Summary: Rachel Berry is a new transfer student at William McKinley High School. More than one guy develop an interest but what happens when one of the schools most popular boys develops a crush on her? Characters will be OOC – Quinn won't be such a bitch, Finn won't be such an idiot, Puck won't be such a dick and Rachel won't be such a control freak and she will also be very modest and occasionally shy.

Chap 1

Rachel Berry walked through the front doors of William McKinley High School, nervous and shaking. She walked past people who all looked at her with confusion.

She headed straight for the front office where Principal Figgins would be waiting to give her a timetable and show her around. She pushed open the door and walked over to the front desk.

"Hi. My name's Rachel Berry." She said to the woman behind the desk.

"Ahh yes Rachel. Principal Figgins will see you in a minute if you'd just like to take a seat. He is just dealing with a matter at the moment but should be out soon." The woman said with a friendly smile. Rachel went and sat down where the woman had pointed and waited.

Soon two boys emerged from Principal Figgins' office. An older man followed them out and said "Now boys, I won't punish you this time but if it happens I will be talking to Mr. Schuester and Coach Tanaka and have you suspended from the teams."

"Yes sir." Both boys said in unison before turning around. Rachel took in the appearances of the two boys. The first was tall, at least 6'6. He had short brown hair, brown eyes and was pretty well built. The second boy took Rachel's breath away. He had piercing green eyes, stood about 6'4 and his brown (almost black) hair was cut into a Mohawk. He was as well built as the other boy and Rachel assumed they were both football players.

The taller boy smiled at her as they passed whilst the other looked her up and down quickly before nodding at her. Rachel looked down at her outfit – a pair of dark blue, faded skinny jeans, a grey hoodie vest with no sleeves and a black tank top underneath and a pair of black gladiator heels. She couldn't find anything wrong with it and stopped her assessment when Principal Figgins gained her attention.

"Miss. Berry?" He asked.

Rachel stood up and followed him into his office. She took a seat after shaking his hand.

"Well Miss. Berry, your old school has faxed over your transcripts and I must say, they are very impressive." Figgins said. Rachel blushed at the praise.

"Thank you sir." She said as she shot him a smile.

"Now I will show you to your locker and then your first class." Figgins said. He stood up and left the room. Rachel followed him down the hall to a red locker.

"This is your locker and this is your combination." He handed her a piece of paper before continuing. "If I'm not mistaken your first class is English so if you'll follow me."

Rachel followed behind the principal memorising the route to her first class. Soon they both stopped outside classroom 25B.

"Wait here." Figgins said before he knocked and entered the room. Rachel waited outside the room, fiddling with her bag strap. Once again the door opened and Principal Figgins motioned for her to enter.

She walked in and suddenly felt extremely self conscious. There were twenty sophomores staring at her. She noticed the two boys from the office this morning. She turned to the teacher when he started talking.

"Hi there Rachel. My name is Mr. Simpson. Welcome." The teacher said with a friendly smile.

"I will take my leave now. Please come and see me this afternoon when school is finished Miss. Berry." Figgins said.

"Yes sir." Rachel said as he left the room. She turned back to the class and took a deep breath.

"Ok then Rachel, why don't you take a seat next to Kurt and we will get started. Kurt?" Mr. Simpson said.

Rachel noticed a boy wearing a collared shirt and a fedora hat raise his hand. Rachel moved towards the desk next to him and slid into it.

"Ok class, today we will be having a pop quiz." Thee whole class groaned as Simpson handed out the papers.

When he came to Rachel he said "I don't expect you to do this. We have just read and analysed the first ten chapters of Dracula by Bram Stoker."

"It's ok sir. I can do it. I have studied that book at my last school." Rachel explained.

"Ok well if you are having problems, don't worry. This is not being graded." Simpson said before moving on to the next person.

Once all the papers were handed out, Simpson started the time and everyone began writing.

Rachel looked down at the first question and smiled: What time and day did Jonathan Harker leave Munich?

Rachel wrote her answer neatly and continued onto the next question. Soon she was done and there was still 15 minutes of class left. She checked her answers over twice before turning her paper over and placing her pen down.

"You done?" A voice from beside her whispered. Rachel turned her head and looked at the boy next to her.

"Kurt." He said as he stuck his hand out.

"Rachel." She whispered in reply. She cast a worried glance to the teacher, she didn't want to get in trouble on her first day here.

"Don't worry about him. He usually only gives us a pop quiz so that he can catch up on some sleep. He'll wake up when the bell rings." Kurt explained.

"Ok then." Rachel replied.

"So Rachel, where you from?" Kurt asked.

"San Francisco. This is my 10th school I think." Rachel said.

"Whoa! Ten schools. Why so many?" Kurt asked with wide eyes.

"My daddy's job takes us all over the place." Rachel explained.

"That sucks. Well, welcome to Lima." Kurt said with a smile.

"Thanks. So what classes do you take?" Rachel asked.

"Other than this, algebra 1, music, biology, drama and textiles. What about you?" Kurt asked as he turned in his seat.

"Biology, 3 unit maths, music, art and ancient history." Rachel said.

Before Kurt could say anything else, the bell rang signalling the end of first period.

"Have you got music now?" Kurt asked as they both collected their bags.

After checking her timetable Rachel turned to Kurt and replied "Yea."

"Sweet. I'll walk with you. What instrument do you play?" Kurt asked.

"Piano and a little guitar. What about you?" Rachel asked.

"He sings, don't you Beyoncé." A voice from behind them said.

Kurt and Rachel turned and came face – to – face with the guys she had seen in the office. They both moved to either side of the pair and fell into step with Kurt and Rachel.

"Rachel this is Puck and Finn. Guys, this is Rachel. She just transferred here from San Francisco." Kurt explained.

"Hi there. You were that girl in the office this morning weren't you?" Finn asked Rachel.

"Yep that was me. Why were you guys in Principal Figgins office?" Rachel asked.

"Well you see, we kinda played a few pranks on Coach Sylvester yesterday and this morning and she didn't take it well." Finn said with a slight grin. Puck, who was walking next to Rachel, smirked and ran a hand over his Mohawk.

"Who?" Rachel asked.

"Sylvester is the cheerleading coach. She has been riding the girls really hard and Quinn is about to fizzle out." Finn explained.

"Quinn is Finn's girlfriend and the head cheerleader." Kurt explained when Rachel looked at them confused.

"That's sweet that you would do that for her." Rachel commented.

"I would do anything for her." Finn said with a goofy smile.

Puck whispered "Pussy" before he slapped Finn upside the head.

The group of four entered the music room and Kurt pulled Rachel into a seat next to him and a black girl.

"Mercedes, this is Rachel. Rachel this is Mercedes." Kurt introduced.

"Hey girl. I love your shoes." Mercedes said as Rachel sat down.

Rachel blushed and said "Thanks. Yours are pretty awesome to." Mercedes looked down at her bright pink converse hi-tops and smiled.

"I'm gunna like you white girl." Mercedes said.

Rachel smiled and pulled out a pen ready to take any notes.

--- Rachel POV ---

The music teacher entered the room and immediately focused on me.

"Ahh yes I heard we had a new student. Welcome. What instruments do you play?" He asked.

"Piano and a bit of guitar." I replied. I also sang but no one really knew that. Only my dads.

"Excellent. We have been in need of a new pianist. How long have you played?" Mr. Michaels asked.

"Piano since I was 7 and guitar for about two years now." I said. I ducked my head because everyone was looking at me. I really hate attention.

"Well, I am looking forward to hearing you perform." Mr. Michaels said before going on to explain what we would be doing that lesson.

Music flew by quickly and I parted from Kurt to find my way to maths.

"D-d-d-o you n-n-need some h-h-help?" A voice behind me asked.

I turned and saw a Chinese girl with black hair and blue streaks and a boy in a wheelchair behind me.

'Yes please. Today is my first day. I'm looking for 3 unit maths." I explained.

"Sure, follow us. That's where we are heading. I'm Artie and this is Tina." The boy said.

"I'm Rachel." I said as I fell into step with Tina.

"H-h-hi there." Tina stuttered out. "H-h-how were yo-o-our first t-t-two c-c-classes?"

"They were good. Kurt is very entertaining." I said with a smile.

"Ahh yes Kurt, William McKinley's resident Diva. Oddest football player ever though." Artie said and I almost tripped over.

"Kurt plays football? I don't believe it." I said as we entered the maths room.

"Y-y-yes. He p-p-plays k-k-kicker." Tina said as she pulled me into a seat in between her and Artie.

After ten minutes of waiting, the teacher still hadn't arrived. I turned to Artie and Tina and asked "Does this happen a lot?"

"Nah, I'd say he has fallen asleep in the teachers lounge. Oh well, free period." Artie said with a smile.

Suddenly Tina's phone went off. She pulled it out and read the text message.

"It's f-f-from Quinn. A-a-apparently Kurt is h-h-having a m-m-meltdown. S-s-someone t-t-threw a s-s-slushy at him. C-c-come on." Tina said. She stood up and grabbed her bag.

"Come on Rachel. You can meet everyone whilst we help Kurt." Artie said.

I grabbed my bag and followed Artie and Tina. I knew how it felt to be slushied. It wasn't pleasant. We quickly entered a bathroom and found it crowded with people.

"MERCEDES! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME GET THIS CRAP OUT! NOT WORKING IT INTO MY HAIR!" Kurt screamed. His shirt was covered in red syrup and there were clumps of sticky ice in his hair.

Mercedes had Kurt standing up and would pour a cup of water on his head then try and pull the ice out.

"You know, it's easier to get slushy out of someone's hair if they are under running water." I commented quietly from beside Tina.

"Who are you?" One cheerleader asked snidely. She was elbowed by one of the blondes who hissed at her to be nice.

"My name is Rachel. Now Kurt, do you want that slushy out of your shirt and hair or do you want it to stain?" I asked.

"Get it out." He hissed.

"Ok then." I said. I put my bag on the ground and moved over to him.

"Take your shirt off so we can get it under some water." I instructed. He pulled the sticky garment off and handed it to me. I squirted some soap on it, rubbed it together and placed it in the full sink to soak.

"Grab a chair and lay your head against the sink." I said as I ran the water. When it was lukewarm, I gently placed Kurt's head under it and let the water flow over his short hair.

"You're lucky; at least your hair is short." I said as I ran my fingers through his hair, working all the ice and syrup out.

Soon all the ice was out and his hair was no longer sticky. I wet some paper towel for him to wipe his face with. Whilst he did that, I walked over to the other sink and started scrubbing his shirt.

"How did you get so good at getting slushy out of someone's hair?" Kurt asked as he dried his hair under the hand dryer.

"Lots of practice." I replied softly as I lifted his shirt to look. It still had some red in it so I placed it back in the water and scrubbed before.

"You've had this done to you before?" One of the blonde cheerleaders asked.

"Plenty of times. The football team made it a daily habit at my old school. It just became part of my routine. Get to school, put my things in my locker and go to my first few lessons then lunch. Whilst walking to my locker after lunch, have a slushy thrown in my face. Miss my free period so that I could clean up, go to my last two lessons, head home then repeat the cycle the next day." I explained. I pulled Kurt's shirt out again and it was free of stains.

I wrung it out and handed it to him. "Here you go, good as new." I said with a smile.

"Thanks. I can't believe someone would do this to me." Kurt said in a haughty tone.

"We really haven't been introduced yet. I'm Quinn Fabray; this is Brittney Tapping, Santana Lopez, Matt Richards and Mike Chang." One of the blonde cheerleaders said. I waved to all of them and smiled.

"I'm Rachel Berry. Well Kurt, I don't think you will need my services anymore so I guess I will be seeing you later. It was great to meet you all." I said as I picked up my bag and left the bathroom.

--- Puck POV ---

As I walked down the hall alongside Kurt, Finn and the new girl, I couldn't help but stare at her. She was beautiful. The skinny jeans and heels made her legs look even longer then they were. Her brown hair was long, wavy and hanging down her back. Her gorgeous brown eyes shone as we talked and all too soon we had to enter music.

We all took her seats and I watched as a perfectly manicured hand dipped into her bag and pulled out a pen and a book. I thought about how those nails would feel running over my shaved head and through my Mohawk.

I continued to watch her until the end of music. When it ended, she stood up and left the room. I followed her, hoping that we were heading to the same lesson. However she turned left whilst I had to turn right. I headed towards my maths period all the while thinking about the brunette beauty.

"That Rachel is quite pretty." Finn commented as we walked.

"Pretty?! The girl is nothing short of exquisite. If I was straight, I'd be all over her like a fat man on cake. She's got a set of pins on her that would make Rihanna jealous." Kurt commented.

I silently agreed with him. They were a set of legs that you dreamed to have wrapped around you.

"What have we got here? Two footballers and a fairy." A voice form beside us said. The three of us turned and came face to face with Daniel Anderson, the captain of the Lacrosse team. He is one of those guys that thinks he is so good.

"And what have we got here? A dumbass Lacrosse player who needs to learn some new insults." Kurt said, staring Daniel down.

"Piss off Anderson." I said. I wasn't in the mood for his shit. I wanted to keep thinking about the things Rachel could do with her legs.

Instead of saying anything, Daniel smirked at his friends before he threw a slushy he was holding all over Kurt. I grabbed him by the shirt and threw him into some lockers.

"Dude, no one fucks with one of my team mates." I said in a deadly whisper.

"Puck let him go. He isn't worth the energy." Finn said as he put a hand on my arm. I dropped Daniel to the ground and turned back to Kurt.

"Bathroom. NOW!" He screeched. Finn and I started walking with him to the bathroom. On the way there, I texted Mercedes and told her what had happened.

By the time we arrived at the bathroom, Quinn, Brittney, Santana, Matt, Mike and Mercedes were all waiting outside.

"Damn Kurt, what happened to you?" Mercedes said.

"Help me get cleaned off." Kurt replied before he pranced into the bathroom.

"What happened?" Quinn asked as we followed Kurt into the bathroom.

"Anderson thought it would be funny to throw a slushy at me." Kurt said. He started pulling the larger clumps of ice from his hair and we all took seats, not knowing how to help.

"I texted Tina so she should be here in a minute." Quinn said as she pulled herself up onto a sink.

The bathroom door opened and Artie rolled in followed by Tina and Rachel. In the small room I became surrounded by her perfume and decided that it was simply the best scent ever.

"MERCEDES! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME GET THIS CRAP OUT! NOT WORKING IT INTO MY HAIR!" Kurt screamed. I turned my gaze from the angel in the bathroom and almost laughed. Beyoncé had a hand on his hip and was glaring at Mercedes. She had a cup of water in her hand and poured it over his head.

"You know, it's easier to get slushy out of someone's hair if they are under running water." Someone said. We all looked and noticed that it was Rachel that spoke. I didn't even want to think that this had happened to her

"Who are you?" Santana hissed. I wanted to get up and deck the bitch. Quinn elbowed her in the side and gave her a look that said 'shut up'.

"My name is Rachel. Now Kurt, do you want that slushy out of your shirt and hair or do you want it to stain?" Rachel said in a no nonsense tone. She didn't even acknowledge Santana as she looked at Kurt.

"Get it out." He hissed.

"Ok then." Rachel said. She put her bag on the ground and walked over to Kurt. When she walked past me, I got a massive hit of her perfume and I almost sighed in ecstasy. It was like vanilla, almond and cinnamon all rolled into one.

"Take your shirt off so we can get it under some water." Rachel instructed like she was an expert. Kurt pulled his shirt off and handed it to Rachel. She squirted some soap on it and after rubbing it together, she placed the shirt in a sink full of water.

"Grab a chair and lay your head against the sink." She said as she ran some water. When Kurt did as he was told, she began running her fingers through his hair. I would pay for someone to throw a slushy on me just so I could feel her hands in my hair.

"You're lucky; at least your hair is short." She said which just confirmed my suspicions that this had happened to her before.

Whilst Kurt washed his face, Rachel scrubbed his shirt.

"How did you get so good at getting slushy out of someone's hair?" Kurt asked as he dried his hair under the hand dryer. I knew her answer would make me want to hit someone.

"Lots of practice." Was her soft reply. I really wanted to find out who had slushied her and knock them from here to kingdom come

"You've had this done to you before?" Quinn asked.

"Plenty of times. The football team made it a daily habit at my old school. It just became part of my routine. Get to school, put my things in my locker and go to my first few lessons then lunch. Whilst walking to my locker after lunch, have a slushy thrown in my face. Miss my free period so that I could clean up, go to my last two lessons, head home then repeat the cycle the next day." I clenched my fists together. It must have been happening for a long time for her to make it sound so nonchalant.

Rachel wrung Kurt's clean shirt out and handed it to him. "Here you go, good as new." She said with a smile that made my heart flutter. It felt odd that one girl could do all this to me.

"Thanks. I can't believe someone would do this to me." Kurt said in a haughty tone.

"We really haven't been introduced yet. I'm Quinn Fabray; this is Brittney Tapping, Santana Lopez, Matt Richards and Mike Chang." Quinn said with a friendly smile. Rachel waved and introduced herself.

"I'm Rachel Berry. Well Kurt, I don't think you will need my services anymore so I guess I will be seeing you later. It was great to meet you all." Rachel said quickly. She washed her hands and walked back over to her bag. She swung it over her shoulder and waved to us as she left.

"Damn." Matt said.

"She's gorgeous." Quinn said. I had to agree with her.

"I can't believe she has been slushied before. BTW, it is not at all cool." Kurt said as he slipped his shirt back on.

"Big whoop. So she's had flavoured ice poured all over and suddenly she's a fucking legend." Santana said.

"Santana don't be such a bitch." Quinn admonished. I was quite impressed. Quinn rarely stood up to people she didn't know and it was even rarer that she stood up too her friends on behalf of someone else.

Santana huffed, tossed her hair and stormed out of the bathroom. I shook my head. She may be hot but DAMN she is annoying.

"Well guys, this has been fun but I gotta go. I'll see you at Glee practice." Artie said before he and Tina left the bathroom. Slowly everyone began to leave until it was just Finn, Beyoncé and I left.

"Well boys, I had better go. Drama awaits. Farewell." Kurt said with a sweeping bow.

I looked at Finn and shook my head. Finn headed off towards art whilst I headed for woodwork.

--- Rachel POV ---

I was just getting the last of my things from my locker after last period when I heard some people yelling. I shut my locker, grabbed my bag and walked towards the sound. I saw Kurt, Finn, Puck and the other people from before standing toe – to – toe with a group of boys. I slowly walked over and watched from the sidelines.

"Have fun getting the slushy out of your hair Fairy?" One boy asked.

"Heard the hot new chick helped you. Maybe I should get someone to pour a slushy on me so she'll massage me." Another boy said before he high-fived the guy who had spoken before him.

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole." I said. All eyes turned to me and I noticed all the boys looking me up and down.

"Hey there. Rachel right? I'm Daniel." The boy at the front of the group said. He tried to be suave by winking at me but I just found it repulsive. I placed my bag on the ground and walked over to Kurt.

"So, you're the Neanderthal who threw a slushy at Kurt are you?" I asked.

"Yea I am. The fag deserved it." Daniel said and I glared.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't refer to him with such a derogatory term." I hissed.

"Why? It's what he is." Daniel said.

"It is narrow minded comments like that that ruin society. It is comments like that that lead to fights and murders." I said.

"Why would you care so much? Are you one of them?" One of the boys with Daniel said.

"Am I gay? No I'm not. However, I was raised by my two gay fathers. So technically if you insult Kurt, you are insulting me." I said as I folded my arms across my chest.

"You were raised by fags? That's just twisted." Daniel said in disgust.

"Comments like those are probably the reason for your IQ level only being in the single figured numbers." I shot back.

A chorus of "oohs" came from the crowd around us.

"You know what, you really need to learn about who his in charge around here." Daniel said. He motioned to one of his friend' who was holding a slushy.

"Do you think I'm afraid of that? Seriously." I said. I looked up at him, daring him to throw it.

He raised his arm and before anyone could stop him, I was covered in sticky ice. The funny thing was, it only landed on my shirt.

I looked down at my hoodie and shook my head. "You really need to learn how to throw a slushy." I said. I walked past him and took a slushy from one of his other friends.

"Here's a quick lesson in slushy throwing." I turned to Kurt and raised my arm.

"When throwing a slushy, you aim for the face. If you hit the face, you will soak the face, hair and clothing like so." I said. As I brought my hand back, I spun on my toe and threw the slushy into Daniel's face. It hit him full force and, like I said, covered his face, hair and team jersey. Everyone around us gasped before someone started laughing. Everyone soon followed and soon the hallway was full of laughing teenagers.

I dropped the cup and said "That was just a crash course in slushy throwing. Tootles."

I walked over to my bag and picked it up. I quickly wiped the excess slushy off my shirt before heading out to my car. I got in a drove home. I thanked God that my dad's weren't home. I got inside and stripped my clothes off and threw them in the washing machine. I hopped into the shower and cleaned the corn syrup that had leaked through my clothes off my body.

When I got out of my shower, I got changed into something comfortable and got started on my homework.

About an hour into my work, the doorbell rang. I marked my place in my ancient history text book and walked to the door.

Two women stood on the other side with wide smiles on their faces. Next to one of the women was a beautiful young girl with black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I looked past the women and was shocked to see Puck and Finn.

"Hi there." I said.

"Hi. I'm Debbie Puckerman and this is Connie Hudson. We just want to welcome you to the neighbourhood." The woman on the left said.

"Thank you so much. Come in. my dad's aren't home yet but they should be soon." I said. I opened the door further and let them walk in. Once Puck was in, I shut the front door and followed the women.

"Please excuse the mess. I was doing some homework." I said as I shut my books and put my pens away.

'See boys, this is what a room should look like when one is doing homework." Connie said with a grin at the two boys. Both boys rolled their eyes but Finn kissed his mum's cheek anyway.

"Can I get you something to drink?" I asked. Everyone declined so I sat back in my seat.

About ten minutes later, my dads arrived home.

"Hey dad, daddy." I said before giving them both a kiss on the cheek.

Introductions were made again before the adults started to chat.

"Hey Rachel, could you help me with the art homework we were given today?" Finn asked with a sheepish grin.

"Sure Finn. Come up to my room. You can come to Puck." I said. I grabbed my books and headed out of the kitchen. The boys followed me upstairs and into my room.

I threw my stuff on the bed and pulled out the art stuff. For twenty minutes I explained the art homework whilst Puck looked around my room. When Finn finally understood the work, I put the books away and smiled at the boys.

"You know Rachel that was a pretty cool thing you did for Kurt today." Puck said.

"It was really nothing." I replied. I could feel my cheeks heating up. For the next hour the three of us talked. It was only when Debbie and Connie called out to us did we realise how long we had been talking.

The boys went home and I headed into the dining room. I quickly ate dinner before heading back upstairs to finish my homework. When that was done, I slipped on a pair of pyjamas and slipped into bed. I put a CD on and slowly fell asleep.