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Chapter 10 – Harry's Thoughts and His Spotlight to Badassery

It was during another day at Steels Hearts when I met him. He stupidly came in, asking me who the boss was. Of course, he still acted dumb when Ernest interviewed him. What kind of dumbass asks for a bounty hunter position even though he doesn't have robo?

When I saw him battle 5 or so guys consecutively and won each of them, I knew that this guy had some potential. I just didn't want to say anything.

As I saw his battle experience grow, I couldn't deny it anymore; he was a better than me. That fact hit me like a train when the police decided to test him by having him participate in battles, calling them 'tournaments', in the next couple of days after the whole Rahu/Z Syndicate incident.

His father was the leader of the Z Syndicate. He was also called a master in robo battling- or so what Sergei says. People say that sons act and become like their fathers to some extent. If the statement, "like father, like son," was 100% true, Takeshi must be a god like his dad.

Damn… I'm jealous of that damn fucker.

Harry was staring at the site of the now ruined lab. He couldn't believe at how much damage there was.

How can a group have the ability to do this? He thought grimly.

He looked at a body of a suspicious man and approached him.

It looks like he's knocked down.

However, unconsciously he brought to fingers to his neck. His blood went cold.

W-What the fuck? I-Is he dead?

He went to the body next to the 'dead' body and saw that he was in the same state.

"Oh god…" he whispered.

He checked a member of the police and a lab member and sighed in relief. The both of them were alive. But that doesn't explain why those two suspicious people were dead.

He shook his head to get out of his thoughts. He can't help but feel uneasy.

Dammit. Who could have killed those two guys? Wait. How about Ernest and Linda?

"Dammit!" he ran inside the lab.

The problem was that he didn't know where anyone was. It didn't get any better that he never knew his way around the lab. The only place he knew was Linda's room.

Uuuugh. This is bad. Where is the directory?

Luckily, there were directories everyway (much to Harry's relief).

Now the only problem is where Ernest and Linda could be at…

He decided to check every single room to see if there was any battling. The only thing he found was unconscious people and broken objects and glass.

Hopefully, the janitor will be okay cleaning all this crap.

Then, he finally reached Linda's room.

Oh god. Linda's room.


He walked inside nonchalantly with a smile on his face until…

"Oh god! What the hell?"

Harry gaped at the sight of these suspicious people. A man was dancing on the bed and two others were wearing panties on their head and bras on their chests.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" a suspicious man screeched girlishly, "YOU PERVERT!"


"D-Dammit! Hurry attack that damn man!" another suspicious man screamed, "We must keep this hidden from all!"

"Here comes The Epidemic!" the third one smiled stupidly as he began to dive.

The other two dived as well. Harry was about to dive, but he realized something. He forgot his cube!


In the heated moment, Harry pretended to dive.

"AHHHHH! Here I COME!" Harry yelled, " Blaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzing FIIIIIIIIST!"

Harry punched one of the men in the stomach.

"GAAAAAAAAAH!" the victim yelled in pain and became unconscious.

The other two got out of dive mode and gawked at Harry.

"What the hell, dude?" one of them said, "Low blow, man."

"Hell yeah!" the other one agreed.

"Mega fist!" Harry screamed and punched one of them in the face.


The second victim was knocked out.

"Oh no! Johnny!" the third one cried out, "Johnny no! NOOOOOOO!"

"Uuuuhh… I'll take my leave now…" Harry said as he slowly left the room.

That was too damn freaky. Harry contemplated as he walked in circles near Linda's room. I got to think. Where would a group of assailants head to if they were attacking a laboratory filled with experimental robos…?

It gave Harry a couple of minutes before something actually hit him

Oh! The main experiment room! Duh.

He ran to a nearby directory and tried to find a room that sounded extremely important.

Aha! The Main Central Experimental Chamber. Now that sounds super important.

He examined the map carefully so he won't get lost. He couldn't waste any more time. His precious Linda might be dying right now! As he ran through the long corridors of the lab, he saw a familiar bald guy lying on the floor. Harry paled.

No. No. No. The boss got downed? No way.

He quickly panicked, thinking that his state might be like those two suspicious guys outside.

"E-Ernest!" he screamed loudly as he lowered himself to the floor in order to wake up his boss, "Shit. Boss! Boss! Wake the fuck up!"

He couldn't control his emotions. He sprouted as much cuss words and insults as possible just to get a sign that Ernest was alive.

"Ernest…" he sniffled, "W-Why. Who the fuck did this to you."

It was then he realized that as much as he hates his poetic boss, he couldn't bear losing another fellow Steel Hearts companion.

"D-Dammit…" he whispered as he contained his anger, "DAMMIT!"

His pounded the floor with one of his fists, only to feel pain rocket up to his arm.

He tried not to cry. There was no way he would cry for someone like Ernest. He was a total asshole to everyone (except to Linda, of course). However, his heart told him otherwise. Harry knew it. He just denied things.

"Ernest… You might be a total ass, but there was no reason why you should be dead," he sniffled, "For fuck's sake, what about Linda, huh? Didn't you say that you wanted to marry her?"

He clenched his fists until they turned white. He needed to hold it in; his boss would never let this crap faze him. He has to do the same.

"Now I'm going to take Linda from you, you damn dead bastard."

Harry stood up and ran off to the Main Chamber, never looking back at Ernest's unconscious body.

"You ain't taking shit, Harry."

"Uh… Is this Steel Hearts?"

A younger Harry stood before Ernest like a mouse.

"No shit, kid. What the hell do you think this is? A jungle?"

"N-No sir!" Harry shook his head, steadily looking straight at Ernest.

"Good. So why you here?"

"To become a bounty hunter."

"A bounty hunter? Why a bounty hunter?"

"I want to become the best robo commander that my sis has ever seen."

"Doing it for your sis, eh? She dyin' so you want to try to be a man and pay for her hospital bills?


"She got kidnapped."


"She fell in love with some guy so you want to take her for yourself by acting as the better man?"

"The hell? No!"

"Heh. Just messing with you, kid. So what's this about your sis?"

"I want to beat her."

"Beat her? Battling robos?"


There was no way he would give out more information about his feud with his sister to this guy.

"Okay then. So-"

"I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Are you the boss of this joint? I thought bosses were supposed to sound sophisticated."

"Get the hell out."


Harry still remembers his first time at Steel Hearts. He wanted to become a bounty hunter to spite his family. His parents expected him to follow his sister's footsteps and become a police officer. He hated all the pressures from his family so he decided go off in his own way. He knew that bounty hunters were called the lowest of the low, so he knew he would give his family a low blow. He always wanted to attack his family and ruin the reputation his family held.

Now that he thinks about it as he ran to that Central Chamber, he's glad that he acted the way he did. If he didn't, he wouldn't meet Marcia and Takeshi. And he wouldn't meet his role model, Ernest, the asshole poet.

Harry literally jumps in the Main Central Experimental Chamber without a thought and screams, "Okay fuckers! Who wants some?"

His face went white as he saw all the lab members occupying the room knocked out and the only member who was still standing was Linda and a bunch of those suspicious guys.

Dammit. I was too late.

He saw that Linda was trembling. It must be because of all of the intensity from the current battle she was in. He was amazed though. She was holding her own against 6 guys.

"L-Linda!" Harry screamed as he ran toward her opponents, "I'm commmming fooor yoooou!"

He did what he done best, cheat. He punched and physically attacked them until they were out cold.

He was beginning to sweat, but he done his job.

Linda stared at him in wonder and chuckled, "You never cease to amaze me, Harry."

As usual, Harry made a dumb face and said, "Anything for yoooou, Linda!"

She smiled before asking, "I never thought brute force would actually help."

"Muhahah! Anyway, where's the fire?" Harry asked as he scratched the back of his head.

"The fire is right here."

Linda and Harry turned behind them to see a tattooed man and a hulking body following behind him.

"I-Is that you Issac?" Linda asked in denial.

"Fuck yes it is, Linda," Issac responded calmly, "Now get out the way. I'm done here."

"Issac… Why? Why are you with these men?" she cried.

"Tch. Because I believe in The Epidemic."

"I-I trusted you…"

"Trusted me? You mean, loved me?"

Harry couldn't believe what he heard. Linda loved this traitor? What?

"H-Hold on," Harry said in a shaky voice, "W-What do you mean?"

"What the fuck you think, dumbass?" Issac spat, "She loved me. Meaning that she was all over me. She was intoxicated by my presence. I was seen as her most precious person."

"B-But she had Ernest…"

Harry glanced at Linda only to see her looking down at her feet.

"That fucking poetic dumbshit? Oh man… She was all on my nuts even though she's engaged to him. She knows it. She loves me more than that fool. Isn't that right, Linda?"

Linda didn't even respond. Harry clenched his fists for the umpteenth time today and glared at Issac. The anger that was seething from his body was indescribable.

"FUCK YOU!" Harry screamed as he ran head-on to Issac.

However, the hulking man behind him slammed his fist into his stomach.

"GUH!" Harry felt the air ran out of him.

"You don't touch Issac," Vladimir glared back.

"Heh. Thank you, Vlad. But please don't kill him," Issac smirked.

"F-Fuck," Harry fell to the ground in pain.

"Now that's done," Issac said as he glanced at Harry and walked toward Linda, "I must thank you for all of your love, Linda. I felt unbearable warmth emanating from my heart when we were together. But it's time for me to go."

He grabbed a cube from his pocket and shoved it in her face.

"I'll just call this my anniversary gift from you to me," he smirked as he lifted her head and kissed her lips, "That'll be my gift from me with all the love that I can ever give to a person."

Linda didn't respond; the only apparent thing that could be seen from her face was her tears.

"Heh. And thanks for the fuck," he whispered in her ear.

Meanwhile, Harry was struggling to get up.

"D-Dammit," he breathed.

That cube must be what they wanted. I-I need to grab it. In order for them to get the hell out without accomplishing their goal… I got to do what Takeshi did.

"TAKE THAT FUCKING CUBE!" Harry leaped to bum rush Issac in order to grab the cube.

"W-What the fuck?" Issac screamed as he felt the sudden extra weight appearing from his side, "SHIT! Vlad!"

Harry struggled to grab the cube from Issac's hand.

Dammit. I got to hurry or else Hulk is going to tear my ass apart. Harry thought as he struggled with all his might to rip the cube out of this cheating bastard's hands. This shit better be worth it though.

Harry quickly snatched the cube and pressed the activation button to register himself with the cube.

"NOOOOOOOOOO! YOU FUCKING SHIT!" Issac tried to get the cube back with no avail.

"W-What the hell?" Harry said in wonder.

A white circular dome of light surrounded him.

"What is this, Issac?" Vladimir asked," Is this-"

"Yes, Vlad," Issac said quietly, "The Sandrock is now his."

Welcome to the Sandrock, Sir. I am your AI from here on out. The name is Four. Please state your name and give all of your personal data. Afterwards, I will give you instructions on how to manually control this robo.

Harry couldn't help but smirk.

"The name is Harry, Four."

Shit is about the get real. Ernest… Watch me.


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