So I been thinking of this for a while and this is just a little preview

Chap 1

JR: I don't know how it all became so big but the story of Faith Lehane is the most known story throughout WWF and WWE history. And today is her last match here on Raw. Here is how it started...

King: Oh my god someone has to stop this, Chris Jericho has gone too far. Someone needs to get out there and save Trish.

JR: Why doesn't Jericho pick on someone his own size beating on-- Whoa who is that? Jericho just got hit in the head from behind by wait is that a woman

King: It sure is JR and she sure is giving him an ass whooping. Jericho seems to be unconscious

Faith: Hey are you okay (walking towards Trish)

Trish: Wow you saved me ?!

F: Well you know (looks embarrassed) I don't think women should be beat on

T: Thanks I really appreciate it

(both begin to walk away)

T: Oh by the way who are

F:( chuckles) Faith...Lehane, Faith Lehane. I'm a new wrestler and before you ask no I won't try and take your title because I don't wrestle women

T: Oh wow maybe we can hangout sometime

F: Sure anytime blondie (walks away)

T: Its Trish (she says in a whisper)

King: Wow I think Faith has already made a name for herself

JR: I can't wait to see this woman wrestle

King: I agree with you there JR.

Jeff Hardy: Dude you're so in there.

Faith: Man all I did was save her ass

Jeff: Yea, what ever. But as soon as you enter that locker room girls are going to be all over you.

Faith: Sure, we'll see.

(Faith Enters the Divas Locker room)

Torrie: Hey Faith, you were so awesome out there.

Faith: Uh Thanks

Melina: Yea anytime you're sore from a match just give me a call

Faith: Alright

Candice Michelle: Yea Faith, you can call me anytime.

Melina: God, you're such a slut Candice

Candice: You're just mad because Faith likes me better. Right Faith!?

Faith: Well uh um…

Torrie: Both of you are sluts. Faith wouldn't look your way even if you didn't have on any clothes on!

(Melina,Candice Michelle,Torrie start fighting over Faith)

(Faith turns toward the camera giving them a dimple smile)

Faith: Maybe this won't be so bad after all

JR: Hey King, how do think Faith knows Jeff Hardy so well

King: Well it says here that she's Jeff and Matt Hardy's younger half sister.

JR: Well isn't that something. You think their wrestling style is the same.

King: I don't know. I guess we'll have to find out when she wrestles Edge

JR: So there you have it that was the first time Faith was introduced to the wrestling world.

King: Yea and boy did she get lucky that night. I wanna be just like Faith when I grow up.

Okay that's it so far it was something I just thought of when I was watching old wrestling clips. Maybe Faith still is the vampire slayer I don't know yet give me some the way this is when like all the wrestlers today just started.