The night Marik stole Christmas

Disclaimers :

I don't own the Yugioh characters, nor the ideas of Little Kuriboh, I just got inspired to create my own ones.

Bored of Chrtistmas stories? Let's ruin Chrtistmas, a council of evil doom parody!

Somewhere in Egypt...

Marik gathers once more his evil council of doom

Marik : Goddamnit! Christmas is coming and we haven't figured out yet how to anhinilate Yugi!

Weevil : I hate winter, it kills my lovely bugs!

Rex : No ones gives a sh*t for your stupid bugs, dinosaurs endure the cold.

Zombie boy : Brains!

Rex : Yes zombie boy, cold preserves brains, too.

Pegasus : I don't care what you say, fossil boy! It's just sex that keeps you warm.

Marik: Silence my servants! You're all pathetic! Let's get to the point : we want to destroy Yugi! I want you to think with your small brains how to do it!

Zombie boy : Brains...

Marik kicks zombie boy out

Pegasus : Why don't we get a break? It's Christmas time. I love Chrtistmas, I love to get dressed as Santa Claus and give presents to the kids...

Marik : No one asked your opinion gay old man.

Bakura : I hate Christmas, it's so stupid to decorate a flashing stupid tree, and those smiles get on my nerves.

Zorc : I've got an idea! Let's ruin Christmas! Ha ha ha ha!

Marik : Wait just a minute you f**cking fool! Ruin the Christmas, that sounds brilliant! We kidnap the f**cking old man and Yugi will not get any presents! That's terrific! The point is, where we shall find that red dressed pervert!

Weevil : The song says he's from Caesarea. And he's got some stupid reindeers with him. Wonder how they manage to sustain the megatons of that freaking bastard!

Marik : Lets open the map! I wanna see where he is!

Zorc : Take my gps you mortals! I bought it to know what will remain once we destroy the world! Ha ha ha ha!

Bakura : Stupid freak, just shut up and give it to me!

Marik gets impressed by looking at the gps

Marik : Oh there he is! Let's get a plan on how to kidnap him! Bakura, you get dressed as reindeer. Your hair is forming horns, he will not notice.

Bakura : Why not send Santa to the Shadow Realm? I love stealing souls and torture them to death!

Marik : For they will suspect us, you fluffy boy! We shall keep that man imprisoned an free him when Christmas is over.

Author : What about Greece you stupid girly men? He visits Greece at new years eve, not at Christmas!!

Bakura : Shut up, no one cares what happens to Greece as long as Santa will not visit Yugi.

Author : Fine, I should have put you clean the toilet at the story ''Use it you fool!'' with your tongue!

Pegasus : I have an idea, let me dress as an old man! I love under aged girls who tickle my bunny! I tell them it's my third hand and they greet it!

Marik : Sh*t the f*ck up you damn one eyed mortal or I'll have Bakura take you the second eye as well!

Pegasus sighs

Pegasus : Whatever! Do as you please lovely boys! I'm gonna put some moisturising shearing for the occasion demands it. I want to have a skin so tender and smooth that feels like the ass of a baby!

Stay tuned, another chapter is waiting once I find more time!