"It's a beautiful sunrise this morning" I said while sitting on my surfboard waiting on the perfect wave.

"Isn't it always" Rosalie agreed from beside me on her board.

Rosalie has been my best friend since we were born. Our mothers are best friends and when I was born 6 months after Rose, we have been inseparable. We've seen each other through almost everything together, from being in diapers, to bullies at school, to our awkward puberty stage, to first dates, love and heartbreak.

We live together in a three bedroom, two bathroom beach house on Tangalooma on Moreton Island, Queensland Australia. We grew up in Brisbane just a 75 minute ferry ride from Tangalooma. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and untouched national parks. The perfect views to wake up to every morning. We have lived here for about a year, mostly bartending at the beach 'tiki hut' bar.

My passion is photography and I do a lot of free-lance work on the island for families, couples, weddings and other random shoots. After high school I attended university for two years to become an advanced care paramedic, however I decided I wanted a change of scenery from the city life for the much quieter beach life. So Rose and I moved from our parents houses in the suburbs to Tangalooma to start our lives together without the influence from our parents. We both picked up bartending at the 'tiki hut' bar to pay for expenses. I also took a photography course two days a week for six months and would commute from the island back to Brisbane to complete it and stay overnight with my parents. Every now and then I have been known to model for various things, including advertising for the island and random clothe ads.

However Rose is the model of the two of us. Besides bartending she has modelled for a lot of swimsuit companies and advertising for the island. She is also one of the mechanics on the island even though she has had no proper training on fixing cars, she has been doing it as a hobby all her life with her dad. If there is a problem with one of the quad bikes or 4WD she's who you go to when in need.

You wouldn't no though that she likes to be under the hood of a car by looking at her. She was the most gorgeous person I know. She is at least 10 cm (4 inches) taller than me at 173cm (5"8'), legs that go on for miles and big boobs with all the right curves of her toned body and a nice sun tan. She was a natural straight blond with ice blue eyes and would just wake up in the morning looking reading to head into town. You can't help but be self conscious around her. She has no problem with getting attention of the male and the female kind for that matter. But she is modest and doesn't flaunt herself all over the parade.

Me on the other hand was the complete opposite. I am 163 cm (5"4'), brown mahogany hair and brown eyes. I have a nice athletic toned body from all the surfing and running I do almost on a daily basis. I also have a nice sun tan although I have natural pale skin. I also attract attention from men, but know where near as much as Rose.

The most important thing to us if our family and friends. Rose can be intimidating when she wants to be and we stick up for each other when back-up may be needed.

I was bought out of my day dreaming when the perfect swell came up. Surfing is one of my favourite things to do and almost every morning before sunrise I am out here hitting up the waves. Rosalie sometimes comes with me, she is also an awesome surfer, although she likes to get her beauty sleep.

"I got this one" I yelled to Rose.

I paddled into the wave and stood up straight away to ride the tube. My favourite part of surfing is being surrounded by the water in the tubes. I rode the wave all the way to shore and paddled back out to Rosalie.

"That was an awesome one, sometimes I don't know why you don't go pro and enter competitions?" Rose asked.

I scoffed at her statement. "Maybe because I'm not good enough to go pro and I do it for the enjoyment and free feeling not as a day job."

"Whatever Bella, you and I both know you're the best surfer on this island. I got this one."

I watched as Rose caught the wave in to shore. I know I was a good surfer but the whole island I doubted. It was the perfect time to go surfing it was the beginning of January in the middle of summer and the sun had just risen. We continued to surf for a while longer than decided to head up to shore to sun bake. I placed my towel on the sand and took off my rashie so I was left in only my bikini and lied down on my stomach. I watched as Rose did the same and I popped in my iPod to listen to music.

After about an hour I headed up to the main resort to get up some breakfast and took it back down to the beach.

"What have you got planned for the next month or two?" I asked Rose

"Well just bartending mainly and we both have that photo shoot for that new bikini line from billabong in a few weeks. I can't wait for that because of the money were going to make and we get to keep the bikinis, and also because I'm doing it with you. What about you got any photo shoots coming up?"

"I have one wedding scheduled on Valentine's Day that I get to shoot and that one modelling job with you other than that just bartending"

After we finished breakfast we sunbaked for a little while longer and headed back in for some more waves.


"Where are we staying again?" Emmett asked for like the hundredth time.

"OMG Emmett, how many times do I have to tell you? Were staying at Tangalooma on Moreton Island in two private villas for 4 weeks, I'm so excited." Alice ended with a squeal while bouncing up and down on the spot.

"Jazz man I don't know how you put up with that" I stated.

"She's your twin sister man" he laughed.

"She's your fiancée" I laughed back.

"Touché" he conceded shaking his head.

"You know I can hear you both talking, now let's hurry it up before we miss the ferry to the island." Alice said.

"Okay kids have fun and don't forget to call me every once in a while" mum said.

"Esme dear you make it sound like there never coming back. There only a 75 minute ferry ride away." Dad tried to console mum.

"I know, but there going away for 4 weeks without us and it's so beautiful over there they may never want to come back."

"Mum you know we will come back and if not we'll write to let you know we found some hot Australian girls to keep us occupied" Emmett stated with a serious face.

"EMMETT McCARTY CULLEN that is not funny and I don't want to hear any stories about you getting kicked off the island for being disrespectful to the locals and other tourists. Do you hear me son?"

"Geez mum I was only joking you know no one else can cook as well as you" Emmett said ever the suck up.

"Yes, yes, yes we will miss you too. We'll call you when we get there to let you know were got there safely" Alice said while dragging us onto the ferry.

"Bye kids have fun and be safe" dad said to us as they hugged us one last time. We all heard the double meaning to his goodbye, always the doctor in him.

We all paid for our tickets and entered the ferry to sit up the front to look out onto the beautiful ocean ahead of us.

We all grew up in Forks, Washington, US and just recently moved all the way to Brisbane Australia for my dad. We are a really close family and we couldn't leave our parents to move to another country without us. Carlisle, our dad, is an ER doctor that has been transferred to Brisbane to help them upgrade their equipment to more advanced tools and to show them how to use it properly to ensure the best possible care for their patients. Esme, our mum, of course decided to tang along with him and buy her own business here to continue her interior designs.

Emmett was my older brother by two years. He was massive, at 190cm (well over 6 feet tall) with huge muscles and by looking at him with his sleeve tattoos you would be scared shitless if you ran in to him in a dark alley. But under all that brawn and tattoos he was just a big teddy bear that loved his family. He had dark curly brown hair and grey eyes and panty dropping dimples on his face when he smiles and boy does he know how to use that do his advantage. He is a personal trainer that does not let any of us get out of shape.

Alice is my twin sister who is who is nearly a foot shorter than me at 157cm (5"2'). She has black short spiky hair in a pixie style cut and the same grey eyes as Emmett and dad. Although she may be short she is awfully strong and you do not want to be on the war path of her. She is a fashion designer and use to own her own boutique in Port Angeles even with her young age at 23 she was a massive hit with the town. She is looking to own a new one in Brisbane and hopefully expand in a few years. Jasper has been my best friend since we were born and has been dating Alice for 3 years and finally proposed about 6 months ago and wherever Alice goes he follows. He is as tall as me at 183cm (6"0') tall with blond curly hair and blue eyes. He just got his bachelor's degree in ancient history majoring in the civil war era. He is looking into working at the museum in the city at Southbank.

Finally there's me. I just qualified to be an EMT and am going to be working as a advanced care paramedic after final training in the Australian system on how the equipment works and learning the metric system for different drug protocols. I always wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps but found it more interesting in the field and being the first to a scene.

"EDWARD hellooooooo!"

"Huh, what?"

"Were boarding the dock, were you off with the fairies again?" my sister laughed.

"No that's you" I smirked.

"Ha-ha very funny, now let's get our things unpacked at the villas and head down to the beach for some sun" she said as we grabbed our belongings and began to walk down the dock to reception.

"And the hot Aussie babes" Emmett added. Typical.

"God Emmett is that all you think about, women" Alice said.

"Well yeah, there even better here, but I also think about food. Speaking of which I'm hungry" he said while rubbing his stomach to emphasise his point.

"When are you not hungry Em" I laughed while we made it to the main desk where there was a young woman with blond hair and way too much make up on.

"Hello my name is Lauren, welcome to Tangalooma how may I help you?" she asked in an annoying nasally voice while eye-fucking us three guys and whipping her hair over her shoulder and sticking out her chest at the same time. I personally think she looked a little retarded and slutty, god I hope not all the girls were like her here.

"Yes we have a reservation under Cullen and Whitlock for two private villas for 4 weeks" Alice said aggravated by her staring at her man. Jasper sensing her aggression towards the girl wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her temple. Alice being Alice though wanted to take it a step further and placed her left hand on the counter showing off her engagement ring. This just made her look over at me more and a visibly shuddered at the creepy look in her eye. "helloooo can you stop staring at them and gives us the keys to our villas."

"Oh...right" Lauren finally starting typing on the keyboard with her disgusting purple fake nails and pulled up our reservations.

"You have villa numbers 10 and 11. Here are your keys and a map and activity brochure of the island for you. I hope you enjoy your stay with us" she said while bashing your eye lashes at us. "If you need anything at all don't hesitate to call and I will be at your service" she replied while looking straight at me while using what can only be decribed as the worse seductive voice ever.

We quickly made our way out of there and I could not move fast enough. We started making our way to the villas while following the map.

"Dude she was a shameless hussy" Emmett exclaimed laughing.

"Man I thought she was going to jump over that counter and take Edward right then and there" Jasper said while holding his sides laughing. I visibly shuddered again.

"That shit was not funning guys, I think she just ruined Aussie girls for me" I complained.

"Edward not all girls are gonna be like her, although she was really nasty. And it's not as if you don't get hit on all the time" Alice said.

"Yeah well I do not want to be getting attention from her again."

"I do not blame you there lil bro" Emmett stated as he too visible shuddered.

"Right well Edward and Emmett are in villa 10 and Jazz and I are in 11. Get everything settled and meet between the two so we can head out to the beach together say about 30 minutes." Alice said while handing us our keys while we came up to the villas.

"Sir, yes sir!" we all laughed and saluted her at the same time.

The beach was absolutely beautiful with the white sands and the crystal blue water surrounding us everywhere we look. I could even see dolphins swimming around in the water. It was also extremely hot, but a welcome change from the dreary weather of Forks and Seattle which was always raining and if it wasn't raining then it was cloudy, the sun would very rarely brace us with our presence. Here it seemed to be the opposite always sunning. I could get used to this view all the time.

We headed over and walked into our two bedroom villa. We walked straight into the lounge room with a flat screen TV, comfy looking lounge chair and a decent sound system. The floor was nice white tiles which commented the beige on the walls. The lounge connected to the dining area with a wooded table that seated six people easily. Next to that was the kitchen which was pretty large with a fridge, stove and microwave. On the opposite side of the kitchen was the laundry room with a dryer and washer. There was also a downstairs toilet next to the stairs to the upper level. There was also a downstairs balcony next to the front entrance with a nice outdoor table which seated six people also. We made our way upstairs where our two bedrooms where and a shared bathroom in between. Both rooms had a queen sized bed and a nice view of the ocean outside. The walls were nearly the same clear blue of the ocean. The bathroom had an awesome Jacuzzi tub and a large shower. There was also another balcony of one of the rooms with a small table and two chairs.

"Dude, who gets the room with the balcony?" Emmett asked.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" if there was ever a problem that needed to be solved without getting into arguments we would always play rock, paper, scissors. Because having an arm wrestle match with Emmett was just not going to happen, I mean I was in good shape but he was just freakishly huge with even bigger muscles.

"you're on!" Emmett boomed.

We both showed what we played to each other, Emmett having rock whereas I had paper.

"I win!" I laughed as he sulked over to the other room to unpack his belongings. While I started to unpack as well.

I just have a feeling that this was the best decision my family and I could have ever made. Bring it on Australia!

Well there you go my first attempt at writing please let me know what you think.... good or bad and any tips

I'm Australian if you haven't noticed already and i just wanted to bring the twilight gang down under for a change of scenery