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Warning: Mild SLASH

Summary: Harry waits in the airport for his boyfriend to arrive in England after nearly a year of being separated. Harry/Jasper Hale

December 20th:

2000 Miles


Harry stood in Gatwick airport waiting for people to start coming through the new arrivals door. He was excited beyond words to have Jasper back in England after nearly a year apart.

He'd met Jasper three years ago at around this time when he'd accidentally bumped into the Vampire, for Harry had known that was what the beautiful blond man was as soon as green eyes locked with honey gold.

Jasper of course had been shocked at not only his sluggish reactions that allowed him to collide with the human, Jasper had informed Harry, or at least he'd thought he was a human, but also the smell of Harry's blood. It was probably the most appealing thing he'd ever smelt yet it didn't make him want to drink from Harry like most humans did, like Bella had done for Edward, but rather instilled certain other basic urges in him.

Harry had giggled at the stoic explanation of the fact that Harry's smell turned the Vampire on but had smiled at his boyfriend of a year, at the time, after the explanation.

So Now here he stood three years practically to the day that he'd first met Jasper, and indeed the rest of his family, excited beyond anything to be seeing his boyfriend once again, after all man could not live upon letters, texts and phone calls alone. Harry hated that they lived so far apart, cursing the new ministry laws about magical creatures that demoted them to second class citizens, unless of course they were protected by their own Ministry's embassy, but was glad that such a distance would only be put between them for a few months longer.

Harry sighed as his thoughts drifted to that day six months in the future that they all waited for, wishing it could be sooner. Harry and Jasper were to be married before Harry became one of them, a Vampire, so that Harry would have American citizenship in the eyes of the Ministry of Magic in that country and would then be allowed to live with the people he saw as his family.


Harry was brought out of his musings as he caught sight of first a head of blond curls and then those beautiful honey coloured eyes that always seemed so much more beautiful on Jasper than the other members of his family, until finally he was looking at the whole smiling face of his boyfriend.

"Jasper," He called happily, throwing himself into the arms of his boyfriend who easily caught him and picked him up as if he weighed nothing, which for a Vampire was likely the case. Leaning forward Harry pressed his lips against Jasper's in a searing kiss.

"I missed you," Harry whispered as he wrapped his legs around Jasper's waist and leant his head on his boyfriend's shoulder, offering a small wave to the six other members of Jasper's family as they walked out of the airport.

"I missed you too Harry," Jasper replied placing a kiss on Harry's forehead.

So there's another one. This is definitely one of my favourites, aren't Harry and Jasper so cute? It's totally one of my favourite pairings at the and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

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