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Chapter Twelve

Forgetting about the 'incident-which-never-happened' was much harder than I thought. Not only did it find its way into my dreams but it was all I could think of when I saw Oliver the next day. He seemed to have difficulty forgetting it too as we stood in an awkward silence as we waited for Miley by the lockers. The awkwardness continued through lunch, our chairs angled slightly away from each other and with nothing to say.

"Sooo….." said Miley, obviously acknowledging how none of us had spoken since we'd sat down. Neither Oliver or I made an attempt to speak… it was really awkward. "Anyway… you'll never guess what happened last period,"

"What?" I asked, intrigued at my girlfriend's obvious excitement.

"Amber was making some homophobic comments to Gay-Danny as per usual and Ashley didn't laugh!" she exclaimed.

"Really?" I said my voice going slightly high pitched at the end. Way to go, Ashley. "What did Amber do?"

"She said 'what the hell' but Ashley just said to 'leave the boy alone' and she carried on with her work! I couldn't believe what I was seeing; the whole class was stunned,"

"I bet they were," I said, smiling internally. Maybe this signalled an end of an era – maybe Ashley will end up making Amber a nicer person…. Maybe.


"So what's up with you and Oliver?" asked Miley as we were changing after gym.

"Huh? Um… nothing," I mumbled, ramming my gym shirt into my bag.

"Lilly, its pretty obvious there is," she said coming to sit beside me. "Remember that no lies promise we made…"

"Yeah… just not here," I whispered, realising that it had suddenly got quiet in here as everyone listening to our conversation.

"I'll hold you to that y'know," she said as the bell rang signalling the end of the period. Home time. We grabbed our bags and headed to Miley's house.

I dropped my bag on the floor and settled myself on her bed, kicking off my high-tops.

"So? You gonna tell me what's going on or am I gonna have to guess?" she asked, sitting beside me.

"Um… promise you won't make a big deal?" I asked and she nodded, "Um…Oliver… he uh he kinda…um… kissed me,"

"What?!" she exclaimed. "He did what?!"

"You said you wouldn't make a big deal,"

"That was before I knew he'd kissed my girlfriend," she said standing, "What the hell was going through his mind? Did he really think that you'd be okay with it? Wait – you weren't okay with it were you?"

"No! Of course not, Miley," I told her, standing too. "Not only am I gay but I'm totally in love with you," I said, pulling her towards me.

"I know," she breathed as she wrapped her arms around my waist, "What's pissed me off is that he knows that too!"

"He's a dumb hormonal boy, Miley,"

"Why are you defending him?" she asked, pulling out of the embrace.

"Because despite him being a dick a lot of the time, he's my best friend and has been for as long as I can remember. One stupid little kiss shouldn't wreck that kind of relationship. He knows that he was wrong and I know he won't try it again," I responded, trying to get her back into my arms.

"But the fact is that he tried,"

"Miley look at me," I said taking her face in my hands so that she looked me straight in the eyes, "Oliver is a dick. I'm gay. I love you," I put as much emphasis into each statement as I could before kissing her passionately. She tried to resist initially but quickly melted into the kiss. I pulled back and rested my forehead on hers. "Okay?"

"Mmm…" she mumbled in agreement before returning her mouth onto mine. She pushed me gently towards the bed, not taking her lips from mine as we laid on the bed.

We stayed like that, making out on her bed, for what seemed like an eternity. Then we heard the sound of the front door opening and we jolted apart.

"That'll be my dad," she whispered to me unnecessarily, her breathing still unsteady.

"Um… I think we better make it look like we're not up to anything," I whispered back and she reluctantly removed herself from the bed and picked up some paper and a pencil and sat at her desk.

"Grab my guitar would you?" she asked, indicating to the guitar in the far corner. "We'll try and get a basic melody for your songs." I handed her the guitar and sat back down on the bed. "So, you said you had the melody in your head? Try and hum it for me and I'll see what I can play,"

"Wouldn't it be easier for me to just play it myself?" I asked holding out my hand for the instrument. Her expression was priceless and I could help but grin.

"Y-you play?"

"Y-yes," I mocked, "C'mon Miles, what do you think I do when I'm backstage at your concerts? It gets boring and in a room with a guitar it's a very tempting prospect. I remember picking it up one day and I played horribly but I liked it… so I started learning how to play off the internet and stuff…"

"Wow… and you never told me?"

"It never came up," I shrugged, still grinning. She passed me the guitar and I strummed it gently. "You remember the words to 'Obsessed'?"

"Perfectly," she responded.

"Right, try and follow. I'll nod for you to come in," I said as I began strumming the melody. After about 20 minutes we'd perfected the song as much as we could. At the end of the 30th time I played the song, I let my hand go limp with fatigue and just stared into Miley's eyes as she stared back into mine. I'd written the song for her and the emotion in it still got to me…

"Hey girls," said Mr Stewart from the doorway, making us both jump. "That song's pretty darn amazing Lilly-Ray," he grinned.

"Thanks, Mr S," I smiled before standing, "I better be going anyway." I set the guitar down back in its stand as Mr Stewart headed back downstairs.

"Do you really have to go?" Miley almost whined and I grinned before walking over and pulling her into my arms.

"Sorry but yeah," I kissed her gently, "I'll see you at school."


I yawned as I opened my locker the next morning, taking out my textbook for first period. Oliver was waiting silently by my side; he had first and second period with me. We'd greeted each other and made small talk but the awkwardness still hadn't left us.

"Lilly I-"he started but was interrupted as I heard something I certainly didn't expect.

"Lilly baby," purred Miley, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind, squeezing my breasts. I jumped from her touch.

"What the hell are you doing?" I hissed, anxiously glancing round to see if anyone had seen. I didn't care I people knew I was gay but it was like Mr Stewart said – Miley takes criticism to heart and I wasn't having her reveal that we were together without her truly knowing what was she doing.

"What? I know you love it," she smirked before wrapping her hands around my neck. I grabbed her wrists and put them by her side.

"Stop it. What's gotten into you?"

"Nothing's gotten into me," she said before glaring at Oliver, "I just want people to know we're together and that you're mine and no one else's," she said emphasising each point. Okay now I know what she was up to. She was still pissed at Oliver.

"You told her?!" exclaimed Oliver, running his hand through his dark hair.

"Of course she told me! I'm her girlfriend," she told him taking an angry step forward.

"Miley, shush," I begged.

"No Lilly, he should know – he does know yet he thinks its okay for him to kiss you. He needs to know that is not alright!"

"I do know that Miley! Of course I know that and I'm sorry but I don't regret it – I love her," retaliated Oliver. Shit.

"Love? You love her?!" she repeated, staggering back slightly. People were starting to stare now, drawn to the scene by the raised voices.

"Will you both just shut up?!" I yelled at them. They did and both stared at me. "We've talked about this and you both understand so why can't we just forget it?"

"Because-" stared Miley and Oliver in sync but I put my hand over their mouths.

"No. Not now," I glanced at the growing crowd of students. "Okay?"

They both reluctantly nodded.


I paced up and down my living room; Miley and Oliver were both seated at opposite ends of the couch.

"We've discussed this and I thought I made it clear to you both: I'm gay and in love with Miley. It's as simple as that so there's no need for any of the shit that was pulled today," I glanced at Miley.

"I'm sorry but I can't let him think that it was okay," she justified, glaring at Oliver.

"I know it wasn't okay!" he responded, raising his voice, "It just happened. I didn't mean to! But that doesn't mean I wish I hadn't!"

"So you'd do it again?" she asked standing.

"Miley, sit down. Oliver shut up," I pushed a hand through my hair. "When are you two going to get it through your heads? I want no one but Miley – male or female. I'm just not interested. So the 'kiss'- if we can call it that - is insignificant. And no he won't do it again because surely he understands by now that we're just friends. Okay?"

I took a deep breathe and watch their reactions. Oliver clearly wasn't happy and neither was Miley despite knowing what I said was right.

"I understand that completely," said Oliver quietly, "But you can't expect me to just get over you just like that," he said, clicking his fingers.

"Well that's just tough shit, Oken," Miley told him as she slumped in her chair.

"And you can't expect me to say nothing when she's coming out with stuff like that,"

"Both of you – quiet. I am not your mother! I shouldn't have to be sorting out these childish squabbles. Both of you are in the wrong. Oliver – you shouldn't have attempted anything but you did and you understand why it was wrong and I know you won't do it again. Miley – you know I love you and that you should have to feel jealous or assert any possession over me. I'm yours already; you don't have to shout it from the roof. So can we please just forget all of this and be best friends again please?" I asked my voice becoming weaker as I got to the end of my short rant. I fell back into the armchair, my head in my hands. I could feel hot tears threatening to fall and I tried to blink them back but to no avail.


"Are you okay, Lils?"

"Does it look like I'm fucking okay?" I retorted as tears began cascading down my cheeks and falling onto my jeans. I felt four arms suddenly around me and I instantly felt claustrophobic under it.

"Back off, Oliver,"

"She's my best friend, you back off,"

"I'm her girlfriend!" they argued. I pulled out of the arms encircling me.

"Both of you back off!" I yelled. "Is it too much to ask that you guys can get along and forget all this shit huh? Is that too fucking much? It isn't that hard! I can't be dealing with all this right now! I'm at court tomorrow, sending my dad to prison for a very long time and you two are squabbling like little kids,"

"Lilly," they said in unison and started towards me. I took several steps back.

"No. Just leave. Both of you – I can't deal with it. Just go," I said wiping tears on my sleeve.

Oliver mutely nodded and headed out of the door. Miley hung around and slowly approached me, taking my hand in hers gently.

"Miley… please," I whispered, "I just… I can't deal with this,"

"Okay…" she said softly before lifting our hands and kissing mine lightly before turning to leave. She reached the door and turned to me and whispered "I am sorry, you know."

"I know," I responded quietly, watching her as she left. I sank back into the armchair and more tears fell and soaked my jeans. This is the worst thing about only having two best friends – when the shit hits the fan there isn't a neutral party to talk to about it.

After a few moments sobbing to myself I realised I did have somewhere to go. Someone who I could talk to about these things… well at least I think I can. It'll at least get my mind off of it. I glanced in the mirror and wiped away the black tear stains before grabbing my key and heading out of the house and down the street. It wasn't far but I'd never been there before…

I approached the front door and took a deep breath before knocking twice. I saw a figure coming towards the door through the frosted glass of the door.

"Oh… uh hi Lilly," they said as they opened the door.

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