A/N: Just a little drabble that was running through my head as I tried to sleep last night. Gorim is the entire reason this typically-elven player decided to play a dwarven character.

He knew he would see her again, knew she would survive. She was strong. He even had a letter to deliver to her. He'd told her where she could find him, once they both reached the surface.

So why was he so surprised to see her?

He knew she had loved him, and he had loved her. He could remember the feel of her trembling against him, the bars of her cell between them. He knew how lonely he had been on the surface – before he met his new wife – and how lonely she must be. The tall races just couldn't measure up when one sought one's own kind for company.

So why was he shocked by her reaction when he told her he had married?

He knew she was a Warden and had duties to attend. He knew he wouldn't see her often, and that would make it easier to forget. He knew that she would find another, like he had, eventually. He wouldn't expect her to hold to the vow she had once made to him, in secret; he hadn't.

So why did his stomach twist every time he saw them together?

He knew.