One fine day in a small town, of rustic charm, there was an odd presents among the crowd.

A foreign being had emerged with confusion and want; a need to fulfill some inborn lust of mayhem, and so lunging forth and lashing out the bestial form snarled and growled, hissing with spit and flailing about.

The citizens gawked and mocked the feral display; what a joke, was it some play, no one could tell but the sight, for sure, was funny enough!

Seething and barking it threw its tantrum alone, no one scared and few continued to care.

The sounds garbled and small, would not garner attention at all save the presents of one, the last and only one, who did not mock but still was not shocked.

She stood short but held tall, with kind words she extended her hand, offering all; a home, family, and love from the heart.

Teary eyed and sighing inside the beast gave up; relief sealed in friendship, redemption and respect to come.

Well, I don't know if this qualifies as a poem or not, I really just wanted to throw a short story together, but it turned out to take me two hours.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or franchise mentioned in this story and am not making, or even asking for, any money form this.