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A violet haired girl walked into the common room of the T-shaped tower she called home. She sighed inaudibly as she spotted the towers two couple cuddled on the couch watching some romantic comedy. She entered the kitchen silently and began fixing her herbal tea. She was slightly disappointed that no one noticed her even when the tea pot started whistling. She quickly poured it in a portable mug and closed the lid before walking down into the garage where she knew the final member of their team would be. Sure enough his half metal body was hunched over the blue and white car.

"Cyborg" She said softly sitting down in a chair beside him.

"Hey Raven, let me guess the upstairs is all lovey dovey" He said looking up at her. He'd always been able to read her no matter how much she hid her emotions.

"Yeah, I can't stand it for much longer," Raven sighed taking a sip of her tea.

"Is it just about Terra or that Terra is with Beast Boy?" Cyborg asked still working on the car.

"I don't care about him and Terra Cyborg, she still gives me that I'm going to betray you vibe." Raven said softly "I can't ignore that"

"I understand Raven," Cyborg said softly

"I'm going to train," Raven said softly fazing out of the room using her powers. Cybrog sighed and turned back to his car. He had hoped that Raven would admit her feelings for their green team mate.

Raven sighed once again as she began training. Since Robin and Starfire had started dating the boy wonder didn't train as much as he had when Slade was alive. And Beast Boy was hardly seen here either since Terra had returned. She began her usual routine of practice not noticing how late it was until the door slid open to reveal the blonde titan, Terra.

"What do you want?" Raven asked not turning to look at her.

"Why do you even stay? No one wants you here" Terra asked glaring at the violet haired girl.

"I'm here because they are my friends and the city needs me" Raven answered pulling up her hood.

"You think they're your friends? You think this city needs you! Look around bitch; they haven't talked to you in months! They haven't asked you to go anywhere with us either! The city doesn't need you either! There are five other heroes on this team!" Terra spat at her. "We don't need you,"

"If all you wanted to do was try and put me down then leave, I don't want to hear you" Raven said struggling to keep her already rouge emotions under control. Being around Terra already put her powers on the fritz.

"Leave Raven, no one wants a creepy bitch like you around, not even Beast Boy."

"How are you going to make me Terra?" Raven asked glaring at her. Suddenly the sound of violins and a piano filled the room. Raven pulled out a solid black communicator with a strange purple symbol on the front. She ignored Terra and pulled it open. "What?"

"Raven, I am coming to Earth" A man's voice spoke in a strange language that confused Terra

"What? Why?" Raven asked in the same language "Mother"

"Rave, Mother is dead…..Trigon has broken from hell and destroyed Azarath, only I and Iolani are coming to earth" The voice said once more. "They….They killed Sparrow as well"

"I will make sure you have a place to stay," Raven said her voice cracking as her powers started making things explode. Suddenly the alarm rose causing the titans to enter the room. They were shocked to see Raven's powers encasing the objects in the room; she looked like she was struggling to keep them under control. Terra seeing her distraction immediately put on her theatrics.

"Terra what's going on" Robin asked

"I don't know I came in to see if she was alright because she's hardly up this late when she got a weird call and started freaking out throwing stuff at me. She was acting like I did before with Slade" Terra said sounding remorseful as she prepared for another lie "That's not the first time I've seen her use that communicator, but every time I asked she blew me off or yelled at me"

"Raven wouldn't betray us" Beast Boy said quietly before ducking as something exploded beside him.

"Whatever happened we have to calm her down before she destroys the tower" Cyborg spoke softly

"Friend Raven, please calm down" the red haired alien girl spoke slowly trying to approach the woman.

"I can't" Raven managed to say as something else blew up.

"What has happened Friend Raven?" Starfire asked softly

"My mother" She gasped suddenly falling to the floor, everything falling around her "No"

"Friend Raven"

"NO! JUST GO AWAY" She screamed collapsing on her knees and falling forward rocking back and forth. Starfire inched forward gently touching her story "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

"Raven, I order you to tell me what is going on" Robin said looking at her. She looked at him; her usual amethyst eyes a dark blood red.

"They killed my mother! My sister! That's what happened!" Raven screeched before sobbing as she disappeared from the room.

"Friend Raven had a sister?" Starfire spoke confused.

"She's just covering up! Her mother died before she came to earth, she told us that herself. She's just trying to get attention and move our attention from the fact that she's hiding something!" Terra persisted

"I don't know, I'll interrogator her later once she has time to calm down" Robin said softly not knowing that Raven had heard every word and left before she could hear the rest of the conversation.

"I don't care what you think; I refuse to believe Raven would betray us." Cyborg said glaring at Terra, now understanding what Raven was saying.

"I agree with Friend Cyborg, we never asked Friend Raven about her family" Starfire spoke softly. Strangely as the group departed back to bed, they didn't realize that Beast Boy hadn't said anything else.

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