AN: Well considering how I'm pretty much addicted to writing Liley, plus your lovely reviews of my Hannah Montana: The Movie Liley Version, I thought I'd write the sequel I was debating doing (your requests for one made me see that I haveto write one lol). So here's the first chapter which picks up where the last one left off (in case you forgot the last section I put it in italics for you, because I'm nice like that). However, I don't think I'll update this one as quick as the last as I am actually doing my schoolwork now, but no worries, I'm already a third of the way through it all :) Enjoy :D

Chapter One

Collapsing, as the song finished and the truck headed back to the farmhouse; the other dancers jumping off as it slowed. I was knackered – how did she do this without even breaking a sweat?

"Fuck me," I breathed, lying down on the floor of the truck trying to catch my breath.

"All you have to do is ask," whispered Miley as she crawled over to me so she was directly above me. Despite being oxygen-deprived, my breathing stopped as I looked into Miley's passion filled eyes. She lowered herself slowly, licking her own lips, before captivating my own once again.

"Well here we are ladies – Oh my,"

We jumped up at the sound of the truck driver's voice. I'd been so engrossed in Miley's lips and her hands which were teasing me under my shirt that I'd completely forgotten where I was. And I was on an open backed farm truck!

"Uh, sorry… Thanks for the ride," I said as I jumped off the back of the truck. Holding my arms up, I helped Miley to the ground just as Mr Stewart pulled up with Lorelai and Ruby all squished in the front, and Jackson and Miley's cousin with the ferret, sat in the back. Oh God, please don't let them have seen. Please, please, please don't have seen!

"Come on you two, don't just stand there. Get inside," Mr Stewart said. I don't think he saw. Oh I hope he didn't – its one thing to know your daughter's gay, but another to see her on top of another girl. Miley pulled me out of my mental blabber by taking my hand and pulling me up the steps to the house.

Ruby was already in the kitchen, the kettle boiling with a huge cake sat in the middle of the table. My mouth watered at that cake. Who knew that after all this, I would appreciate cake so much. After all that 'cake'll make it all better' malarkey, I never thought it actually would. But this time I just wanted it because it tasted so damn good; because right now I was on top of the world.

"Girls?" Ruby said noticing our staring at the cake, "You can have a slice in a little while, but Miley, honey, don't you think you oughta get changed,"

I turned to Miley who was still wearing her 'You'll always find your way back home' country outfit, and her Hannah wig was all dishevelled from my hands on the truck. I blushed as I saw how obvious it was about what we'd been doing, with the state of the wig and Miley's half unbuttoned shirt.

"Oh, I'd forgotten I was even dressed as Hannah," Miley laughed, "I'll just go up and change," she said heading for the stairs. I wanted to follow but I thought it'd be too conspicuous for me to follow my girlfriend upstairs when she's fully capable of undressing herself. I shook the images that followed from my mind as I sat at the table with Ruby as she poured tea, and the others came in from outside, while I marvelled at the fact that Miley was my girlfriend. I sat and smiled to myself, silently repeating it over and over in my mind.

After about ten minutes of chatting around the table, I'd enjoyed two slices of cake. Ruby loved the fact that I loved her cake so much and she kept offering me more, but I declined a third slice as I watched Jackson stare at it with hungry eyes. He'd yet to get a piece in the time I'd had two. When Ruby put it on his plate, I blinked and it was gone; the chocolate frosting all round his mouth and a bit on his nose. Guys can be so gross, I thought as he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. Eww!

"Where's Miley? She's sure taking her sweet time coming back down here," Ruby said, standing to clean the plate the cake had been on and handing Jackson a dishcloth to wipe the remaining frosting from his face.

"Sometimes she has a quick nap after a show. This morning has been pretty hectic for her," offered Mr Stewart, "Lilly; take this last slice of cake up to her. See if she's asleep or not. Take her a drink too," he continued, holding up the teeny piece of cake that remained.

"Sure, no problem," I said taking the plate and the cup of hot tea. I walked slowly towards the stairs, and even slower up the stairs. Why did they fill the cup so high? It makes it so damn difficult.

After what seemed like the best part of an hour I pushed Miley's door, which was ajar, fully open with a tap of my foot. Well, she wasn't sleeping. It actually looked like she was having a hulk moment; pulling at her shirt with angry expression on her face, her teeth bared in frustration. I moved across the room to set the plate and cup on the dressing table. She still hadn't seen me come in.

"Miley?" I said, louder than I meant too and she jumped at the sound, toppling backwards and landing with an 'oofft' on the floor.

"Sweet Niblets," she growled at herself, rubbing her side.

"Shit, sorry! You okay?" I rushed over to her, pulling her to her feet. The girl spends more time falling over than standing.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just can't get this damn shirt to come off. It's stuck! It's like the button and the fabric have fused together in an attempt to make me look stupid. The shirt may suit Hannah but I just look silly in luminous blue!" I laughed at her obvious frustration, "Don't just stand there laughing, get this thing off of me!"

"You don't need to say that twice," I smirked as I tried to undo the button. Damn, it was stuck. I pulled and pulled and it didn't even budge, "What the hell is this thing made of?"

"You see my problem now?" she said sarcastically.

"Oh! I know! When I pull on it, you pull away from me. Ready… now," I said pulling as hard as I could while Miley leant back. We heard a tear and suddenly we were both on the floor at opposite ends of the room. I had the button in my hand – still attached to half of her shirt which had torn right off. Oops – I hope that wasn't expensive.

She propped herself up on her elbows and I saw that her shirt was now open, and it fell down either side of her body, revealing the red bra she was wearing. I couldn't help but stare at the newly exposed flesh; my eyes memorising every curve and every intake of breath which caused her chest to rise.

"Lilly? Lilly? Lilly!" she shouted, pulling me out of my daydream.

"Yeah," I said dreamily, still gazing longingly at her chest.

"You're practically drooling," she laughed and I pulled my eyes away, standing, offering my hand out to her. Once standing, she wrapped the remnants of her shirt around her body, shielding my view. "I'll never get changed with you staring at me like that, Lilly; I'd get them off and that'd be the end of it," her voice getting softer at the end of her sentence.

"Sorry, but you know – hormones," I grinned, putting my hands on her hips and stepping closer. I was just inches from her mouth when I heard someone coming up the stairs. "Shit, put a shirt on," I said as I tossed her the nearest top I could see. Then I sat at the dressing table, trying to look inconspicuous.

"What's taking so long?" Ruby said, poking her head into the room. Miley now had a yellow shirt on, and she held up the ripped Hannah one, pointing at the huge tear.

"It er… got stuck," she said, "Sorry, I'll be down in a second,"

"Okay honey, it's just you're Cousin Derek's leaving in a minute to go to work and he won't be back from his shift till after you leave," she said before going back downstairs.

"Toss me those jeans will you Lils," Miley said pulling off the huge Hannah skirt from her performance. I did as I was asked, and tried not to stare too much this time, before we headed back downstairs.

Her cousin was at the door, ready to leave and Miley ran at him, her arms outstretched. I don't think he expected that because he dropped the ferret as Miley's body crashed into him, and the ferret ran straight outside. Thus, the goodbyes were cut short for the moment, as everyone headed out to chase Harlow the ferret, who seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Jackson was the one to find Harlow. He was hiding under the squashes on the other side of the house. Ruby seriously wasn't happy about Jackson going near her prize squashes after what happened last time. But everyone gave Derek a goodbye hug while I settled for a polite handshake considering I can't even recall speaking to him while I'd been here, therefore a hug would be a bit awkward to say the least. Then we all stood on the porch, waving till Derek had disappeared from view.

We all went back into the house then, Miley and I holding hands as we headed inside. Then Mr Stewart turned round to face us.

"Girls, d'ya think you should go pack your things?" he said, nodding towards the stairs.

"Dad, the flight's not till tonight, why do we have to start like eight hours earlier than necessary?" she whined at him.

"I'm well aware of when the flight is bud, but I also know that if you take half as long packing this time as you did to come here, then you should have started an hour ago," he laughed at his own humour and I smiled at him, knowing that what he said was probably true. Miley lightly slapped his arm, and then she saw me smiling and slapped me too. I put my hand over my open mouth in fake-offence and then we started laughing as Mr Stewart walked away muttering, 'Girls theses days.'

"I really hate packing," she mumbled to no one in particular as she began climbing the stairs. I followed her, thinking of how I could make the 'packing' much more fun.