Very silly ficlet. /// It's my first for KHR, though!

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Tsuna shifted nervously, looking up at the ceiling. The mistletoe was still there. His gaze dropped downward. Mukuro and Hibari were still there, too. Underneath it.

Please don't destroy my house, Tsuna begged mentally, squeezing his eyes shut. This was all Reborn's fault. His eyes opened again as Mukuro 'Hmm'-ed thoughtfully. It was like watching a train wreck: he just couldn't not watch.

"What to do?" Mukuro asked Hibari thoughtfully. He looked wickedly (oddly) happy with the situation. "It's bad luck not to kiss."

Hibari's eyes narrowed, and Tsuna flinched – his house!

"Not here," Hibari growled. "There's crowding."

And then he grabbed Mukuro by the tie and dragged him off.

Faintly, Tsuna wondered if he wouldn't have preferred the property damage.