My response to ... I can't remember what the prompt was exactly, but it was something about 'concealing your intentions' over at the Last Writer Standing thingo for the fox_las on Livejournal.


He would deny it if anyone ever confronted him about it. Flowers? Please. Not now, not ever. His money would have been better spent on booze. Sex. Motorcycle parts. Exploring the finer aspects of life outside the walls of Manticore. And to be honest, the thought of pulling back the wad of cash he had placed in front of the nice old lady handing him the bouquet definitely crossed his mind. But he had a job to do.

"Do you want anything written on the card, honey?"

494 scratched his head absentmindedly. Right, the card.

"Uh, just uh, here."

He slipped the lady a piece of paper, not trusting himself to say the words out loud in the event he burst out laughing in her face. He ignored the amused smirk on her face and thanked her promptly as he exited the small florist, the rather large arrangement in hand.

Half an hour later, he had to concede that hiding a bouquet of flowers as he snuck through the vast expanse of an estate surrounded by security was no easy feat. He only hoped she wouldn't be home when he carried out the last part of his plan.

His acute hearing only picked up the gentle breeze blowing through the open window and so he snuck inside, grateful for the temporary shield from the cold. There was just enough space on Rachel's dresser for the flowers and he hastily placed them there, as though touching them a second longer would turn him into one of those monsters from the basement.

Yeah, he wasn't going to think too much about it.

He pulled the card out of his jacket pocket and flipped it open. The feminine scrawl was infinitely more legible than his and he leaned it against a one of the photo frames on the dresser, placing it strategically next to the arrangement of roses and dahlias.

The photo was of her, staring directly at the camera and smiling the sweetest smile he'd ever seen in his life. But then again, Manticore didn't exactly promote friendliness in their daily training sessions, 494 didn't actually have a set standard for 'sweet smiles'. He stood there, captivated by the photo until he heard doors opening and slamming shut from somewhere else within the house. He cleared his head, slightly annoyed at himself for getting distracted from the real mission and crept back out the window. He barely made it before he spied her entering her bedroom.

Rachel noticed the flowers first, and then picked up the card, grinnong as she read the message.


You know I do idiotic things only because they make you smile. I'm sorry. Class same time next week?


She tucked the card underneath her pillow and placed the flowers on her nightstand. Simon. Beautiful, charming Simon. She knew he would apologise sooner or later.

What she didn't know it was that it would be because of him that months later she would end up in an accident that would send her into a two year long coma. She didn't know that Simon was a lie, a persona created specifically to invade her heart.

So that night, as she slept and dreamt of her Prince Charming with the blue eyes and the fingers of a maestro, all she could focus on was how their love would survive and last her entire lifetime.


So yeah, not my best, but I literally whipped this up in about two hours because I just about forgot about the deadline. Heh.