This takes place during Danny's goodbye party in season 1 when he's leaving for the marines.

"Mary, are you ok?" Sam asked worried

"Of course she isn't Sam," Nessa said enveloping Mary in a great hug.

"Guys, thanks for the concern, I really am going to miss him" Mary sighed looked at Danny.

"I know your going to miss him because your his best friend and you love him, but are you also gonna miss him because your in love with him?" asked Sam with a sly smile.

"Sam!" Nessa said swatting Sam playfully on the back. Mary laughed and gave Delinda a big hug as she walked closer to four girls gave each other big hugs, and knew that even though Danny was going, they would never leave eachother.

"I love you guys" said Mary happily.

"Yeah yeah I love you to Mary, all of you" Sam said. The 3 other girls gasped in pretend shock and Delinda and Nessa also expressed their love for each other.

The girls stood there arm in arm as Danny came walking over to them. He expressed how much he would miss the girls, and gave each of them a bear hug. The three girls apart from Mary, told him they loved him too and would miss him. Then, Danny stood right in front of Mary, and looked her in the eyes. Nessa, Sam, and Delinda watched carefully.

"Danny, I love you and I'm going to miss you so much" cried Mary, tears running down her cheeks. Danny slowly wiped away her tears, and said "Mary, I love you. I'm in love with you, and I'm going to miss you too, but we'll get through this. The three other girls awwed, and held eachother as Danny leaned in for a kiss. Mary and Danny kissed passionately until Sam coughed.

"Finally!! You guys realize you love each other and now your kissing crazy.....I love you guys!" They all started laughing