Author's Notes: I'm not so sure about The Vixen and Alpha Wolf right now, so I'm making this story instead! Bwahahahahah!!! In this fic, you can say that almost everyone is hot, sexy, and hate each other. It's a model industry filled with sex-saturated drama and dark undertones. Shikamaru is a year older than Tenten here, okay? I will be changing the other characters' ages too. Sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, yeah, and about the title, sorry I couldn't think of anything else. Enjoy!

Title: Hot Shot

Pairing: Neji/Tenten (of course) plus others

Rating: T (but it will get hot)

Summary: In the modeling world, no matter how pretty you are, things can get ugly, especially if you don't know who you're up against.

Model Portfolio

Full Name: Nara Tenten

Age: 19

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 116 lbs.

Measurements: 36-25-35

Body Type: Hourglass Figure

Has Modeled For: Hot Vixen Summer Catalog, Takashima Akito Runway Show, LuvUrLook Diamond Cosmetic Line

Chapter 1 – Get Booked

January 6, 20xx

Winter break was finally over. It was back to school for the majority of youth and back to work for those lucky enough to get a vacation. Days involving waking up as late as you want and being laid back all day had come to an end.

The Japanese had long been known as very hard working people. Tardiness wasn't an offense to be tolerated and working late was for appraisal. Being able to give that extra something in a task given to you was heart-warming and self-fulfilling. Work varied, but all had but one goal – to be the best.

Tenten, an average college student majoring in chemistry, knew with all her heart what she wanted in life. She didn't want to be the girl next door, ordinary and plain looking. She didn't want to be the chemistry teacher her adoptive parents wanted her to be. She certainly didn't want to be the perfect little girl her family thought she was. She, with every fiber of her living existence screaming to the world, had hopes and dreams of something much more than having a boring everyday job. She wanted excitement in life; not expecting what would come the next day. She wanted to be a model and not just a model- the best model to ever walk the streets of Japan.

No. That was the answer she got. Her adoptive parents absolutely forbade it. They preferred a more knowledge-induced career as they had. Her adoptive father was an accountant for L-Market Corp., while her mother was a nutritionist (still, it didn't stop Tenten from choking down at least two slices of pizza a week) for Konoha Hospital. Of course, she loved them with all her heart and was terribly grateful for their kindness. Thus, she had no right to deny them what they expected of her.

After two years of begging and dramatic excuses, she finally got a 'yes'. However, 'only if' was gruesomely attached to it. They'd allow her to model, but she had to finish her college education first – a full four year chemistry course. She was on scholarship, so failing or obtaining a grade lower than the required would detain her dream even further.

"It's only four years of agony. Just get it over with," her adoptive brother, Shikamaru, once commented lazily.

At least he had it easy. With an IQ of 200, his skills didn't go unnoticed. He was the perfect strategist, whether it be in chess or in a business scheme. His only flaw though, was laziness, but that didn't deteriorate his gift in any way. Ever since a business project in his 4th year of high school (which of course, he aced and impressed everyone), companies across Japan had been dying to get him to work for them. Now, he was working for a huge TV network and advertising company called JAPanEntertainment, and he didn't even go to college. They always had him at hand, so Tenten didn't see him that often anymore, but he always brought her presents when he got back. Yes, she was that spoiled with him, and yes, he had a really, really big pay check every month.

"Tenten, get up."

She groaned, pulling the blankets over her head. "Shika, go away."

"You're going to be late."

"I'm already late."

The older boy cursed under his breath and shook her form harder. "Get up, now. Mom and Dad won't be happy with this."

Quickly sitting up, she retorted, "What about me? I'm not happy going to that lousy school everyday!"

"It's the Fire Leaf College, very prestigious, if you remember."

"I don't care about that dumb place! I want to be a model!"

"You have no idea how hard it is to be a professional model," he sighed, scratching his head and sitting next to her.

"Do you?" Her eyes narrowed, testing him.

"I practically work in the industry. I've seen these 'models' struggle shooting commercials and breaking down in front of photographers. They think they can handle it, but they can't."

"But I'm not like those other girls! I know I can do this! I've done i-"

She immediately covered her mouth, before she could say more.

He lightly smiled at her. "I know, and I support you all the way."

It was true. He knew how good she could become, and he knew how far she could go. It was only a matter of time. Sure, she had simple, dark brown hair and a lighter shade of brown eyes, but she had the X-factor look you can't just find anywhere. He would know. He sees hundreds of actresses and models every single day.


"Takashima Akito's assistant called me over the holiday. He wanted you again for his next show."


"Yeah, and Mom and Dad will definitely ground you for it."

"Oh, Shika, please don't tell them! Please, please, please!"

She started cuddling him and whining even more, something Shikamaru couldn't tolerate when both done at the same time. It just reminded him of two blonde girls who wouldn't get off his back.

"Jeez stop it already! I could smell your bad breath! I'm not going to tell them."

He shrugged her off and stood up. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Sighing, he pulled her up as well. "But, you have to tell me whenever you get booked okay? I don't like the clothes Hot Vixen asked you to wear."

"Aww…Shika, you're no fun!"


For the seventh time that day, Tenten sighed. She couldn't focus on anything her professor was saying. It started out with something in aromatic compounds, and it didn't take five minutes before she started daydreaming.

In her mind, she was a top model walking on the runway, lights and cameras all on her. There, she wore a white, sexy halter dress, matching stilettos, and a red handbag clutch from world-renowned designer ANKO. Fans swooned and cheered as she strut her stuff. After a quick kiss to the paparazzi and a flirtatious wave goodbye, she left the runway, the crowd still wild, chanting her name.

"Tenten! Tenten! Tenten!"

Ah, yes, that was the life.


She snapped out of her thoughts and cringed. Damn. How long had she been out?

"Sorry, Iruka sensei."

He impatiently tapped his fingers against his table. "Test. Now. I don't care if all of you fail."

Everyone in class groaned and gave her a glare. Iruka immediately passed out the test papers and said, "If all of you could actually put some effort into listening, maybe this subject wouldn't be such a pain. You all have 20 minutes to finish the test. Begin!"

Tenten didn't bother looking into her sheets. She knew there was no way she could pass this one. The only thing she could do to get out of it was to cheat but only enough to get a passing grade. She loved her seat next to the window. It always had a nice view of the campus and a cool little breeze every once in a while, but most importantly, it was the seat next to Uchiha Sasuke, the smartest guy in the whole course itself. The great thing about it was that he was too cocky and confident in himself that he thought no one would dare peek at his answers. Lucky for her, but too bad he didn't have that many friends. His nerdy glasses and messy hair didn't go well with his I'm-better-than-you-personality. That's why not many people liked him.

First period biochemistry ended quietly and solemnly, the other students still hating her, not that it bothered her. She was used to it. Walking through the halls to her next subject (which was physics, another bore), she couldn't help but turn her head to a certain pink-haired beauty. Haruno Sakura, a student in Medical Technology, was the most popular and sought after girl in the whole of the Fire Leaf Academy. Not only was she both a mixture of beauty and brains, she was a young, fresh model slowly rising to fame. ANKO even described her as the next big thing that will happen to the fashion world. She was perfect in every way possible, from her bubble gum pink hair and bright, green eyes to her long, flawless legs. Designers loved her look, and photographers couldn't get enough of her. Guys wanted her, and girls wanted to be her. Tenten was one of those girls.

As she turned to the next hall, the brunette couldn't help but compare herself to Sakura. Next to her, Tenten knew that she would go unnoticed. She didn't have any special features like crazy hair or eye color. Her legs weren't as long and her figure wasn't as thin as hers were. She wasn't as rich or as popular as she was, having an entourage of girls with her everywhere. She was nothing compared to her. It was sad, but true.

She lightly kicked a nearby locker and stepped into the classroom, trying her best to push her frustrations away. Modeling was her passion. She finally got a taste of it during winter break, even though she was an amateur and practically had no experience other than taking pictures of herself on her phone. This was her dream, and nothing could stop her from achieving her goal.

Slowly, she smiled with renewed hope and took a seat, letting out another defeated sigh.


Shikamaru cursed as coffee spilled over his perfectly pressed denim.

He was on the set of a commercial to be aired in 6 days, and everyone was in a rush.

Immediately, the wardrobe crew gathered around him and did miracles even he couldn't comprehend all at once. The newly appointed assistant of the director of the shoot was profusely apologizing to him for being so careless and begged him not to fire her. Newbies. Seriously, did they all have to be stereotypically clumsy as everyone expected them to be?

With his pants returned to its original state, he went back to paperwork for a new product JAPanEntertainment was investing in. Suddenly, his phone started ringing. Great. He knew exactly who it was and deliberated whether he should answer it or not. The vibrations persisted. It must have been important.

"Yeah?" he answered, dragging the word lazily.

"Haruno is hideous."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"Get me another model."

"I'm a strategic manager not a talent scout."

"And you promised me a fresh model 3 weeks ago."

"Haruno Sakura is the freshest thing on the market right now, and she was really excited to be under the care of your modeling agency."

"Well, I don't want her. Get me a new model by Friday."

"Why the hell am I doing this for you again?"

"I don't really have to remind you, do I?"

"Tsk. Fine." Beep. Damn bastard and his stupid blackmail. Where in the world could he get a fresh model by Friday, up his ass? It was only two days away!

He returned to the paperwork once more. Oh, shit. Why hadn't it hit him earlier?

He grabbed his phone for the hundredth time that day and speed dialed an old friend. We are fighting dreamers…takami wo mezashite…fighting dreamers…


"Talk to me, babe."

"I'm not gay, Sai."

"That's what they all say. So what can I do for you that you can't do for me?"

"See, the thing is I'm going to be in trouble, if I don't produce a model by Friday."

"Oh, Nara-san, I can't help you with that. You know how camera shy I am."

"Idiot. That's not what I called you for. I need you to make a top model for me."

"Got a canvas I can paint on?"

"Yes, and she's a brunette."

"Game on."


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"You want to know what's wrong with you?! You're too heavy, you're head's too big for your body, and your ass looks like it's about to explode any second!"

The black-haired lady she originally thought to be extremely gorgeous and outgoing came running out the office door, crying her heart out.


Tenten gulped and stood up. This was it. She was so going to die.