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Gwendal squinted at the morning sunlight coming through his window. It slanted across the bed and fell straight into his eyes. He always kept the curtains open because he was usually up before sunrise. But his talk with Anissina the previous evening had kept him awake. 'Who did he love?' That question had echoed in his mind the whole night. He knew the answer, hell he had known it form the moment he met him. He remembered it like it was yesterday.

He had been intent on learning how to control his earth power and had not realized that the field that he was practicing on was no longer deserted. In his attempt to concentrate he had blocked out all else and looked deep into his spirit for his power. He could sense the earth settling around him, he could feel the spark of life being born within the warm womb of the earth and could hear the scurry of animals as they burrowed into its depths. Deeper still he was aware of the boiling heat that seethed its way through rock and mud, giving lie to the calm surface above. Pulling on all these sensations he envisioned the earth parting and as the world trembled below his feet, he could feel it happening and reveled in the power coursing through his veins - that was till he heard a startled yelp.

His concentration broken he turned his head to see a flash of lavender fall into the split in the earth he had just created. He felt a rush of panic as he raced towards the hole. Praying fervently that no one had been hurt he looked over the edge to see the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. Mesmerizing lavender eyes were staring up at him. Gwendal quickly lay down on his belly and shimmied towards the edge, he did not trust his newly emerging powers to get this angelic person out of danger. Reaching down he said, "Grab my hand!"

"I..I ..am so s…sorry for causing you so much trouble. P…Please do not concern yourself over me." The angel with hair the same shade as his eyes stammered.

Gwendal growled in frustration seeing that precious time was being wasted as the angel was hanging on to a ledge with just one hand.

"Give me your hand now!" Gwendal snarled. The angel jerked and slowly brought his free hand up. Gwendal reached down and clasped the milky white hand tightly and pulled up with all his strength.

Suddenly the boy seemed to become weightless and like the angel he thought him to be rose from the crevice, floating on the sudden wind that had kicked up. Gwendal watched open mouthed as this beautiful being floated up. He felt a tug and looked down, only then realizing that he still held the angel's hand. As soon as he let go, the wind died and the boy tumbled into his arms. Both his arms automatically came up to hold this seraph against him.

"I…I'm so so sorry. I..I.." The angel stammered. That breathtaking face was mere inches from his own and Gwendal could see the blush rising to stain his cheeks a most becoming shade of pink.

"I did not mean to be so much trouble. I just saw you practicing and was admiring your concentration. The look on your face was so soothing and calm that I couldn't help myself; I had to come nearer and when I did the earth shook and I was scared and then I…" His words were cut off as Gwendal placed a finger on his lips to still the rush of words. "Shhh.., now tell me are you real?"


"You are so beautiful. You look like you belong in the heavens, not down here were the rest of us demons. So tell me are you real?"

"I..I..Yes?" Gwendal could feel each syllable against his finger. He slowly removed his hand and placed his first kiss on the angle's sweet lips. He lifted his head to see the boys eyes flutter.

A slow tickle of blood started to flow from his nose, startling Gwendal into realizing that the person he held in his arms was real and not a figment of his sweetest dreams. Then his angel fainted dead away.

Gwendal was formally introduced to Günter von Christ when he had woken up at the infirmary. Neither of them had referred to their first meeting, in fact, Gwendal mused, in all the decades they had spent at each others side, first as friends and then as associates they had never once talked about their first meeting.

But Gwendal von Voltaire had fallen in love that day and even after all this time he was still in love with Gunter. As a boy he had dreamt of all the ways he would declare his love for Gunter. But now that would never be, because life had happened and through it all Gunter had been beside him. He had seen the terrible thing Gwendal had done. He had borne witness to Gwendal becoming the hard man he was today. He would never burden Gunter, his angel, with a ruthless, unfeeling man like himself. Gunter deserved better.

A harsh laugh broke the silence in the bedroom, one that held no humor. He would never have to conduct his 'Do you like me experiment' on Gunter, because deep down in his broken heart he knew that Gunter would never love a man like him. Respect him enough to be his friend, yes. But never love him.

Gwendal sighed. Enough of this pointless introspection. He should just stop all this silliness and get on with his life. So what if he couldn't get back to being the person he was, one who was more in tune with his inner self, one who Gunter could love.

He swiftly tossed the blankets aside and strode towards his closet to get ready. He was already late.

Just as he took down his green jacket, the door of his bedroom burst into flames and from there depths a furious Wolfram came striding into the room.


"Wolfram, what is the meaning of this. How dare you come into my room like this?"

"How dare I! HOW DARE I! You cheat, you…you…you KISSED MY FIANCE!"

"Ah…about that."

Wolfram had raised his arm with in which a highly unstable ball of fire lay burning. " I kiss my finance and expected him to be smitten over his first kiss only to hear that you", Wolfram raised a finger and pointed it at Gwendal, "YOU had kissed him first. I am going to Make. You. Pay"

"Wolfram calm down, I can explain." Catching sight of Conrad standing behind Wolfram, Gwendal said, "Conrad tell Wolfram that he should be reasonable."

Conrad came forward and stood beside Wolfram, "Why would I do that big brother, in fact," turning towards Wolfram, Conrad calmly said, "Wolfram what are you waiting for, fry his ass already."

"What!" Gwendal squeaked in surprise.

"You dear bother kissed, no more than that, MARKED MY Yozak. You gave him a hickey. You know if I had a ball of flame in my hands your hair would already be on fire."

Both the brothers slowly closed in on him. As he backed away, Gwendal thought that for all the times for these two to unite, this must be the worst.


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