I would like to take this moment to do what I forgot when I finished this story, and that is respond to the last remaining reviews that I got and thank everyone who reviewed, so without further ado thank you to the following:

AngelEtty-Your review on the flame made my entire day better, thank you, actually all your reviews made me smile. You were always so interested in my story and its reviewers like you that make me want to continue my story regardless of how many reviews I'm getting.

Lexy66-To answer your question about if I'm a Terra Hater (Cause I can't remember if I did) I am when it fits my story lineā€¦.she's the easiest to manipulate.






Crazy red717-I can't remember if I answered your review, but to answer it now (Better late than never) I am horrible at fight sense so I tend to just get them over and done with and move on with the story



I also want to thank everyone who subscribe to the story and/or added me to their alert lists and favorites! At the end of the day a story is just words on paper if there isn't anyone to read them!