Moritz's POV

We bury Mimi on a day the May weather changes dramatically to cold. Closed casket, few people. I meet Benny for the first time, but that doesn't matter now

Tiger lilies decorate the funeral, my idea. They suit her. She will always remain young and powerful in our minds. A feline.

AS we send her off, awash with our tears, I think only, goodbye, love, because she was. The only person I ever loved. Will ever love.

* * *

That night, I make a purchase. I roam the streets of New York. I've left Mark a note, telling him what I'm doing, where he can find me. It's cold out here, unnaturally so for this time of year.

I reach Mimi's grave. The freshly packed dirt is cool on my knees.

"I love you," I say. The wind is my response

I put the gun in my mouth.

So dark.


There. To be honest, I wasn't sure where this story was going when I started it. I'm quite pleased with it, even if this last chapter was *wince* hard to write. But I guess it's fate. I love Moritz. It's hard to kill him, even if it's been done before. Anyways, please review and tell me what you thought of the completed story. Even negative comments are welcome.