Merry Christmas 2009!

Aang x Katara. Short


For all that we struggle,
For all we pretend
You know it don't come down to nothing
Except love in the end
David Gray

Love is pretty damn indefinable.

For the one thing, you could never really understand it until you've fallen under it, but even then, it means too much to ever be describable. It is different things to different people, and as such, can never have universal meaning.

That does not make it, however, any less potent.

If you were to ask Sokka, he would tell you that you can love someone that has gone despite the fact that they are only a shadow in your memory and a reminder in the night sky. He could also tell you that despite lingering love that traces through your life you can still love again, and love stronger, and longer.

Suki, in response, would laugh a little and say that love was putting up with anything and knowing in your heart that although you came second, you were not second best.

Toph could tell you that despite your differences of opinion and life, you could still love your family, even though there may be a separation between you that may never be bridged.

Zuko, if you were to ask him, would tell you that love comes in many forms. He would say that the love you feel for your siblings can wax and wane, but some emotions can never fade. He would tell you that the loving respect for your mentor would never change, and that the love he feels for his girlfriend is more deep and honest than he would ever have dreamed possible.

Katara would say that love is where you find it, and that Aang tried too hard to rationalise it.

Then, she would wind her slim, skilful fingers through his and let warmth spread up through his arm, until he felt like his heart would burst with happiness.

Aang would smile back, and in response to the question, would say that love is just a direction, just a direction that he was willing to follow.