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Still Flying

"Blood hell, Hermione," he panted, sinking to his knees and taking her with him, then leaning his forehead on hers. "You've got one hell of mouth on you."

"Was it too much?" She giggled slightly, rubbing her nose over his.

"Hell no ... just wasn't expecting it," he took several deep breaths. "And ... uh ..." he bit back a smile, "we're starkers in the middle of Dartmoor ... oh Merlin ..." he leaned back slightly and his eyes roved over her with something akin to awe. "I heard what you said," he blinked as if to clear his vision and then ran the fingertips of his right hand gently down one of her breasts, as his left hand reached out to stroke her thigh. "I'm taking you at your word, unless you say otherwise ..."

She just nodded, unable to speak in the face of his beautifully naked form.

Unable to speak as he leaned in and kissed her unhurriedly.

Only able to sigh deeply when he lay her down on the blanket and stretched out alongside her, exploring her body with long, slow caresses ... and finally finding her voice again when he bought his mouth to one of her nipples and circled it with his tongue.

"Ron ..."


She could feel him smiling. "More."

"Patience," he dragged his lips over her breasts to pay attention to the other nipple, "you're going to be begging for me, remember?"

"Impertinent," she breathed, gripping his arm and arching her back.

"You know you love it," he chuckled.

"I love you."

"Good to know," he was smiling again, kissing his way back up to her neck and nuzzling just below her ear, "do you want me to touch you?"

"Please," she moaned in relief when his hand settled between her legs. "Just there ... uhaaa ... ohhh." Blindly, she reached out to touch him.

"No! Don't do it ... not yet ... you're so ... just wait," bending his head, he attached her mouth to her nipple again, groaning when her hips lifted off the ground and his fingers slid past her clit and further down. "Wet," he muttered feverishly, "have to make you come first, before ... anything else."

"Ron ..." she ground out, tugging on his hair and digging her nails into his shoulder. "Want you now!"

"Can't ... I'll go too fast."

And her hand was over his, forcing it down harder as she pushed frantically upward and gave a sharp keening cry of "Oh god Ron!" and then flopped into a gasping, boneless heap.

He cupped her face in his hands, "'Mione ..." ghosted his lips over hers, "tell me ..." covered her body with his and slowly pushed her legs apart with his knees, taking the time to run one hand over her thigh.

"Now," she bit her lip and fixed her eyes on his face, her chest still heaving, shifting under him and resting her hands on the small of his back.

"It's going to hurt you," his eyes closed briefly as he reached between them and took his erection in hand, the very tip of it nudging her entrance. "Don't want to hurt you."

"Won't," she told him, sliding her hands over his bum and pulling him closer, "not much. I'm relaxed and ... I ..." she took a deep breath and shifted under him again, blushing fiercely, "I masturbate with a ... thing ... sometimes."

"Oh my lord fuck that's so ..." he laughed breathlessly, "unbelievably fucking hot." He thrust forward slowly, his breath hissing through his teeth.

She found that it actually did hurt, just a little, and so didn't have any problem keeping still when he begged her to ... but soon all she felt was a need for something more, and dizzying relief when he seemed to regain his equilibrium ... and then a strange, deep burning that caused her to clutch at him and meet this tentative movements with her own.

It really was a wonderful feeling, although she knew she wasn't going to climax again, and a delightful warmth spread through her. It was Ron, all Ron; struggling to contain himself, a sheen of seat forming over his forehead, a look of intense concentration on his face.

Murmuring words of encouragement, she knew the moment he abandoned his control and groaned aloud ... it felt so fucking fantastic ... at his suddenly hard and fierce thrusts – and a jumbled stream of expletives flew from him with a jerky final growl.

"Stay!" She instinctively wrapped her legs round his when he made to shift off her.

Clearly far too overwhelmed to do otherwise, he acquiesced, leaning on his elbows and allowing his head to rest momentarily on her shoulder.

"I told you ... I'd be too ... fast," he panted, nuzzling her cheek. "Did I even manage 10 seconds?"

"No," she hugged him tightly and then brushed his hair from his damp forehead. "It was at least 15."

"Next time I'll aim for 20," he chuckled, finally rolling off her when she let her legs fall loose.

"You do that," she touched his cheek gently; "I'll have to keep you."

"Hmmm." He ran his thumb over her bottom lip and followed it up with an ardent kiss. "Thank you for having me."


The Beginning


Because it's NOT the end ... hehehehe.

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