In the beginning, a pilot named Mark Soban lead the Mothership fleet's spirits to victory against the Taiidan. They had lost so much on their journey. Their home planet Kharak, destroyed by the very evil they wiped out in the Great Wastelands. They had nowhere left to go but forward into the heart of the galaxy. They are now space dwellers traveling at faster than light speeds towards the central areas of the galaxy. They had penetrated the outer regions of the mid-rim of the galaxy. With the new hope brought to them by Soban, they fear no longer the evil Taiidan that they now seek.

The documentations of the events up to present have been recorded down by Eric Gaalsien who attempts to write the story of the returning exiles as a sequel to his favourite book, one unknown to everyone else, the Khar-Halla. The exiles have one goal left to realise. They must win back Hiigara. They have nothing left to live for but that.

The eyes of Sajuuk guide them home now. Their god and Karan are their most important icons. They rest in their hands. Sajuuk, he whose hands shapes what is, lightens the path. Karan makes it possible to travel there by controlling the hyperspace core and all the Mothership's main systems keeping the fleet alive.

The two guide the fleet to Hiigara. Our hero, Mark Soban, is once again his usual self. He did not forget the tragedies of the past three months. Nothing could remove that from his memory; ever. With the first chapters done, the journey has just begun.