-jack...!" His name came to his ears, broken and breathy, and heat raced through his veins. Every instinct called for him to conquer, ravish, plunder this prize before him, and oh, it was so tempting to let go... But the benefits of waiting a little longer outweighed the more immediate pleasures. "Will, turn over," he whispered roughly, running teasing fingers down the boy's side.

The slighter man squirmed, reluctant to move, but finally complied, turning awkwardly onto his back and settling gingerly. The cuts had to sting, the way they were now pressed into the sheets, but he didn't complain. In fact, Will's only response other than obeying was to blush prettily and avert his eyes when he realized this new direction put him face to face with Jack... as well as hardness to aching, barely concealed hardness. If he lifted his hips just the slightest bit, the only thing separating their erections would be the thin fabric of their breeches.

"A little late to be shy, m'boy," Jack teased gently, brushing a stray strand of hair from the younger man's cheek. He slowly ran his thumb over those trembling, full lips, a thrill running simultaneously up and down his spine as the tip of Will's tongue tentatively poked between his lips and tasted the pirate's thumb. Those large, chocolate brown eyes looked up at Jack, the need naked on that youthful face, and a crack formed in the older man's carefully formed control. He leaned down and claimed Will's soft mouth.

At first it was gentle, coaxing. That quickly changed when Will arched into the kiss, opening his lips to the pirate's questing tongue. His hands sought Jack's face, wound strands of that dark hair around his fingers, all the while pulling the bigger man down to him. Jack growled softly, pressing the younger man down into the mattress, his hands moving down to caress the blacksmith's chest.

Muscled and lean, a scar here and there but not nearly as marked as the boy's back. Jack suddenly wanted to taste all of that smooth, exposed skin, and so he did. He abandoned Will's mouth to suck a line down the graceful line of his neck, smirking as a soft gasp left the younger man's kiss-reddened lips when he nipped at the pulse just under the skin. Then he went lower, drawing strangled sounds of pleasure from his captive as he played his tongue over one exposed nipple, teasing it to hardness before going to the other one and repeating the process.

The fingers tangled in his hair tensed when Jack bit the little peak in his mouth, thoroughly enjoying the sharp cry from above his head. "Like that, do you?" Jack growled out against the boy's skin, tweaking the blacksmith's pert nipples between his fingers, drawing another yelp and buck from him. He slid lower along that lean, lithe body and let his fingers trace over the muscles of Will's abdomen before going even lower.

Will went cross-eyed as those skilled fingers stroked him through his pants, his hands forming fists in the twisted sheets beneath him. His hips strained forward and he bit his lip, stubbornly trying to avoid begging for more even though the pirate's touch did nothing but inflame him.

"If there's something you want, William, just say it." Jack's face was suddenly right above his, those usually lazy eyes uncharacteristically sharp and totally focused on him. Will couldn't help but blush again, his hips twitching as that large palm slipped within his breeches and gave him a slow, firm stroke. The younger man whined pitifully when Jack's hand didn't repeat the action. Oh, dear God… Did he have to say it aloud? Is that what the bloody pirate wanted? He pressed his lips into a tight line, stubbornness vying with need.

Jack saw the boy's internal fight and couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, if you're going to be that way…" He pulled away and made as if to stand up when one slender hand shot out to catch his arm. The pirate raised an eyebrow and looked from the delicate fingers clutching his wrist to Will's look of desperation. A slow grin spread across the standing man's face as the blacksmith struggled to say something.
"I-i… Please, I-i… I want more…"

"You'll have to be a bit more specific than that, boy."

"Damn it, Jack! Y-you know p-perfectly well what I want!"

Jack pounced.

Will let out a squeak of surprise and resisted instinctually. Strong, callused hands had his pants undone and yanked down in seconds, revealing him to the open air. The blacksmith shivered and tried to cover himself, only to have Jack knock his knees apart with a soft growl. "Don't cover yourself. I want to see… everything." The intensity in those words, in those dark eyes that stared down at him, had heat overtaking any other thought in Will's head. Nodding slightly, blushing enormously, the younger man gave in.

Grinning, Jack descended, pressing a trail of kisses down that trembling chest. He stopped to nip at the small hollows of each hipbone, laving them with attention before going even lower. His mouth hovered a scant inch above the crown of Will's cock as the two locked gazes for a moment. "Watch." Jack purred out, licking the wetness from the tip. Every muscle in Will's body tensed at that small action, a whimper escaping him. He couldn't have looked away even if he wanted to.

First, the tip. He took it into his mouth, sucking gently before releasing it again to let his breath ghost over the moistened, reddened skin. He watched the blacksmith carefully as he pressed open-mouthed kisses down the shaft. Will's hands clenched the sheets so tightly he was nearly tearing holes in them, but he didn't look away. Sweat beaded on his forehead, but he didn't look away. He bit his lip to muffle the sounds his body wanted to make… but he didn't look away. Another grin tugged at Jack's mouth at the brunet's obedience. Good boy. Now, try this on for size…

In one smooth movement, he took the curved length down his throat. Will's vision faded in and out as his body arched off the mattress, a high-pitched cry bubbling forth despite his best efforts to stifle it. Jack tried not to choke—laughing and sucking cock don't mix altogether well—and pressed down on those firm thighs, forcing the youngster down.

"Whoa, there. Does William like that? I think he does." Jack murmured, his gaze predatory as he looked up the blacksmith's body and licked his lips. He brought one hand to his mouth and licked two of his fingers, still only a hair's breadth away from Will's cock. "Next on the list… something a little less vanilla."

Will jumped as he felt a touch behind his balls, tracing even further back. He forced himself to relax, but a shudder ran through him as those fingertips grazed his most intimate places. His attention was diverted from the exploratory touches, though, when Jack drew him back into his mouth.

It took a few moments, but Jack finally had the younger man relaxed enough to continue. He applied a little more pressure and slowly slid one finger into that tight, clenching heat, sucking insistently at the brunet's shaft.

He knew the pirate was just trying to be gentle… but it wasn't enough. The feel of the intrusion made him ache, but not because it was too much. No, on the contrary, it wasn't enough. Will squirmed, pressing his hips back, whining softly at his tormentor. "P-please… Jack…"

The older of the two raised an eyebrow at the pleading look, pulling back and letting the column of flesh slide from his lips. With a crooked smile, he withdrew his finger. Then it was pushing back in, now accompanied by two of its brethren. Will mewled, spreading his legs further apart, then let out a series of sharp gasps as those questing fingertips reached something inside of him that set off little explosions of light in his vision.

"Still not enough, Turner? Still want more?" A fourth finger was added, and Jack chuckled when the younger man's eyes slid shut in pleasure. "Good, since I'm not done with you yet." He withdrew again, grabbed Will's legs behind the knees, and spread him wide. "Ready, m'boy?" Will cracked a lid open just enough to see that rugged, heartbreakingly handsome face, and gave the scantest of nod.

That was all Jack needed for encouragement. He pressed forward, swearing under his breath as he breached the blacksmith's tight entrance and went deeper… deeper… oh, sweet Lord, so deep! The silken heat took him in, encircled him, clung to him so tightly he could barely breathe.

Will keened beneath him, his back bowed off the bed and a faint sheen of sweat breaking out on his perfect skin. If the look on the boy's face wasn't one of sheer ecstasy, Jack would have stopped then and there, sure he was causing the other pain… But if that were true, it was obviously not enough to detract from the pleasure the other was feeling. Jack took a moment to collect himself before slowly starting to pull out, then thrust back in.

It hurt, but it was so good… Feeling his body open up to accommodate Jack, being hyperaware of every sensation, every shift inside of him as he accepted the other's cock deeper… It was almost too good. He felt like he'd break with one wrong move, just shatter into a thousand pieces. But with every push and pull, that edge, drove him crazy. Made him want more. And so… he took more. Will lifted his trembling legs and wrapped them around the captain's waist, pulling him closer. "A-ah… Do your worst, Jack. Do it. B-break me, Jack… I want it! Do it!"

"Oh, bloody hell…" Jack plunged forward harshly, a low grown rumbling forth as he proceeded to fuck the younger man. That was the only way to describe the fast, deep, almost brutal thrusts. The world dropped away until all that was left was the creaking of the bed, the slap of skin against skin… And the ardent screams of William Turner, echoing out through the ship.

When they emerged from the captain's quarters in the morning, Will was limping and Jack was leering. The crew averted their gazes, unsure what to do. An awkward silence settled over the ship, until Elizabeth strode over from the opposite side of the deck. Hands on her hips, she went directly up to the pirate and the blacksmith. She stopped a foot away, her face unreadable. She looked from Will's slightly guilty countenance to Jack's smug look, and drew back one hand.

Slap. The sharp sound rang out across the deck as the girl's palm connected with Jack's cheek. "I don't care if you two fuck each other to Davy Jones' Locker," she said ruthlessly, "But if I have to listen to one more night of you two screwing like bunnies, I swear I will walk you off the plank myself!" And with an angry huff, she stomped away.

The silence took over again, everyone too shocked to respond for the moment. But then Jack threw back his head and laughed that hearty, almost too loud laugh of his and the tenseness evaporated.

"So much for being infatuated!"