Author's Note – 02/05/2011: Changed some aspects, the preface is now on the end, because it is that huge. Simple and Clean adaptation by Frequent Reader.

Author's Note – 01/01/2013: Changed the title from Kingdom Hearts: The One Wigged Angel to Kingdom Hearts: Heather's Story. The first title was supposed to be a pun on her wig and how it resembles Sephy's hair, but I think it to be simply awful now.

"I've been having these weird dreams lately, like is any of this real or not?" the girl thought before she hit the water. Her most perceptible characteristic was her hair, obviously was not her natural hair. Suddenly she also starts to hear music, coming from nowhere.


Once Heather opens her eyes, she finds herself standing at the foot of the Dock of Shame on Camp Wawanakwa. She wonders how she got there before the sunlight blinds her.

Shading her eyes with her hand, she can make out the figure of LeShawna at the end of the dock, looking out towards the water.

Heather noticed the waters receding from under the dock, then looks forward as a tidal wave forms. LeShawna turns to face her, smirking as if the tidal wave meant nothing to her. She then extends her hand out to Heather, as if beckoning her. Heather then runs towards LeShawna as the tidal wave grew bigger and got closer until it splashed down on them.

Heather was suddenly underwater and pushed away. She opens her eyes to see LeShawna still standing there as if not affected by the water and still holding her hand out. Heather tries to swim towards her while holding on to her hair, but was pushed back by the strong currents.

Oh baby, don't go! Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight! It's hard to let it go!

Heather suddenly surfaces while holding on to her hair and noticed it was now sunset. Looking forward, she sees Harold and Izzy standing on the shore, waving at her. Heather just looks annoyed as she trudges up to land. When Harold and Izzy walk up to help her out, she waves them off. Gwen, who was at a distance, crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.

Izzy just cackles and Harold looked a little miffed. Soon, their attentions get redirected towards the sky. Heather notices this and turns to see what they were looking at. She sees several falling stars, but what really got her attention was the sight of herself falling from the sky. The odd thing was that this Heather's hair looked natural and was colored silver rather than the usual black.

Heather's eyes widened at the sight, then all of a sudden, she falls backwards into the water as if the ground beneath her vanished. Rather than hitting the water, the water turned into the sky and she was in freefall. Up above, she could see Harold and Izzy who appeared to be standing on an invisible floor looking at her in shock. Their images get faded out by water ripples.

Just as she falls past the sunset, Heather was soon in the water. Opening her eyes, she finds that she was able to breathe, then rights her body.

She felt her feet land on a floor. Heather looks about the darkness in confusion. When she took a step, the darkness on the floor suddenly scattered, turning into hundreds of white birds and revealing the lit up floor underneath. Once all the birds flew off, Heather looked down and could make out what looks like a circular platform depicting a picture of a dark-haired princess in a blue and yellow dress, and surrounded by smaller portraits of seven dwarves and several animals.

"Where am I?" the girl shouted.

"So much to do, so little time... Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it, Heather?" a mysterious voice said, resounding through the area and confounding Heather.

"Do I have choice? But this is just a stupid crazy dream!" Heather said impatiently as she stepped forward. Then appeared three objects: a sword, a shield and a staff. The mysterious voice asked: "If you give it form... It will give you strength. Choose well."

Heather chose the sword. "The power of the warrior. It gives you strength to protect those surrounding you and yet it also to bring terrible destruction to the same one. Will you choose it?"

"Yes," Heather answered with a smirk in the face, "Terrible destruction, huh?…I can learn how to use this and show to some people what I think about them"

"This is your path". The sword disappeared, and the voice asked again Heather: "Now, if you chose something it is because you did not chose something. What will give up in Exchange?"

"Hmm… the shield, after all with a sword and a staff I have two offensive weapons and the best defense is the attack," and so she turned to the shield.

"The power of the guardian. With it you can form a wall to protect what you value most. And yet it can be shell you from everything else. You give up this power?"

"Yes! You don't need to ask again!" Heather answered, bothered.

The objects disappeared and the floor shattered. Heather fell in another platform, but this had a picture of another lady, with a long and white dress and a diamond tiara. "Ouch, how many times I have to fall?" she mumbled.

The sword she chose appeared in her hands. "Nice", she said as she swung the sword in the air. The voice said: "All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect yourself and others." Upon finishing the phrase, the creatures appeared. They looked like dwarves with antennas; their color was black like the tar, with glowing yellow eyes.

"What the hell are these things?" Heather cried. "They won't get me!" Heather attacked one with the sword, trying to repel it. With another tackle she defeated the first and it disappeared. She kept stabbing the creatures until they disappeared.

"Behind you", the voice alerted. More creatures were approaching by behind. One jumped in her back, but she grabbed and tossed in the floor, and finished it with the sword.

"How dare them?" Heather said pointing her sword to the others. "I don't know why these freaking creatures are attacking me, but there's one thing that they won't do: Stay alive!", and she went on their direction, quickly finishing them.

After defeating them, a dark void appeared and Heather went through. She was in another platform painted with a mosaic; a door was standing in the center. "A door, but it won't open", said Heather after trying to open the door. Heather turned around and saw a chest. She opened and saw a potion. "This must be useful", she wondered. The chest then disappeared. A crate and a barrel appeared. "There must be something inside them, like in the chest", and Heather destroyed them with her sword. "Nothing? That su… wait! The door opened"

Without finishing her mumbling, she noticed that the door opened and entered. "Wait, I know this place; it's the Abandoned Movie Lot, next to the trailers, exactly. Someone must be kidding with me, although this is just a stupid dream". She also noticed that some known people were there. She heard the voice once again:

"Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First, tell me more about yourself."

"What? You're spying me?"

Next to her was Courtney, she seemed to be in good humor. "Hello Heather. Let me ask something: What's most important to you?"


"Hold on a second." Courtney took her PDA. "Hello Michael, what's up?... What?... Tell them if they bring Vietnamese lobster again, I'll sue them! I want Mediterranean lobster!", she said in an angry tone and turned her PDA off. "Sorry, stupid delivery service. Where was I? Oh yes, what's most important to you?"

Heather shrugged and answered "Being number one."

"Oh really! So do I! Wait, that means that we are rivals, why I'm even talking to you?" and she went to the other side, turning her nose up, not happy anymore.

"Loser!" Heather said as she walked out. In the Wild West set, she saw Owen stuck in a barrel, and some guys trying to help. "Owen, we will try to use syrup. Please, don't eat the syrup, I know that the syrup has a good taste, but you must control yourself. It will help to loose you," Tyler shouted, as DJ spilled the syrup inside the barrel.

"Thank you, guys," Owen replied, "I will not eat the sweet syrup until I get out from here"

"How did Owen get stuck there? And why syrup?" Heather asked, perplexed.

"It's a long story and the syrup was Duncan's idea," Tyler replied. Duncan was in the other side, sitting in a bench and holding a bag of popcorn as if he was waiting for something. "But, since takes a while for the detergent spill, I want to know something: What do you want out of your life?"

"Me? To be strong."

"I understand," he looked down, "Hey, Owen must be slippery enough. DJ, let's help him." The two guys pulled him and he finally got out. "Now I can lick the syrup, hehehe. Thank you again guys", Owen said, over the two guys. "You're welcome, but now can you stop to squeeze us?" Tyler asked, almost without air. Duncan was laughing loudly at the other side. Heather also laughed, but more discreetly.

"Oh yes, hehe," he said as he rise. "Boy, I was afraid when I was stuck in the barrel. By the way Heather, what are you afraid of?"

Heather thought for a moment, because she did not want to reveal her fears to everyone, and answered, "Being indecisive."

"Hmm… That doesn't seem so scary."

So Heather heard again the voice: "You want to be the first one in everything. You want to be the strongest. You are afraid to being indecisive. Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end."

Heather just frowned and said, "What? Is this a riddle? I hate riddles!"

"The day is nearer than you expect."

Heather was again in another platform. This time had a picture of a blonde lady with a purple dress, and more creatures appeared. She quickly defeated them, and a green circle appeared next to her. She stepped on it and she felt her energies being restored. "This must be a save point. I think I'll need it more in the future."

A stair appeared and Heather followed the trail to arrive in another platform. The platform had the picture of another lady, with a long yellow dress. "Why the platforms have these ladies? So strange…" Then, she noticed her shadow moving without her. The voice said "The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes."

Her shadow rose from the floor transforming into a giant dark creature. The voice said: "But don't be afraid..."

"I'm not afraid!" Heather interrupted, but the voice answered, in its normal tone: "Yes, you are. And don't forget..."

Heather saw that there was nowhere to run. "Rats, fight is the only choice", she said to herself. The creature attacked first and plunged its hand on the floor. A great wave of darkness was formed and the smaller creatures emerged from the wave. Heather started to attack its hand, until the smaller creatures approached, and she stopped to attack the big creature to destroy the others. "Wow, what's it's going to do?" she said as it launched an energy blast into her direction, but she dodged it. Then, she had an idea: she climbed through its arm and attacked its head. The creature screamed and fell to the ground.

"I won?" she said in a uncertain tone. Then, a dark circle started to absorb her. She started to struggle, but the voice said: "But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all!"

Preface, Disclaimer and Acknowledgments (not necessarily in this order)

My KH/TDI, TDA crossover. Acknowledments (the place I came from, we always put this section in the start) I owe the inspiration to PsychoZeke, but this will not be a copy line per line of his ideas, and I'd like to highlight the differences: his story is AU and mine is more canon-like (this makes me a cannonist? hehe), I will use some Disney characters and I will include other companies replacing some worlds. I sent a PM to forewarn him and asking for use two of his ideas, but in the end I'll be using only one. Although I acknowledge his influence and from others, namely, KingdomKey23, with his amazing story with Nintendo characters, Cartoonfan4072, his replacement with Looney Tunes is awesome, although the project seems to be discontinued, AMX, which replaces with OCs, rewriting the entire story, and Jen the Cat, for doing a KH/TDI crossover too (well, there are many good KH crossovers, but I'm accompanying more those, closely). Also, HVK's story, it's huge and almost borders on crackfic, but it's a good one. And now, also Tyranno26, ckelef1 and ozsanlon's stories. I will try to do something different from the extant stories.

By the way, only recently I discovered that there is a way to modify the story after it is published so, it was pointed out to me (thx blueflower1594, you're awesome) that there's a relevant flaw in my story: my role swapping is confounding some readers. So I'm placing this note for clearing, here's the cheat sheet for the major role swaps: Sora-Heather, and Harold (since Sora and Heather's personalities are VERY different, Harold will have to take some actions, and he is one of the fews that tried to understand her, but Heather still is the protagonist), Riku-LeShawna (since LeShawna befriended Heather in the main series (I did not see that coming either, but in TDWT they seem to have reverted to their original state) she's good to play that role), Kairi-Izzy (that's mean I've dropped down the damsel in distress plot element, Izzy is an alien (no news at there) and a princess of heart as Kairi – and their relantionship is NOT a romantic one, but friendship). Also, this means that the plot will have the most elements from the original, but it will go for a different path. TDI/TDA did happen in this story, but not Celebrity Manhunt Special.

Also, I think I fixed the grammar problems, maybe there are some errors, but I expected to be standard deviation. My last version wasn't at Zero Wing or fake Pokemón Diamond level, or was it? If there are errors, I guess couldn't help myself until I discover this feature of modifying the story after it's published (although this should be used only to correct grammar, because if modify the plot, reminds too much from 1984).

All characters quoted or referenced in this fic belongs to their respective owners, I own nothing.

Other comment: using a bad character to replace Sora is something I didn't see on the extant stories. Heather was a villain in the first season, but in the second she was only the annoying complaining girl, by the way I think the second season lacked a villain (Justin, Courtney and Owen[in the last part], were antagonists, which is different, in my opinion), and she was more of an anti-hero in the third.

As a last comment, I realize now I could have much more things. I never bought the thing of the Princes of the Heart, so I just thought of using as crossover with Shrek, but since came BBS, I think I should have done better. But then, it came KH3D and everyone knows what happened.

Also, edited.