The Mirror of Erised Returns

A/N: This is my first HP Fanfic, so I hope it's okay :D In this story Ron and Harry's desires have changed from the first time they looked into the mirror. A Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione fic, it was originally just R/H, but I couldn't resist ;D

Disclaimer: Unfortunately it all belongs to JKR =)

"Harry! Look!" Ron shouted suddenly.

Harry glanced in the direction of Ron's pointed finger. "The Mirror of Erised!"

Ron studied the mirror and then decided, "Let's look."

"Do you think we should look? I mean, Dumbledore said it could make you feel all depressed like, for wanting what you can't have."

"Here he goes," Ron said to Hermione, rolling his eyes.

With one flourish of her wand Hermione made the sheet of dust disappear from the mirror. "Ron, I don't know. Maybe Harry's right...?"

Ron groaned. "Trust you to take his side."

"I'm not taking sides! I just think if Dumbledore told Harry not too, it might not be too sensible to look. But if you're so clever, they why don't you look?" Hermione added with a patronizing tone.

"Fine! I will."

Ron side-stepped Harry and stood in front of the Mirror. The last time he had looked into the mirror, Ron was thoroughly entranced, seeing himself older, Head Boy, Quidditch captain, holding the House cup and the Quidditch cup, alone and without his older brothers claiming the spotlight. Now, what was so wrong about that?

Ron, as calmly as he could with Harry and Hermione watching, stepped in front of the mirror. As soon as he'd seen the image he's jumped back like he'd been burned.

"Ron! What's the matter?!" Hermione cried, holding his arm.

"No, um, no..." He pulled his arm from Hermione's grasp. "I'm fine, really fine."

"What did you see?" Asked Harry.

"I, um, saw..." Ron thought hard. "Yeah, me and that bird from Ravenclaw, yeah... and we were you know together by the House cup and stuff."

Hermione sulked silently.

Harry didn't look convinced. "Are you sure?"

Ron gave Harry a sharp look that told him 'Shut up' and motioned with his eyes to Hermione.

Harry smiled "Oh."

"Go on Hermione, have a look, it's harmless." Ron advised.

Hermione looked unsure. "Yeah, it seemed like it when you jumped back a mile."

"Don't be such a Wuss, come on!"

Harry stepped forward. "I'll do it. What harm can it do? Just one look."

He filled more of the mirror now, he had grown a lot since last time when the mirror had towered over him. "Right, here goes," he told the others as well as himself. The mirror's ornate gold frame had become fainter with neglect, but the inscription 'Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi' was still visible. He vaguely heard Hermione reading it from behind him ("I wonder what the inscription means, I'll write it down and check it later. I'm sure they'll have it in the library somewhere"), it was hard to hear clearly what she was saying over the blood rushing in his ears.

But instead of seeing his Mum and Dad staring at him, he saw a familiar face.

There stood Ginny, an older Ginny, standing right next to an older him, with a gold band around her fourth finger on her left hand. There behind them stood a beautiful little house, with a white gate and a freshly mown garden, everything Harry had wanted when he was younger. And there in front of Ginny, were four little children, all playing happily with each other. Three boys and one girl, the three boys all had black ruffled hair like him, but the little girl standing closest to Ginny had red hair like her Mum. "Ginny?" He whispered to himself.

"What is it Harry? What do you see?" Hermione asked.

"Gi-" He caught himself quickly after seeing Ron's rapt interest in his answer. "My Mum and Dad."

Ginny scooped the little girl in her arms, who was looking a little worn out, her teddy held tightly in her hand. She looked the youngest of the four. Ginny put her arm around the older him and smiled lovingly, ruffling one of the young boys head of hair. He laughed despite himself when the little boy silently said 'Mo-om!'.

Of course this was never going to happen, how could it? He wasn't likely to live much longer when Voldemort finally discovered their hiding place. But this, this was something for him to hold on to, to keep him going.

He tried to take a picture of the scene in his minds eye, the pink and blue flowers dotted around the garden, a little house elf like Dobby playing with another of the sons, the way Ginny's hair flowed beautifully around her shoulders, the way her face glowed with happiness. He had always wondered if he'd have had brothers and sisters if he'd Mum and Dad had been spared, they could have played in the garden and shared sweets, but instead he got Dudley. The image before him showed what he could have had if Lily and James Potter still existed, this would have been his life. The youngest boy tugged on Ginny's leg, it seemed as though they had as much admiration for her as he did, she laughed happily.

"Harry, I don't think it's healthy to keep looking for so long." Hermione advised.

"Yeah," He smiled one last time at the scene "Come on, let's go then." He said reluctantly.

"Sure you don't want to look Hermione?" Ron asked her.

She shook her head. "No, I already know what I want."

"And what's that?" Harry asked.

She grinned. "You'll see."


It was later that evening, Hermione was helping Dobby make dinner, whilst Ron and Harry were up in there room playing catch with an enchanted ball.

"So?" Harry said casually.

"So what?"

"What did you see in the mirror?"

The tips of Ron's ear tinged red. "Oh, that."

"You saw Hermione, didn't you?" Harry accused.

"Psh, no!"

Harry smiled knowingly, "The House cup? Really? Ron, you said you never wanted to go back to Hogwarts if we ever finished this, why on earth would you want to win the House cup?"

"Well I do! Alright?" Ron replied defensively.

Harry laughed, "Okay, okay... but if you did see Hermione, and I'm not saying you did, then what's so wrong with that?"

Ron remained silent, still throwing the enchanted ball, but will a little more force.

"What I mean is, she's beautiful, intelligent, caring-"

"I think it's you that loves her, not me."

Harry remained straight faced. "Oh I do."

That caught Ron's attention. He dropped the ball, pushed his weight to his feet and stormed over to Harry, towering over him. "You love her?" He said through gritted teeth.

"Yep." Harry popped the 'p' casually. Lifting himself up and nonchalantly, side-stepping Ron and asking "Mmm, wonder what's for dinner?"

"Harry bleeding Potter, look at me!"

Harry shifted his gaze to Ron. "Yeah?"

"How can you love her!?" He cried immaturely.

"What I mean is, I love her like a sister, how can you not love her? She's amazing."

Ron's harsh facade dropped. "Oh."

Harry nudged Ron's arm playfully. "You didn't really think I loved her like that, do you? That's your job." He chuckled to himself.

"Not. Funny."

"I'm sorry, I understand though, about you wanting Hermione." Harry added sadly.

Ron frowned. "You're not still after me sister are you?"

Harry blushed. "So, you did see Hermione?"

"Yeah," Ron sighed in defeat. "I didn't want too, I mean, I wanted to be, I dunno ... head of the Ministry of summet. But no, instead I see me and her, married with two little ones, one of each."

Harry frowned. "I'd have thought you'd want a big family."

"No way! I want to treat whoever I marry well and give me kids enough attention. All my life I've been given cast offs and hand-me-downs, barely getting by. I want to give them new stuff, you know like the Malfoys."

"Surely you don't want them to end up like him!?"

"No, no, no! I just want to treat them well, y'know? Like look after them and stuff. And if I did marry someone like Hermione, not saying that I want too, but she wouldn't want to stay at home all day like me Mother does looking after our offspring."

Harry nodded. "But, if you'd have been brought up like me, you'd be grateful for that stuff Ron. How many times I've wished for an older brother to sort Dudley out for me."

Ron sighed. "Yeah I s'pose. I just wanted Hermione to stand in front of the mirror, to see if she'd see me as well."

"She feels the same way." Harry assured him.

"Yeah, so does Ginny, unfortunately."

Harry smiled.

"Don't get any ideas though!" Ron warned.

"Well Hermione's my sister, remember, so don't you get any ideas buddy!"

They both laughed.

"RON! HARRY! DINNER!" They heard Hermione call.

Ron punched the air and shouted "Yes!"


"She said my name first!" He smirked.

"Oh grow up."

"You grow up."

"BOYS! Hurry up!" She shouted again.

"Sorry Mom!" They both shouted simultaneously, then burst into laughter.