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Fifty Reasons

Luke tried desperately to not lose his lunch as the ship rocked back and forth; thankfully, he had Jade to hold his hair back when he did.

He remembered watching the Colonel in the fight with the Ligers and he always thought: 'Damn I wish I was that cool.'

"Nonsense, I am young at heart….my little cold rotten black heart that has compulsions to hit you when you keep blaming yourself."

"You're the last person I would have ever thought I would think of as a father figure and it's a little scary, Jade."

Luke stared in disbelief when Jade actually admitted his guilt, but he was secretly pleased to have that much openness.

He was expecting Jade to be rough and cruel, but as he wrapped the bandages around his arm, he realized even the hard soldier could be gentle.

"You're not just a replica, you're a perfect replica that happens to be its own person, living its own life and having its own unique identity….my goodness, you may be a one of a kind actual person after all," the Colonel pseudo-gasped and chuckled at Luke's expression.

It felt like he'd thought about it thousands of times…but he still hadn't gotten the courage to jokingly call the man dad.

Jade seemed to be the king of ducking out of a conversation when it got emotional, so Luke was surprised he didn't leave when Luke started to cry about Asch.

"Give it time Luke, you will learn when exactly you're supposed to bend over and prepare to kiss your boss's ass…your boss being Tear," he smiled watching Luke gape at his choice of words.

In one swift blur, Jade appeared tearing the enemy to pieces; Luke knew he was safe with that old bastard watching his back.

Luke ran after Jade, catching him before he departed, "Jade! You better write me a damn letter this time."

"Oh Luke, you all say such things, but I've changed as much as the rest of you," Jade said, but didn't explain watching his band of children banter.

"LUKE! I command you to back down, if you don't…so help me I'll flame burst you myself!" Jade called, casting a high level arte to eradicate the enemy that was preparing to make a lunch out of a stubborn Luke.

He held the older man in a firm embrace, his eyes watered over; if Jade couldn't truly cry for the death of his childhood friend, then Luke would do it for him.

Luke poured his heart out into Jade's chest, and Jade just let him vent; even he understood that people need someone to lean on.

"No Luke, I assure you….I can see you just fine without my glasses and I'm not amused by you making faces at me."

"Jade, pay attention to me! Jade!" Luke whined at Jade, who was reading a book; all he wanted was five minute of the man's attention.

"Sometimes I wonder if you have a soul underneath that military uniform, then you say things like that and make me feel better….you're confusing."

Click. Jade heard the sound and looked up, facing the camera with a puzzled look and Luke only replied, "It's for my journal."

Jade actually glared at Luke, his hand itching to slap the fool, "If you do something that stupid again, I swear I will open a spot in my heart to hate you."

Luke looked down and felt a little bad, he had almost died after Jade had made him promise to be careful, he understood why Jade was angry.

"You know what the ironic and sad thing is Luke, you're like the child that I never would have had, but am responsible for creating."

Jade watched Luke pull Tear into a hug and resisted the urge to smile, now Luke was getting the picture.

It seemed, to Luke, that Jade was the essence of a shadow; dark, quiet, but always there when you turn around.

He waved as Jade departed back to Malkuth, there was a prickling sadness in him and it felt like he was losing a parent.

"Luke, I want you to hide in your room until morning…Emperor Peony is very serious about no pants after 7pm."

"You know, we could just stand in the back and just let Jade wipe out everything…we could make a fortune in the coliseum!"

"Hey Jade, I'm probably not going to be safe after saying this, but you really should have had some kids, you're doing a pretty good job with me."

Jade was unusually morose about the ghost of his professor, Luke could tell…So he did what any kid would do and attempted….ATTEMPTED to cook him breakfast.

"Me? Oh, I just finished writing a book about all our adventures and I plan to publish it and get rich enough to make Anise jealous…but seriously Luke, I'm writing a report, so please go wait in the hall, son, daddy will play with you in a minute."

"If you believe in an eye for an eye, then I just don't have enough eyes to have gouged out, that's why I prefer to make up for my mistakes by fixing futures ones, let's hope you learn to do the same, Luke."

Luke would never forget how wrong it felt to hear Jade say, "I'm Sorry."

Tear sung her hymns and Luke watched Jade respectfully close his eyes and listen; he may not praise them, but he showed his respect in his own way.

When Luke suddenly disappeared, he could hear the others cries, but he didn't show an ounce of concern, Jade didn't mentor Luke to have him die without a stubborn remark first.

Jade often stopped in mid-speak, and Luke was beginning to get irritated by it, "Stop keeping secrets from me, damn it. I thought we were closer than secrets."

Give it time, Jade, it's not easy losing a friend, The emperor had said, and Jade replied, "Remind me to kill your first child when it's born."

If Luke could wash away all of his sins, he would do what ever it took….even if the displeased look in the Colonel's eyes was already killing him.

He was torn between going with Guy's group or Jade's…it was like…choosing between his mother or his father…but he wasn't sure who was who in this case.

Luke rooted through Nephry's photo albums the last time they were in Keterburg and some parted of him really wanted to know the history surrounding Jade and his little band of friends, but he figured it was best not to trample on that ice.

Even in a clouded state of overwhelming surging power, Luke could still hear Jade telling him to conserve as much as he could, so much for listening to his parental unit.

"So Jade, if you're like my dad, and Asch is like my brother, does that make you like his dad too?" Luke asked and almost smirked at the look of curious bewilderment displayed on Jade's face.

"Luke, I'm just a godless creature wandering around wondering exactly what to do with myself before madness finally kicks in and someone either kills me or I take care of it by myself, why do you insist on making me someone important to you?"

"You know, you're building walls so high around yourself that you're going to trap yourself in it and when that happens it's gonna take a lot of pick axes and effort from Guy to get you out of there."

Without his glasses he almost felt naked, but even as he trembled try to restrain the power in his body normally limited by those fontech glasses, he wanted to show Luke just how destructively stupid power could make a person.

After nearly crashing into the landscapes of the Meggiora Highlands, Jade moved Luke aside and decided he probably shouldn't teach Luke how to drive their only mode of transportation.

"Do not expect me to say something cliche, like 'I'll keep you out of harms way', but I will make sure you get to the destination, one way or another…Even if I have to carry you in parts," Jade joked.

"You're a real asshole sometimes, but without your sensitive and loving sense of humor, we'd probably all be much more depressed than we are, thank you for that precious bit of sick twistedness that reminds us that we're all still fairly normal compared to you."

"You know…I think I'm the only one daring enough to eat your cooking without fear of being poisoned," Luke muttered off handedly, silently hoping he wasn't going to drop dead after saying that.

"I don't believe you belong shoved up in that stuffy manor anymore. That being said, all I need is your signature and you can change your last name to Curtiss."


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